How to Entertain Children during Self Isolation?

We are self isolating for at least a month. I’m going to become a good cook but what can children do?

Any ideas besides being on the iPad all day?


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    Learn to program and make a 2D street fighter game using your kids.

    • 3D VR street fighter game if you pit them against each other

  • painting
    board games
    card games
    learn an instrument
    any fitness machines in the house to burn off energy?

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    Build "insert theme" from your toilet paper rolls.

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    Play "Ring around a Rosie".

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    How old are the children?

    Board games.
    Computer games (including learning games!)
    Get to know them.
    Help them write and choreograph a musical.
    If you have a backyard and a tent, go “camping”.
    If you have a pet, get them to teach the pet tricks - use online resources to learn how.
    Set up your stockpile of groceries on shelves and pretend you’re a supermarket. Have them play cashier.
    Teach them how to manage finances.
    Teach them how to change a tire.
    Teach them to wash/fold clothes.
    Teach them to cook/let them help you.
    Teach them to clean the house/let them help you (make a game of it).

    All of the above are suitable for both genders. Especially the last three: include boys. The number of adult males who can’t do these is disgraceful.

  • No idea. Just place them in a corner and tell them not to move.

    Seriously though what did you do as a kid?

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    SO happy I decided not to bring any kids to this crazy world.

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    online zoos, galleries, archives, museums, international space station
    learn a language
    play an instrument
    read a book/join local library and use Libby app for free books if available/kindle unlimited
    write a story
    online 'lunch doodle' drawing classes with Mo Willems
    YMCA fitness classes
    grow plants from seed/tend garden/harvest veggies
    cook together - we are combining science and cooking with making our own sour dough bread starter
    tech projects/arduino/program sphero
    lego, craft, painting, drawing
    fix things around the house together
    home improvement together/painting
    download free homeschooling curriculum
    science/social studies/teenage boss type documentaries
    go for a bike ride or a walk

    Some more ideas here

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    How old? Entertaining 2 year olds is VERY different to entertaining 10 year olds!

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      How do you know his children aren't 25 ?

      • How do you know their his children?

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      2 years old and it’s been day one and we are all going crazy in this small townhouse.

      • So go outside while you are still allowed to.

        Take your own ball etc to a big flat open green space. Kick it around. The risk will be negligible. Don’t use playground equipment or touchbothwr things. Move away from others.

        If it does come to a lock down (likely) you might have to stay in longer than a month if you self isolate too soon.

  • I bought my kids the spy mission activity off groupon a few school holidays ago - kept them occupied for a little bit, you could probably make your own one up.

    Otherwise Lego, waterplay/sand play for the younger ones, hut making with whatever is in the garden, camping in the backyard, swimming pool if you have one, bug/leaf collecting, rock painting.

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    I know so many families that live in units and have a common space of around 4 square metres per person. And the only times the kids break a sweat in those homes is when they're fighting and running away from each other.

  • Why a month OP?

    • We are playing it safe so at least a month

      • Hong Kong has closed the school since mid Jan and the set open day is end of April for now so should be more than a month

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    I don't know why you'd let them out of the cupboard but if you have to maybe take an active role in educating them on things they're interested in. Read them stories, make them read you stories, ones with big words they have to look up.

    I will never have kids but if you've made the choice to have them then at least put proper efforts into engaging with them instead of feeding them electric tablets between every meal.

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    Gta 5 on pc

  • Teach him life skills. Start with toilet training, if he is still in nappies.

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      Then move on to calculus.

      • Only if they've mastered the Alphabets, numbers and simple arithmetic first. It is important not to skip steps :p

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    duct tape

  • Shouldn't they be doing schoolwork? Seems most schools will move to remote teaching, not holidays.

    • From what I’ve seen that will be a bit of a joke at best and a waste of time at worst, especially for primary students. I know a few teachers.

      • Might be time to home school!

  • Merged from How Are You Keeping Your Toddlers Entertained since The Restrictions?

    Can't go out to parks, getting bored of old toys, restricting visit to grandparents and friends.

    How are you keeping your lil monsters entertained?

    • You can still go to parks

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        Yeah, but playgrounds are closed which sucks.

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        yep and win the bonus price of 11k$ or get the major price 6 months to jail.

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      Got a 4yr old and a 18 month old. It's Lord of the Flies style in our place. That should toughen them up…although there's toys everywhere within seconds.

      When desperate (eg need to take or make work calls)…ipad :(

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      Walk around the block of two.

    • Scooter, go for a drive, 2 year old plays hide and seek, hiding in the same place every time. If it all gets too much, just take a valium or 4 and everything is ok again.

    • yep, it’s tough. We also have a newborn to add to the mix, we are surviving by doing the following::

      Got a stash of new consumables - stickers, colouring books, water paint books etc. He only scribbles, but hey. Stickers have just become a new fave. And they’re cheap.

      We are doing lots of small, simple activities that can be engaging and fun for a short period. Kinetic sand and dinosaurs In a container, playing with farm animals (cover them in dirt and let your toddler ‘wash’ them). Cutting coloured paper into strips. A balloon = 10 mins easy in this house. Water play outside. Letting them ‘help’ with anything.

      FaceTime the grandparents daily. And other friends and family too. Video is a novelty for sure.

      Lots of snack choices!

      Tag team with the other half when you’re at your limit. If you have the luxury.

      My little guy is 2 and 3/4.

    • naughty corner.

    • Get out the tent.
      Make a map and go for a treasure hunt.
      Build a fort.
      Hide and seek.
      Buy some wood from the servo and have a fire.
      Play cricket, football, soccer.
      Do some baking.

    • Bake scones, whip cream
      Coloring and drawing
      Digging a big hole in the garden which gets filled up and repeated
      Grow veggies, he grew three long beans which he is really proud of

      The above lasted about two weeks and he is now starting to act up, luckily the mini trampoline I bought has arrived.

      Will assemble shortly and see how long he stays entertained with that

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