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BlitzWolf BW-S2 4.8a 24W Dual USB AU Charger $7.69 US / ~ $13.62 AU Delivered @ Banggood


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Brand New AU BlitzWolf® BW-S2 24W Charger for Australia, New Upgrade Version improved heating and charging efficiency, and more stable performance.

Brand BlitzWolf®
Model BW-S2
Plug AU
Input AC 100-240v 50/60Hz
Output DC 5V/4.8A(2.4A per port)
Size 54 X 54X 28.8mm /2.1 X 2.1 X 1.1inch
Color Black

Only 100+ units. Processing time:Ships in 24 hours

I just ordered 2x


I added $2 for tracking
$17.58usd approx $30.46aud. paid via Up

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  • -1 vote

    At that price might as well go to Kmart.

    • +3 votes

      Which is a comparable Kmart product?

      • +1 vote

        10 dollar type C QC3.0 fast charger… Well, PD 18W but it puts out 3amp no problem to any Samsung or QC soc's I have at home. MTK devices don't like it


        Ease of returns, local warranty etc etc


          Not really a comparable product, it only has a USB-C port. Which is probably why K-mart are selling it so cheap, most people wouldn't have a suitable cable.


          Isn't the 2 ports the selling point of this charger? When you're travelling you can plug in your phone and your tablet/watch. Or at work you can charge your phone and your power bank or something, with just one power socket.


            @eug: There are 4 port chargers there on that Kmart page, a few bucks more. 4.8amp total, so two devices can get 2.4amp each at least….


              @Bamboozle: The 4 port charger uses a fig-8 cable which takes up space and is messy if the length isn't needed.

              I have a wireless mic and receiver that recharge over USB. I keep it in a small bag with one of these Blitzwolf chargers and very short usb cables. It's perfect for situations like that.

              The 3-port charger that kmart sells is really long. It'd be useful for people who need 3 ports, otherwise I'd personally rather go for Blitzwolf over an unbranded Kmart charger.

              In other words, different people have different requirements. If I only need 2 ports, I will get a charger with 2 ports as it's more compact and less messy. People who need 4 ports can buy the 4 port one from Kmart. The kmart chargers are not the same as this Blitzwolf one.


    5V/2.4A for each port so i guess no QC?
    Decent price but no very useful then.


    improved heating and charging efficiency

    How hot does it get now? :)