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[Adventure Club] Dometic Waeco CFX-95 95L Wi-Fi Fridge/Freezer $1079 (Was $1799) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Anaconda


BTW dont look at store stock level as its innacurate all store receive 2 last remaning units from dometic, so all store should have 2 unless they have been sold

The biggest CFX in the range, the Dometic CFX-95DZW is a durable and efficient compressor portable fridge and freezer that keeps your perishables fresher for longer. It is ideal for people who go on long trips in their camper trailers and four wheel drives. The CFX-95DZW has two separate compartments that can each operate independently in any combination as fridges or freezers and have the ability to achieve –18 °C simultaneously in up to +32 °C ambient. Exclusive to this model, the CFX-95DZW also comes with a Wi-Fi CFX app that allows you to set, control and monitor the temperatures of each compartment from your smart phone or tablet. The genuine WAECO compressor and unique Variable Motor Speed Optimization technology helps the CFX range operate efficiently, even in extreme conditions.

Energy efficient genuine compressor technology provides fast and efficient cooling and freezing, even in extremely high outside temperatures
Two separate compartments for cooling and freezing in any combination desired to be set - freezer/freezer, freezer/fridge or fridge/fridge
Easy-to-use Wi-Fi app to help set, control and monitor temperatures in each compartment from a mobile device
Both compartments can be set between 10 °C to –22 °C, with the ability to run at –18 °C simultaneously at ambient temps up to 32 °C
Both polypropylene lids are completely separate, detachable and reversible for functional use
Large gross capacity of 94.5 l (54 and 40.5 l compartments), which makes this the biggest in the CFX range
Store fresh food and drinks effortlessly with three removable wire baskets and space to fit up to 133 cans and ability to fit upright Riesling bottles

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    Jeez that's cheap, I think they're a crap fridge if you're using them on Battery.

    My friends one used to kill by 270Ah battery box far faster than 3 X 45L's


      270ah lead acid maybe, also 45L in what temperature? You can only compare them if they are set to similar temperature and contents.

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        Nah they pretty good ,you need to get it to temperature by a 240v before you go out, then once it's a temperature it maintain it for like 3 days on my 130amp deep cycle battery until I need to charge it, but it all depends on what you got it set at if you use the insulation cover and you need to keep the fridge full ,if it's half empty it works hard trying to freeze air, if you can fill your fridge fully put some water bottle in there to fill it , U will see a massive difference in power , all of what I mentioned go for all camping fridges to get the most out of your battery


        2 x 134Ah Lead acid batteries. Similar conditions, cold nights and around 25~ during the day in October, usually run all our fridges at 0-1c

        The thing was a huge power hog hence why he got rid of it and replaced it with a pair of 40's, more versatile and better to run.

        Control board died in it too which had to be replaced under warranty.


      Your friend probably didn't pack it with enough stuff. The less air in the fridge the less it has to work.

      Honestly this fridge is overkill for most people and incredible inefficient. You're much better off just using a single smaller fridge and replacing drinks one for one as you take them out from room temp.

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    Be aware that CFX is runout model. Latest model is CFX3


      That's why it's at this price and in clearance ,the new model is $1900, I had a look at both and really nothing that exciting about the new apart from the variable speed compressor that uses very little power , but not worth $900more then this one

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    pulled the trigger, been looking to buy a 60ish litre but stuff it.

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    Looks like a great deal to me. Thanks OP.

    Nothing local in SE Bris so paid 60 for delivery.

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    I assume I need to get a insulation cover seperately.

    Is this the one? https://www.anacondastores.com/camping-hiking/power-cooling/...


    Tempted but I already have a 45. Thinking another 45 is enough.


    There still cheep $1299


    I'm confused.
    This post originally listed the price as $1,079 and was then marked as "Expired".
    It has now been changed to a price of $1,299 in the same post.
    I thought this would warrant a new post since so that the original bargain would be preserved?


      You don't need to be confused. OP did not follow the rules, that's all. Use the Report button and the Mod Team will take care of the post.

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    Kings have a similar 70L going currently for $669 with two year warranty noting the WAECO compressor is very likly the same SECOP one (there arnt many compressor manufacturers).


    aldi also has a simlar one going very recently for $600? same compressor - ive been rocking one for three years in the back of 4wd no issues.

    and these are always a good buy with a range of options (i like the poly ones) and currently have 20% off site wide - and often have marked/scratched seconds:
    https://www.evakool.com.au/fridge-freezers/ - again same compressors (they also build for many other brands including rough rider for SCA).

    these guys are also great to deal with and have everything you need for a great offgrid setup (most built by evacool)

    this is a steal at the moment for $429 (identical to my aldi one) and comes with free cover and 3 years warranty - id be taking two of these over a single 70/80/90 which you will never be able to lift when full: https://www.australiandirect.com.au/buy/kickass-40l-ac-dc-co... again same SECOP compressor

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