Signup question: I have recently started doing the 90-day Kogan + Catch SIM swap to get cheaper monthly payment

Do I need a new email every time I sign up? I believe I do but I just want to confirm. Thanks


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    I do the same, due to move to Kogan in April. I use the same email address. With Kogan, you log in with your mobile number for your account. With catch you can continue with using same email address. I have been doing this for quite a while now with no problem.

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    No, I did it for a couple of years and used the same email for both. However I was porting the same number all the time.

    Don't forget Catch is only $9.90 if you go through Cashrewards.


    been doing this for a year, kogan finally gave up, they don't have the 90day sim on special anymore :(

    edit: oops it's still available on, just not on