Can Someone Open My Car Without Damaging It?

Hello guys, Hope you are well

Long Story short, I live in a apartment at Western Sydney.
Car is parked at my parking spot which is in front of my storage.
Last night someone managed to break my Storage door and stolen some stuff.
And I also found out my car has been opened by him.
I think he got the mechanical key since theres no mark on the car doors.
He stolen the sun glasses (in the glovebox) and DashCam, so could not find any evidence.
And Car is COROLLA 2012 model. has been locked. double checked last night.
Should I report to police? Is that gonna do anything? I am worrying about the car get stolen tonight.



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    Coat hanger? What type or vintage car is it?


    Depends what car you have (modern /old),but yes.


    Does anyone else have access to your car keys?

    Someone breaking into storage + your car seems targeted than not.


      Yeah I was thinking it's targeted as well, but corolla is too common they might want to wreck it
      But no one got my keys.

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    Easy to break into.

    A thin strip of spring steel between the frame and window and lift rod.

    I've seen it done in less than 10 seconds by someone who knew what to do.

    99 times out of 100 they won't return to the scene of the crime, if they wanted your car it'd be long gone.


    Even we could break into our old Camorra. Find the spot in the door, slide down next to the lock and then push.

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    Of course report this, you should report all crime so the police at least have accurate figures.

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    Someone broke into my neighbours storage cage last weekend and stole their pack of toilet paper. Crazy times.

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      Crazy times indeed. Imagine leaving something as valuable as toilet paper in a storage cage!

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        Imagine being crazy enough to buy so much toilet paper that it doesn't even fit in your dwelling.


          To be fair, some of those apartments are so small that you can’t even fit a normal 30 day supply of tp in the dwelling…


    First, are you sure you actually locked it? Wind down the windows lock the doors and reach in and open the door, does the alarm go off? I find it hard to believe someone would carry a tool to steal stuff from inside your car, rather than just smashing the window with whatever is around. And if they did have the tools, why didnt they take the car?

    Secondly, make sure you've got insurance. I'd get a steering lock if you're worried, although if they're stealing change etc, it doesnt sound like they're trying to get vehicles.


      If you are going break and entering why wouldn’t you carry a tool that will allow you to get into a vehicle without the noise of smashing a window?

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        because carrying the tool is classified as "going equiped". So if it was found on you, you'd be charged. irrispective of if you were actually breaking in at the time.

        If you pick up a rock/brick and smash a window, yeah you might be heard. But unless caught in the act, if searched, you have low value items in your posession (which doesnt mean you've been burglarising)

        Also, i find it hard to believe someone would spend the time to buy or manufacture a tool to break in for relativly low value items


      Hi Davo, yeah I'm pretty sure I locked car.
      And when i check my engine bay this morning, I found out the finger print on the fusebox.
      I guess they tried but could not start the car since theres no chip to pair with the ecu.
      thanks for the advice, will buy a steering lock instead.



      And if they did have the tools, why didnt they take the car?

      …maybe because you can't hot wire cars anymore…?


        Then you'd tow it away.

        My point still stands I find it odd to carry break in tools, in order to steal sunglasses and loose change


          You find it odd, but you appear not to be a criminal. Logic, whats ’normal’ and intelligence often aren’t supplied to people who steal from cars.


          If I saw a tow truck near my car and it's parked there with someone trying to tow my car, I would get out and blast the thief….I'm sure you would do the same as is with others here…

          Maybe the car itself isn't as valuable as the $500 sunnies or loose change in the car are? For example, you parked up a shitbox (all rusted, paint peeling off, sun damage, parts of the car dented, scratched and chipped, etc.,) that you just bought for $500, so probably won't get much for the thief….

          Of course anyone with half brain would be smart enough to either hide the valuables inside the car somewhere or take it with you leaving nothing of value and no worries if someone decided to break into your car…

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    Glue a fake camera dome on your storage unit and post a sign saying ‘24hr camera surveillance’

    And yes, report it to the police.


    Yes report to the police. Not sure why you even have to ask!!


    Of course you report to police….

    BTW locks only keep honest people out.

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    Definitely report it to the Police or these people just keep getting away with it.
    The Police may not find the person, but it may increase Police patrols, especially if a bunch of people in your area all report similar. The dude is probably going through many flats/cars in one night.

    And yes, easy to break into a 2012 Corolla without leaving a mark. Not so easy to start/steal though.

    With us being told to stay home it's a thieves paradise at the moment for robbing anything outside of our homes. No one is around to see them.


    Why haven't you reported to police…. it is a crime… you are a victim of a crime.

    Or are to worried about what was stollen?

    Look… it is a 2012…. these people know have to get in and out.

    You look around the door seals, or they simply bend back the door slightly.


    What if this post is to find out the way to unlock the car only to make it happen per the details

    May be not, no way

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