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20% off The KEF LSX $1596, LS50 Wireless $3036 and Bonus Accessory to Go with Your Speakers @ KEF Home


For a limited time, take 20% off the LSX or LS50 Wireless. In addition, all purchases receive a free accessory to go with your speakers. When you purchase the LSX, choose from Desk Pads (RRP$279) or Wall Brackets (RRP$379), and for the LS50 Wireless, choose from KEF Performance Stands (RRP$795) or the K-Stream Cable (RRP$299), absolutely free.

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    LS50 Wireless

    $3,036.00 sale price
    $3,795.00 original price

    LSX Wireless

    $1,596.00 sale price
    $1,995.00 original price

    • Plus accessories value at least $279 to $795

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        Yes, as you mentioned in the post. I was trying to be helpful. Please put price in title.

    • LS50w's are $2940 at Addicted to Audio, and most other places aren't far behind.

      Not even the boomeriest of boomers is paying $3800.

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  • They've been as low as $2440 before

    but decent deal if you choose the most expensive accessory

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    The LSX are really brilliant speakers. Highly recommended.

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      They are masterfully designed speakers, but there's one caveat with them which is that at high volumes they fall apart quite badly because the coaxial driver design is quite susceptible to intermodulation distortion. So if you usually listen at high volume, better to go for one of the KEF floorstandering speakers that have 1 or more dedicated woofers.

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        What you said doesn't make sense.

        Kef speakers regularly have made use of this driver design across all their speakers. Multiple drivers won't fix anything, and those Towers don't actually have multiple ACTIVE woofers anyway.

        If you expect a tiny speaker such as this to have genuine sub bass output well that's rediculous.

        Fwiw, they do perform very well and like with any setup, a subwoofer added will always help.

        Sure, neg me now, lol.

        These are ACTIVE, they'll distort because you are pushing them harder then you should, no different to the LS50W, how a non active speaker in the same range is going to get around this is beyond me.

        • You misunderstand umexcuseme's post, he says nothing about expecting genuine sub bass.

          KEF uses this design + multiple larger active drivers with a crossover on their higher end series.
          The crossover prevents the UNI-Q driver from playing at full frequency so it reduces the distortion as the lower frequencies are being played by a different driver.

          He's not attacking your $1000+ purchase

          He's letting people know that this particular speaker design does not lend itself well in larger listening spaces which is correct.

          Surprise! KEF also makes floor standing speakers that can play more than twice as loud!

          Put the two together: Larger speaker for larger listening space, larger listening space means it needs to play louder

          e.g KEF blade rated at 117dB max SPL vs 102dB on the LSX

          • @Bacons: You are comparing the blade which costs what $20-30k or more?

            As I said, the other Towers he's referring to don't actually have multiple ACTIVE woofers. They are resonators. I even corrected a local salesmen this month.

            This same speaker design is present on the LS50 and LS50W. Both of which I have, both of which are more than adequate in large rooms.

            Simply suggesting because a speaker is larger means it's better for a bigger room is false.

            These speakers will all play plenty loud. Though I'd advise a subwoofer is a must regardless.

            Having a bigger speaker won't mean volume unless you amplify it too. Their newer Towers are actually more inefficient then their older models.

            • @DisabledUser139667: bigger speakers usually correlates to having larger drivers and physics means that larger drivers can produce higher SPL more efficiently and have a higher SPL ceiling.
              Obviously I was talking in a general case but unfortunately KEF is mostly a consumer brand.

              Also he didn't refer to any specific tower from the KEF lineup? So you're not really arguing anything. Take a standard KEF Q550 tower and it still has the Uni-Q + 1 bass driver and 2 passive radiators.

              both of which are more than adequate in large rooms

              This is useless. No measurements such as what SPL you're playing at and whether there's actually distortion present or not and not to mention room size and listening distance.

              Having a bigger speaker won't mean volume unless you amplify it too. Their newer Towers are actually more inefficient then their older models.

              This literally has no point.

              Your original argument was having more drivers don't allow KEF speakers to play at a given SPL with less distortion, saying that KEF towers don't even have active woofers.

              I gave you the most extreme case of your statement being wrong (Kef Blade) and you're saying whining saying it's unfair because it's expensive.

              Now I am comparing it to an even lower lineup, the Q550 and my point still stands.

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    With all the time people are going to be spending at home there's never been a better time to buy these!

  • The LS50 Wireless are cheaper at $2,939.00 from Addicted To Audio. Have been this price for a few months too.


  • I was gonna buy an extra pair of the LS50W last week but thankfully went a higher end tower, otherwise I'd be kicking myself with that free overpriced stands too.

    Always wanted the lsx, but no idea where to put them…

  • Anyone got any advice for a set of powered speakers around the $1000 mark? Would go for these but they are a bit over my budget.

    • Save up….

      Kef do have a cheaper variant, X300A, a few up on ebay often.

      Actually noticed an ex demo set just now for $899…. that's a steal.

      • Where’d you see them at that price mate?

        • Ebay…. Some store in WA I reckon

        • Sorry my bad, wasn't lsx, was just the X300. Pass.

    • Audioengine HD6 for $999

      If you can stretch your budget a bit further, the Kanto Tuks for $1300.

      • Thanks for the advice guys. I was looking at the ruark mr1 mk2 speakers too. They are a bit cheaper at $699.

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