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[WA] 9 Pieces of Chicken for $10.95 @ KFC (App)


KFC has finally brought back 9 pieces for $10.95. A $1 price jack.

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    KFC has finally bought back 9 pieces for $10.95.

    Why did they buy them back?

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    It’s always $11.95 in build your own bucket

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      really? looks like you need to select 2 other items with them chicken.

      • +3

        Fair point, missed that

      • -2

        Yeah so just get 3 of them. Then it's still 9 for $11.95

        • It's $5.95 per 3 pieces. Cheapest option for 9 pieces is almost $18.

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            @MadMaxBargainRoad: Mate it's simple maths. If it's 9 for $11.95 and you buy 3 of them then you pay $35.85 for 27 pieces, which is still 9 for $11.95

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    Wasn't it 9 for $9.95? Just doesn't have the same ring to it at $11 ;).

    • +4

      9 for $10 doesn't really have the same ring either if you're gonna round up though. Just sayin'

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    Glad to see the Colonel keeping us safe from starvation in the fight against Covid19.

    Takeaway only past the noon Govt deadline tomorrow so no need to hoard buckets of chicken.

    Just pray the old man stays virus free cause he have no chance at his age and diet!

    • +5

      sorry to inform you but the old man passed away long time ago.

    • -2

      And if he were still alive he'd be prolifically spreading the virus from what I hear #HideYaWives

      • I need this fact checked.

  • I better camp outside KFC now, knowing how long the drive-thru line will be.

    • +1

      you can still pick up instore. no dine in only

  • Why WA only? No love for the other parts of Australia

    • Usually it's due to different corporations owning the KFC franchise in different states, I believe yum(?) owns QLD and WA. As such they have perpetual hot and spicy available, and QLD constantly has 9 for $9.95.

      • +2

        Yep hot and spicy always available here in Qld, but we pay $10.95 for 9 on Tues as well

  • Who's up for a cross-border chicken run into WA?

    • Heard on the news they're closing borders from tomorrow.

  • Take away only

  • This is always available every tuesday at QLD stores - only thing i ever buy from kfc.

    • ah yes, the "this is already in QLD all year round" comment has reared its head.

    • Is that still going on? I stopped going because I thought the promotion has ended last year. I got like 2 emails from them to remind me that the promotion was ending.

  • Come on KFC, show VIC some love!

  • +3

    Common KFC. Have a heart for NSW. We have the highest rates of COVID19 cases in Australia.

    • +4

      Bondi KFC meet up party?

  • Let's up everyone's antibody resistance, will be handy during the new outbreaks. In case if people don't know what I'm talking about, watch Pandemic and Forks Over Knives on Netflix

  • Anyone knows why ppl bought all the chicken at Coles?

  • +1

    Brought back??

    It was $9.95 before.

    Bring back $9.95

  • -1

    You mean 10.95 for 1 piece per a line.

    Anyways rub ya mouth over the chicken and smear it over metal the virus lasts longer.

  • Is this for Tuesday or today OP? got me excited since last night

    Edit: just saw it's tuesday.. will continue to fast today

  • WA only??

  • Time for some chicken hoarding

  • Did anyone else get an email saying $9.95?
    App still says $10.95
    I'm in QLD if that is important.

  • Can anyone confirm it’s on the app in wa? Ellenbrook store not showing

    • +1

      Exit the app, and check again. It should be there in Colonel's Offer

  • KFC Morley in wa is looking after the bois

  • +2

    The new logo makes it look like Colonel Sanders has a stick figure body

    • +2

      thanks, now cannot unsee.

  • Only on tuesdays?

  • No love for 6330 country WA.

    Totally not cool….

  • +3

    anyone know if this is on today (WA)? I cant see it on the app yet

    • I thought the offer will last until April, but seems no longer in the app. Not even in Menulog

    • Looks like it's been replaced by the $2.50 go nug bucket

      • Oh come on, how it can be replaced with nugget ? Not comparable.

        • Could it be that it was a one per account offer?

          • @MeesusEff: Not possible as I haven't ordered it since last month.

    • Can't find it either?

  • Every Tuesday in WA grab 9 pieces for just $10.95! Yep, get on the KFC App if you know what’s good (FYI- this is good, real good).

    • Still can't see it on the app? Where did you find it?

      • i called the kfc hotline. they said its valid in-store only and have been removed from the app.

        • Interesting, not listed in KFC website either. No email from KFC mentioned this too.

          • @yht: yea. i think its BS.

            Karawara doesnt do this 9 for $10.95 promotion.

            • @PissLUR: Just called KFC Livingston and they said the promotion ends already :(

        • Just called up Beechboro store. They said they cancelled it for safety reasons. Too crowded..

      • Ended last weekend for thornlie store too due to the Covid19

  • just called up they said it had ended due to safety concerns?

    • What ??

      • +1

        Max 2 piece of chicken allowed for social gathering ?

  • Only CC/Paypal payments thru App now

    KFC App Build Your Own Bucket (Must Select at Least 3 Per Order)

    • Not as cheap as 9 for $10.50, and must buy 3 items

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