Free Access to Articles Relating to COVID-19 @ National Geographic


National Geographic's expertise in factual, science-based global storytelling, and our authentic, on-the-ground photojournalism and reporting, is highlighted in our coverage of COVID-19. Today, we are providing that content without charge. Through this public service, you’ll find everything from authoritative pieces about the origins of this zoonotic disease, which spread from animals to humans, to practical ways for families and children to cope with the daily challenges we are all facing because of it.

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    why would someone even charge for this ?


    It's a shame NewsCorp is still keeping all their coronavirus related stories behind a paywall at this stage, given most local news in Australia has been bought by them.

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      Most people don't have a good enough BS filter to cut through the rubbish mixed with the fact. Sometimes it is better to be in the dark than under bad light! Social media is even worse than mainstream media. Misinformation spreads like wildfire. Take notice of official regulations announcements and comply for the sake of family and friends. Take everything else you read and hear with a dose of salt. Think about the writer's motivations and the likelihood the person is spreading alarm (e.g. to help get more clicks and more profit). That doesn't omit ABC or SBS whose reports often have political spin (e.g. current government cuts their funding and puts a tight lid on their pay packet compared to other public media).

      In the spirit of OzBargain, if you want to get past a paywall try copying the link into an incognito window. It works with a lot of paywalls but I'm not sure whether this trick works with News Corp web pages. Another potential paywall bypass is available using the Close & Clean extension. It needs to be configured to clear everything. Copy the link, run Close & Clean, paste and enter.
      Unfortunately, it seems to lose its configuration between updates. Periodically, you need to check extension options.


        Doesn't work for news corp, their default is to block content unless signed in to a paid account. Not quite like the age which is easy to bypass


      Keep the sensationalist fear mongering fake news to be free. Real news is paid for behind the paywall. Typical News Corp.


    That's all we need.

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    It's not just for looking at topless tribal chicks.

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    National Geographic's expertise in factual, science-based

    That used to be true, but now they have been taken over by woke, politically correct SJWs, who are more interested in saying what "ought" to be true.


    Facts are racist, mkay.