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Purple Shockproof Gel Case Cover for iPhone $0.87 Delivered @ Warehouse4all via eBay


$0.87 delivered sounds like a good deal for an iPhone case. However the listing description shows the following are included in this deal, I wouldn't mind if I just receive the case for this price actually.

1x Shockproof Case for Apple iPhone (Colour and model of your choice)

1x FREE Screen Protector

1x FREE Stylus Pen

This price is only for the Purple color though, Clear or Black colored ones cost $4.35 delivered.

Ordered one for the missus's 11-Pro today and this Melbourne based seller has shipped it already.

Original Coupon Deal

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    if only purple color is at the price $0.87
    then your title is misleading …

    "Shockproof Gel Clear Case Cover for iPhone
    iPhone 5,5s,SE,6,6s,7,8,8plus,X,XR,Xs,XsMax,11,11Pro,11ProMax for $0.87 "


      Updated it :)

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        the clear is good price if it was sold at $0.87
        but after reading your note..it is only the purple..so disappointed

        the ebay seller also has the same misleading title

        this is the same gripe I have with ebay sellers listing items for 99c
        then you realize after click the item that it is just for some crap item in the dropdown box
        so the seller can be at the top of the search result..


    It cost $2.20 to send, how do they make money out of this?


      If that’s true then the real question is how many losses of at least $1.33 do they wish to incur?

      Btw, I don’t think it’s true.


    Do I need it? NO

    Do I want it? NO

    But for $0.87, really can't say no


    Just bought a clear one for $3.48. My screen on XS Max quit on me today. Does make me think if it’s because its been dropped once too many times. No harm with this extra protected case for less than a chai latte

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    you get what you pay for. just saying

    I really wanted our iPhones to survive a year or two so I got a couple of LifeProof Slam cases. got them $17 each.

    they are truly LifeProof. both devices survived a lot of falls that otherwise would be considered terminal


    It’s $5.95?


    already expired

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    Lol keep an eye out for the ozbargaoners with purple phones coming to a suburb near u


    I know its more expensive but Pela case is a good alternative to not end up in the landfill. Worth checking out!


    Received the Purple case(good quality), screen protector and the stylus pen too. Super deal for 87cents.

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