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[QLD] $50 EFTPOS Voucher for Switching CTP to Suncorp for Driver over 30


$50 eftpos card is worth the hassle for switching I think.


Otheriwise QBE could be a go too: https://switch.qbe.com.au/ for $50

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    QBE mostly $25 , depending on postcodes


      Only received $25 with QBE recently when moved from Suncorp in QLD. Had to remind them they had not sent the Westfield card.
      Will alternate between the 2 in following years.

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    QBE are PURE SCUM for the other driver though!


    Has anyone tried doing both the suncorp switch and QBE before? My rego doesnt run out until July and I have only ever tried one switch to get the gift card.

    If anyone has successfully gotten both, how did you do it and how long did you wait specifically before doing the switch with the other company?


      I have done it. You only get the gift cards after you renew so you can only do it once per year as you have to take up a 12 month rego. You are able to register it immediately but the gift card comes with your new insurance pack which only starts on the new registration period.


    There was a guy who had an insurance blog years ago who used to read all the terms and conditions, and the coverage amounts of CTP insurers. He would give you the info you needed to choose the one with the best cover. I wish it was still around. Getting short changed when you or another party least need it, just spells depression.


    QLD only ?

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    QBE is only $25 for normal vehicles


    Class 1 Cars and Station Wagons for registration commencing 1 January 2020 and due before 31 March 2020 (private customers)

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    Save 50 bucks and then spend 10 grands after a crash making Suncorp pay!


    Need to have a QLD drivers' license?