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Free Shipping, No Minimum Spend @ Melbourne Hot Sauce


Get your mitts on the best hot sauce going around with no minimum spend for free delivery, just use the code FREE at checkout.

I love this stuff but can't pick it up in a physical store, so deals like this are very welcome.

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Melbourne Hot Sauce
Melbourne Hot Sauce

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  • OMG YES!

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    Whats the best seller?

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      The heat ranges from mildly spicy to stuff they make for annual chilli eating competitions, so it depends more on what you can handle than what is most popular. Personally I find the medium-hot range better as the flavours are awesome without leaving you curled up in a ball on the kitchen floor in tears.

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        curled up in a ball on the kitchen floor

        And which one would you prescribe for this effect?

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          Probably the limited edition one they make each year for the Melbourne Chilli Eating Championship.
          They have 28 left by the look of it.

          • @chriso1: Mine just arrived today - the limited edition does have a kick but it's not as hot as expected - a teaspoon or so into a bowl of spaghetti bolognese was just nice. I wonder what the scoville rating is…

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      Their Chipotle BBQ is my favourite at the moment. Not too spicy, but a real nice smoky BBQ flavour without being too sweet.

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    The reaper whisky is bloody awesome. Just don't put too much ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Amazing hot sauces. Love the Habanero Roja.

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    No reviews left in the website about sauces. Has anyone tried the mango one, sounds nice but can't imagine hot sauce with something sweet like mango

    • Haven't tried this one in particular, but mango hot sauces are generally delicious.

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      Byron Bay Chilli Co have an 'extra hot' sauce with mango. I thought the same before trying it for the first time, but I can't taste any mango because the heat is just sooo strong. It's great, I always have a bottle of it now. I might try this brand too!

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        Yeah can highly recommend the Byron Bay sauce ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐ŸŒถ๏ธ๐ŸŒถ๏ธ๐ŸŒถ๏ธ๐ŸŒถ๏ธ

      • Thanks I'll give the ๐Ÿ• a go

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    Put that toilet paper to use!

    • You realise there's a shortage of toilet paper, not an over-abundance.

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    cheers op! glad to be supporting local businesses at this time, ordered the 6 pack to try them all! :p

  • I am a big fan of Spicy Sanchez since first trying it at Burger Urge, I am looking forward to trying all their sauces

    • I prefer the Portuguese Breakfast and Filthy Ramirez.


  • Hot damn!

  • Thoughts on the Smoked Jalapeno?

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      It's one of the nicer ones actually because it actually has some flavour. I have lots of MHS and honestly, while functional enough from a heat perspective, they're often not the most flavourful hot sauce around.

  • I snapped up 2 of the bottles, good pricing without the $12.95 shipping charge

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    Bought the MCEC 2020 and Habanero Roja.

    My arse is ready!! TP to the rescue!

  • Is this a good idea during this toilet paper shortage?

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      You can use it as a hand sanitiser

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        And it will stop you touching your face. After the first time, anyway.

    • Yes. It will help the morons that hoarded it get through it all.

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    Tempting… I like spicy but hate sour and most hot sauces I ever tried taste like vinegar - I have a reasonable tolerance of spice after visits to rural Thailand/Laos and eating with locals. I roast / grind my own chilli for adding heat without sourness to food.

    $55 for 6 bottles of the XXX (I assume spiciest) is a bit of a gamble if they turn out to taste like vinegar… Has anyone with any spice tolerance tried these?

    • look at the ingredients and buy something that isn't vinegar based.

      • I had a look and all appear to be vinegar based so far…only looked through the xxx pack..

        • Hot sauces are meant to be acidic (for a few reasons) as you can see from the ingredients.

          Without dwelling too much into this, I think hot sauces generally won't be your thing.

          Maybe you can try the smoked sauces like Chipotle BBQ given you roast your peppers.

          • @Entheogen: I ended up ordering $70 worth - I do like some hot sauces I've tried but as I'm used to a good amount of capsaicin already almost all of the supermarket hot sauces just taste of vinegar and almost nothing else - there was a tine bottle of nandos extra bloody hot sauce which had a little spice but not so potent (i read somewhere 35000 scoville points) and was actually fairly nice without being too heavy on the vinegar flavour. Many of the spicier chillies themselves tend to be sour so not always sure that's the way to go - will find out anyway…

            • @evanssm2jp: Ah I see. Yes, I wouldn't compare these to ones sold in the supermarket. If this is your first time stepping out into the boutique manufacturers then you should be in for a treat.
              Melbourne Hot Sauces seems to balance the flavour quite well with the ones I've tried.
              Different peppers have different flavours which ends up being what pepper taste you prefer. Only one way to find out though. Enjoy your new hot sauces!

              • @Entheogen: Just arrived today and tried the special edition (about a teaspoon worth on spaghetti bolognese was about right) - it's good - not too sour and does have a pleasant kick…

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    OK…$70 done on hot sauce! I like spice but that much?… I must be nuts!

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      …cabin-fever induced retail hot sauce therapy?

  • Thank you, great birthday present for a chilli lover

  • Just ordered 52 dollars worth of hot sauce I didn't even know that I needed!! I thank you now, my taste buds will thank me later, my bum however will not be so appreciative!! :D

    Stay safe everyone.

  • Any recommended ones?

    I'm getting the Reaper Whiskey BBQ. Looks really lit!
    And I'm looking for another one that would go well with burger or chicken breast? One that does not alter the taste of the food but is really damn spicy!
    Any suggestions?

    • How'd u go, which one did u get? I also want a hot, spicy one for chicken breast.

      • I ordered the Reaper Whiskey BBQ and the Habanero Roja!

        • +1

          Cheers legend, will give em a go (love hot sauces!). Geez $20 for 300ml of sauce haha.

  • Does anyone know the expiration date of these? Are we talking months or years

    • Years. I just checked a bottle I picked up over 12 months ago and it's expiration date is August this year.

      • Thanks for the info! Will order the pack

        • Just got my delivery and they're dated Feb 2022, so heaps of time to use them :)

          • @chriso1: Did you get a shipping notification?
            Ordered on Monday and haven't recieved any shipping notification yet.

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              @Harvey1: Nah just confirmation of the order. I ordered Monday as well.

  • Havent tried them before, The prices seem quite up there in comparison to normal sauces. I take it these sauces are alot nicer / premium? I do like hot sauce, How do these compare against just standard supermarket sauces and like oportos / nandos sauces?

  • Ordered on the 24th and just got a text that something from Port Melbourne has been shipped. Are these guys based in Port Melbourne or is it some other junk I purchased? Still no email at all from these guys.

  • Finally got my hot sauce today, totally forgot about it lol.

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      I'm still waiting. Not panicking yet as I'm over in Perth and stuff is taking an extra week or 2 compared to normal (which is already slow).