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[SA] Free Next Day Delivery @ Krispy Kreme SA


Order by 530pm and receive free next day courier delivery (Fastway). No minimum spend.

A number of varieties available, starting from $12 for a mini original glazed dozen. 1 dozen Original Glazed i $19.95 or 2 dozen for $31.95.

Part of: OzBargain's Guide to Self Isolation (Deals & More)

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Krispy Kreme South Australia
Krispy Kreme South Australia

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      Does that relate to Donuts or….?


        whatever they are on, must be the good stuff!

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    not in Vic, but if it was, would have lost me a fastway


    This is sooooo tempting. I'm lucky enough to have an amazing Fastway delivery person - they do exist!

    The downside is I already feel like a whale from growing a human and this probably isn't going to help with that given I'm past the point of being able to do comfortable and effective exercise!


      you are lucky! ive have numerous bad experiances, even them delivering to the wrong house in the wrong street! I avoid where possible, but hard to do as not everyone says who the ship with or say one thing and do another

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    There's no way fastway are going to get anything anywhere within the 'next day'

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      I didn't think so either, but the doughnuts were delivered right on 8:30am.

      The box with the label clearly showing "this way up" and "fragile" was placed down the wrong way, but no harm done to the doughnuts. Surprisingly fresh too.

      Thanks for sharing OP. A nice treat to cheer us up during these depressing times!