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[VIC] Free Delivery on Orders over $45 @ Kmart


Following Target - Free Delivery on Orders over $45 (Was $80), Kmart are also doing free delivery on orders over $45. I'm not sure if the previous threshold was also $80, or if it was something higher/not at all?

To support customers at this time we're now offering free delivery per transaction on eligible online orders over $45*. We hope that this will make customer's lives easier at this time of uncertainty.

Edit 1/7: Still going

Edit 7/10: VIC only.

*Excludes bulky items.

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  • +13 votes

    Anyone else getting a horribly slow website for kmart? Especially when trying to checkout.

  • +4 votes

    The question is, will kmart be regarded as an "essential service" come Tuesday?

    Your order today, might not be sent until september.

    • +16 votes

      They can close to the public but still be open with staff there fulfilling orders. Maybe?

      • +5 votes

        Restaurant can still do takeaway, just can’t open for sit in.,
        So I presume Kmart would be the same ?

      • -1 vote

        Think there's be a riot (…from inside people's homes)if they closed Amazon delivery, only seems fair that Kmart can continue to do the same

        • -14 votes

          only seems fair

          Screw fairness, if you spread disease you gotta go.

          Australia is projected to get 1 to 2 million cases now which is going to cause mass death as the health system is unable to treat people.

          The untreated people basically slowly drown to death.

          • +3 votes

            @Diji1: settle down

          • -2 votes

            @Diji1: cough sorry, what was that?

          • -1 vote

            @Diji1: 1 to 2 million? from 1000 cases? you on drugs

            • +3 votes

              @Freestyle: If they don't control it, say, by the end of NEXT month, we will have over 1 million.

              • -5 votes

                @DoyA: Looks like I found some of the idiotic panic buyers

                • +2 votes

                  @Freestyle: Looks likes I found some of the idiots.

                • +6 votes

                  @Freestyle: @Freestyle

                  Jeez. Some people still don't get it. This is different and far more serious. I work in a hospital and people are being emptied out of subacute wards to convert them for COVID. 1st year nurses and doctors are being rapidly commissioned as field clinicians. Long-since retired clinicans are being recommissioned. They have all been told the mortality rates that are coming in. We are talking around 100,000 deaths by the end of the year. At least 2 million cases, probably closer to 5 million.


                  What is it going to take to get people to take this seriously?


                    @Tambani: Thoughts compared to h1n1? 700m-1.4b infected. 250k-500k deaths. Not sure about healthcare systems, but at least the media wasn't fuelling panic buying!


                      @incipient: I'm no epidemiologist - there would be lots of factors between H1N1 & COVID 19, but it certainly didn't help that this flared in China just before Chinese New Year. I mean, how the hell do you contain that when officials haven't really worked out if it's more virulent than previous strains?

                      A death rate of anywhere between 1-3%, whatever it ends up being, is far worse than the h1n1, h5n1, and swine flu. We need time to find effective treatments and more time to make a vaccine. Then more time to roll it out internationally and squash the clusters in poorer countries.

                      The first horizon is the end of the flu season in the northern hemisphere. If it recedes by itself in the European summer then we know we only need to hold out until the end of our winter. If it doesn't.. well it won't be pretty.


                    @Tambani: taking this seriously doesnt fcking mean panic buying

                    stay at your god damn homes and follow procedure


                @DoyA: Based on 25% daily increase rate, yes it would


              @Freestyle: You can estimate that to happen by May, based on a 20% daily increase.

              But to be fair, Straya may not have the testing capacity by May to test millions.


              @Freestyle: Current rate is doubling every 3 days. Graphing that, it's now less than 30 days to >1 million. 2 to the power of: (number of days from first case divided by 3). That's the exponential curve of epidemics. Science, b*tch. If government measures make a signficant dent in transmission rates, then yes, the curve can be flattened somewhat, perhaps doubling every 6 days, or 8, or 10 or less. This way hospitals perhaps won't be overwhelmed and survival rates will be greater.

              We don't need your brand of scepticism, thanks.


                @kiteo: We dont need your (profanity) panic either

      • +1 vote

        One would hope online fulfilment will still operate. Ability to buy clothes etc still seems to be essential.

        Amazon will no doubt continue as it sells food.

        The essential service list will be published tomorrow (NSW, VIC), I guess we'll find out then.

        • -4 votes

          nah just wear toilet paper

          I've gotten so much toilet paper and nothing else I need to find other uses.for.it

          toilet paper is great in a curry

          excellent fashion statement, jsut dont go.out.in the rain

          built an extension in the house out of toilet paper, take that big bad wolf


        How can the staff get to work if everything is shut down? Uber is ok?

        • +2 votes

          Do cars suddenly stop working when everything shuts down? Train transport doesn't exist in the entire country. There are none in my entire state.

          • +1 vote

            @Clear: I think we wont have air to breath soon


        • +1 vote

          Walk? Ride a bike? Drive?


          Public transport will continue to operate.


      Don't know about Kmart but my sister who works at Harvey Norman said they're operating as usual. Nothing changes.

      I'm confused. They're not a supermarket and not really essential. Yet they're still allowed to be opened. How does that work?


        Tomorrow they will list essential and non essential categories. No one knows yet with the exception of banks, supermarkets etc

      • +2 votes

        Interesting what they will classify.
        What if your fridge stops working or you need a washing machine, oven, heater for winter.
        I would say those items are essential. So white good stores should stay open


          I was planning on buying a TV. I'll be stuck at home at staring at one all day, might as well upgrade.

          So I hope some stores remain open.

    • +7 votes

      Give it a rest..

  • +1 vote

    Hmmm……New Coffee Grinder



  • -1 vote

    That's a lot of items I need to order just for free delivery…

  • +6 votes

    also got David Jones free delivery $50+, pretty sure used to be $100


    Wow, there is a lot more Karens on here than I thought


    Now showing min $65 (to me in Qld, at least).