ALDI - Stick Vacuum - Product Recall

Looks like Aldi are recalling their Cordless Cyclonic Handheld and Stick Vacuum Cleaner.

I was really happy with mine - I wonder how long they would honour the recall for?

Issue is listed as 'The battery may become unstable, overheat and ignite during or after charging.'

Sold in either
blue or red colour variations. The product can be identified by “Model 99135” and
“02/2020” printed on the rating label.

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    You gonna wait until your house burns down to return it?

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      Not gonna work out that way as you cannot return a chunk of molten plastic and claim it "was" a stick vacuum

  • Since this is a product recall, you can keep using it until you find a replacement you are happy with and then return this to aldi for a full refund. The usual 60 day window doesnt apply here.

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    Product recalls don't really have a time limit. Though considering the risk is potentially burning your house down when charging, I'm not sure you'd want to keep using it either.

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    Technically just so you know
    Your home insurance is null and void if you have any issues that are directly related to this item as you are now fully aware of the recall and are failing to act on it

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      quick, delete this post, OP.

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      What a load of bollocks.

      • Actually it is not
        (was an assessor for many years) But you feel free to live in your world if that makes you feel better

  • jesus, just return it before your house burns down.

    Be grateful that we live in a country where companies actually offer to recall gear, and dont just sweep it under the rug.

  • Thanks for the comments everyone - didn't say I was going to continue to use it.

    For those interested I purchased it at an Aldi near where I work - which I won't be going near anytime soon due to COVID-19 and all the workplace closures - so it's likely I won't be near an Aldi for some time to be able to return it in store

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