Suggestions for a Lightweight ~ $1000 Laptop for Work

Hey Ozbargainers.

Looking for a lightweight laptop for my mum for her work. She's got a 15.6" heavy 2.2kg laptop at the moment, and she's keen to find something lighter.

Either a 15.6" (sub 1.6kg) or 14" sub 1.4kg. Generally just a lightweight 14" or 15.6" laptop. She doesn't need a graphics card, and she has a 1TB Samsung SSD ready to switch over to the new laptop, so hard drive is not important.

I've done plenty of searching here but haven't found much that fits the criteria, if anyone has any suggestions I would be very thankful!



    Thoughts on something like this Asus Zenbook?

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      This Surface Laptop 2 would be a great option if it were still in-stock. Yes it's a 8th gen i5 chip but the difference is probably gonna be hardly noticeable for your mom, 256GB SSD, far superior screen imo.


      Can't go wrong with the Zenbook! You'll have to purchase it within the next 2 days though if you want the cashback. I own one so let me know if you have any questions.

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    If you intend to reuse an existing drive, make sure it'll actually fit in the new laptop.

    Older drives might be mSATA (obsolete) or 2.5" SATA (larger).

    Newer laptops tend to have a M.2 slot, either PCIe or SATA (and that needs to match your drive). Some will have a 2.5" SATA bay, but not all of them, especially smaller ones. Especially small laptops might only have soldered (non-replaceable) storage, or the chassis might be glued shut.


      That's a good point, she has a 2.5" SSD but all the lightweight laptops are M.2. She can just use her old drive as a portable drive then. I think we'll go for the Asus Zenbook 14 for $1099 after cashback

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    Or get a thick and heavy Gaming Laptop.
    …but get buff so it feels lighter ; )

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      I have a feeling you didn't read the OP. LOL
      (Didn't neg you btw)


        Yeah, not sure about the negs I thought it was quite obvious it was a joke. Lol, I read it but just the technical parts. I missed the part where it was about Ghogger's momma.

        …maybe she should Buff Up?

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          I did let her know that the Ozbargain community is of the strong opinion she should bulk up and do some bicep curls. While she was appreciative of the advice she feels like buying a laptop is the easier option here


    OP, did you mention about $ budget? and have you looked at Dell outlet?


    Acer Swift 5?

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    MacBook Air?

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