Toilet Paper Craziness, Why dont people Wash / Shower / Bidet themselves instead

Hello Ozb,

I just do not understand adults, why do people need toilet paper at home if you do a poo
do you really want to have a genuinely clean and hygienic body at all times?
The use of toilet paper doesn't really clean, all it does is reduce the amount of poo on your bum, no matter how much you wipe you will never reach the levels of cleanliness of having a quick shower, bum washing etc.
Furthermore, Toilet paper is a waste of paper (and water, Trees need water) and when wiping, regardless of the quality will always leave residue and also friction between the skin and paper will always leave microscopic scratches on your bottom.

Toilet paper

  • doesn't really clean to a proper degree
  • cause scratches on the body when wiping
  • waste of money and resources (Trees need water)
  • takes longer then a quick shower for a clean

Shower / Bidet

  • better and deeper clean
  • less waste of resources
  • no scratching of body
  • feel much better then toilet paper

Finally, I challenge everyone reading this to go these two weeks with showering instead of toilet paper, and see how much better you feel.


Poll Options

  • 33
    Toilet Paper all the time
  • 10
    Toilet Paper in public but wash at home
  • 4
    Toilet Paper in public, then wash on arrival at home (always shower)
  • 10
    wash every chance available (where facilities are clean)


  • +3

    better and deeper clean

    Am I using the bidet wrong?

    • Well, at least your 'bidet-ing' yourself 😂

    • Personally i prefer the pressure hose method, and provides some stimulation

  • +1

    I heard bidets are sold out. I'm sure bidet companies are going to expand after this.

    Most of my shitting is at work. I rather get paid to shit on company dime!

  • +14

    just my thoughts

    no offense but if you are recommending a quick shower for a clean, i hope you have informed anyone you live with of your filthy habit or are single.

    • cause scratches on the body when wiping
      id suggest cutting your nails and stop wiping so violently, in 50 odd years on the planet and having longish nails ive never cut myself, or if i have not to the point i noticed.

    • waste of money and resources (Trees need water)
      trees need water, yet so does a bidet and shower, so you comment there makes zero sense.

    • takes longer then a quick shower for a clean
      how long do you spend wiping your ass? so your saying you can walk from your dunny to your shower, hopefully not drop any nuggets on the floor, walk into the shower, turn it on, wash and somehow waffle stomp the crap down the plug, dry your self, then reclothe yourself, all in the time a human spends wiping their ass, and hopefuly not have dropped sh*t along the way.

    • It takes water to grow trees and water to turn it into toilet paper.

      According to his analysis, Americans use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper every year, representing the pulping of some 15 million trees. Says Thomas: “This also involves 473,587,500,000 gallons of water to produce the paper and 253,000 tons of chlorine for bleaching.” He adds that manufacturing requires about 17.3 terawatts of electricity annually and that significant amounts of energy and materials are used in packaging and in transportation to retail outlets.

      • +4

        thanks, i never knew trees required water to grow.

        • Just clarifying your 2nd point

          • @John Kimble: that was just OP crap from the bracket

            • +1


              trees need water, yet so does a bidet and shower, so you comment there makes zero sense.

              I meant just producing toilet paper arguably uses more water than bidets/shower (although I don't know how much water is used to manufacture bidets and showers).

        • Water is fully renewable resource without any cost.

          Tree is fully renewable resource with some cost.

      • +1

        Not to mention the costs and carbon emitted by the packaging and transportation from the trees, to the logging mill, to the paper factory, to the supermarket. Then the plastic that gets thrown into landfill.

        Toilet paper is much worse for the environment than a bidet.

    • +1

      +1 waffle stomp

  • +2

    a bum gun is much cheaper than a bidet and leaves your nether regions squeaky clean. i can't believe people like playing with their poo …

  • +3

    Can someone experienced in the use of a bidet provide a MS paint picture. How do you prevent spraying water all over the bathroom and yourself?

    • How do you prevent spraying water all over the bathroom and yourself?

      i don't need a bidet to achieve that …

    • +2

      What I want to know is - is it all bidet? Or is it a little wipe then the bidet for a rinse? Or even bidet then wipe?

      I spent a month in Japan and I was going wipe then bidet. Bidet then wipe just left me with a mess of poop and wet toilet paper.

      • +2

        This is the real question. I also experimented with what order to do things when in Japan.
        I think what worked best was at least a wipe or two prior otherwise you spray poop about and make a real mess.

      • -1

        i've never used a bidet but a bum gun with sufficient pressure washes everything off

  • +4

    I hope my Ozito pressure washer lasts, thoughts and prayers

  • +5

    I installed a bum gum after a trip to Thailand came home in July as there is only a cold water tap in the toilet it was like sticking an ice block up your rear end, it was disconnected very quickly.

  • +9

    What if your toilet is in a separate room than your shower? Do you recommend shuffling down the hallway to have a shower?

    • I agree most aus houses have separate bath and toilet.

      • No they don't.

        • A significant percentage do

      • I've lived in 4 different places in Aus, 3 apts and 1 house and none have had separate toilets and bathrooms.

    • +1

      then you walk like a crab.

  • wash every chance available (where facilities are clean)

    How do you wash yourself in public toilet with water?
    I hope you don't use the basin to do that.

  • Because Instagram doesn't allow nudity. You can post yourself with a lot of toilet paper but no no for the other two.

  • +1

    I use TP but I also have an old water bottle I use to wet the paper before using it. I use dry paper at the end to dry the relevant area? I use less TP, it seems to clean the nether regions better and reduces “scratching”. The TP is really flushable, unlike the wet wipes. I can see the advantages of the bidet but you have to have one plumbed in properly. Other methods are just “ick”.

  • What about towns that are on water restrictions

    Gives new meaning to the use of brown water :0 LMAO

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