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Hungry Jack's Vouchers (Valid until 22nd June 2020)


The latest Hungry Jack's vouchers are out. Valid till 22/06/2020.

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Hungry Jack's
Hungry Jack's

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  • +13 votes

    Some prices gone up yet again from previous voucher.

    • They don’t honour the vouchers any more unless the original printed copy is available. I’ve had this experience a couple of times now when I flashed the deal on my mobile, they say pull the offer up in the app and we’ll honour it. Any one else had this experience?

    • HUNGRY price JACK'S

  • Thanks OP, some more price jacks from the previous vouchers, the Whoppers (previously $8.95), TenderCrisps (previously $8.95), Breaky Wraps (previously $7.45) and the Hunger Tamer meal (previously $20.45).

    I feel like it wasn't that long ago that two Bacon Deluxes was $6.95.

  • their price hike is worst than the Motorways in Sydney

  • I don't bother with HJs anymore. The food has always been worth what you paid, but the quality has not improved with the prices.
    Dominos has become my new budget takeaway for the fam.

    • Budget yes, but variety is limited on dominos, but the greasiness is spread out a little more at burger joints.

    • Same here. Maccas all the way with their coupons, though account switching does become a pain

      • Im honestly astounded they didnt come down on this.

        If you were dedicated enough and feeling particularly self-destructive you could eat for ~$10-15 a day.

    • Dominos was the worst in shrinking sizes and reducing toppings, they did keep their pricing the same though.

      • Yup, cheap, but you definitely get as much as you pay for. Kinda impressive how many calories they can squeeze into a "large" pizza.
        Are the large pizzas about 8-9" now?

  • I remember last year the 2 Whopper Jnr and 2 chips were $5.45. Now they're scalping them for $7.25

  • Is there a camel-camel-camel site for tracking these prices over time?

  • Price jack might be due to low Aussie dollars, will see everything jack up very soon, but hey it's Hungry Jack (they told you so…)

    • Yes but most of their ingredients are sourced from Australian farms and suppliers and paid for in AUD rather than buying from overseas in USD. So that excuse for significant price rises should not be valid

      • I would expect all of the ingredients are indirectly priced based on what they are worth in the international market.

        • Yes but I'm pretty sure they'd have contracts with their suppliers to supply their ingredients at a certain price for x amount of time rather than having their prices fluctuate randomly and suddenly all the time

          • @AussieDeals: That's the reason why they should jack before their suppliers, normally the term is valid for 2-4 weeks depends on volume. Also even HJ 100% source from Australia, but that doesn't mean suppliers not require foreign products.

      • No doubt they have to pay their licensing fee to BK in $US so costs will rise!

  • Never been back to HJ since they did the last 65% price hike it's good for weight loss.

  • I thought people didn’t eat at HJ since they discovered the burgers r not grill over a flame like on a bbq but broiled in a big machine

    • As long as it tastes good do I care !

    • I thought people didn't eat there because of their policy allowing microwaving burgers (or was it only at Burger King some years ago?).

    • +3 votes

      You do understand what the word "broiled" means right?
      You aren't confusing it with boiled are you? Because they are very different.

      Broil and grill are basically the same. Cooking meat with direct heat. It's just the direction of the heat that's different.

      • Hj hasn’t claim grilled their burgers for decades theturnup frozen with grill marks on then pre done

        • +2 votes

          If you're sure about your claim then contact the ACCC or something in relation to false advertising.


          When they put the grill marks on is irrelevant. The meat still needs to be cooked, and that can't be done with a microwave.
          And if you pre-cook the meat and then freeze it, it will have a terribly short shelf life and have a huge risk of salmonella and the like.
          They cook it in store mate. And the method of cooking is "broiling"… a type of grilling.

    • What the hell is a broil? You mean grilling.

      Americans use the term broiling to refer to the heat source being above the food whilst we use grilling to refer to both above and below the food.

  • Why are the vegan burgers always a stand alone deal. Are vegans not supposed to consume potato and sugar according to HJ?

  • Repeat after me. Hungry Jack's coupons are no longer bargains. STOP posting them!

  • +2 votes

    Price jacked hungry jacks!

  • +6 votes

    They are increasing at a rate of about 50cents every time a new set of vouchers is released, which is every three months. I assume the in store prices aren't increasing by anywhere close to this. Won't be long before there's no discount at all and you may as well just go through the dive through on in store. It's getting silly and they are rapidly becoming a non-bargain.

    • I don't even know the original prices. Maybe the vouchers make it more expensive for burger hoarders, like they've done for toilet paper.

    • I think they're trying to ween us off the vouchers. They tried getting rid of them completely not too long ago when trying to make people use the app and that didn't go down well.

  • +10 votes

    Almost $10 for two Whoppers? You can get two value pizzas at Dominos for that price.

    • That's not really an argument though. You could get 5kg of rice for the price of two pizzas. Are the pizzas therefore a rip off?

  • 2 breaky wraps for $7.95!! Tell em theyre dreamin!

  • +2 votes

    Funny that they are price jacking considering everywhere else have dropped the price to attract more customers

  • As Lando Calrissian once said… "This deal is getting worse all the time"

  • price jacking cause they know everyone has 750 or 1100 dole payments…

  • The only time I eat at Hungryjacks is through the Shake n Win app. Either get free stuff or get the 3$ tendercrisp burger or 2$ rodeo cheeseburger. Thats it. Haven't used these offers in at least 6-9 months. Been mostly using the KFC offers which have been pretty good tbh on the whole compared to these guys.

  • I find the HJs app only works 5% of the time. It fails at the end when you try to finalise your order. So I gave up.

  • Any option to substitute for a veggie burger any more?

  • Used to get the 2x whopper jr and chips as a cheap lunch or late dinner but haven't gone back since it reached $5.95


  • +2 votes

    Hungry Price Jacks…. the burgers are expensive at Hungry Jacks.

    I drive past one of them on a regular basis throughout the day and see far less people in it than I used to.
    I don't go there any more, when I used to go nearly every day.

    I reckon they are really struggling.

    • they are really struggling.

      applies to both hungry jacks and economy :(

      • +2 votes

        I hear you… but KFC, Maccas, and Dominos seem to be doing ok.

        There's no value in HJ's any more. When people are struggling, that's the first thing that determines whether they purchase something- price.

  • prices are up :'(
    but yeah, now i can stop eating this and stay healthy :)

  • Hungry Jacks has always had a place in my heart … probably the fat content :-) but i digress , ive read that Coronavirus can live on various surfaces for upto 72hrs so i'm skipping takeaway for the forseable future , i will miss my takeaway pizza the most :-( and frozen ones are crap , i can make a decent burger though.

    • 72hrs on smooth surfaces (plastic, steel) at room temperature. 24hrs on cardboard at room temperature. Make things hot and the virus is destroyed. So if you're really worried, you can put your pizza in the cardboard box in the oven for an extra 15 minutes, or microwave your takeaway that's in plastic containers.

  • Remember how good the Grilled Chicken Burgers used to be?


  • Dammit, bacon deluxe deal went up another 5 0cents.

    Actually just about not worth ordering anymore, might as well get take away from a cafe or a real burger place.

  • Petition to bring prices back down, or Boycott? It's definitely not my first choice anymore or top of list.

    Will 3000 clicks be enough

    • What's your first choice now?

    • Petition?

      Just don't go there. The lack of money in the till will give them a pretty good idea that what they are doing isn't popular.
      I didn't mind HJ's… better than Maccas for sure. But I purposefully don't go there any more because I'm unhappy with their pricing.
      They'll get the message eventually if enough people vote with their feet.

      • Based on my observations their business has reduced a lot of the last few years. I know I hardly go there and drive through traffic is well down. I think they are choosing the downward spiral rather than changing to meet the environment. McDonald's traffic looks fine, so whatever they are doing is working in the same environment.

    • They might learn that increasing prices in this current economy on their 'vouchers' isn't going to help their business, before too long.

  • Increase the quality when you jack the price dumb HJ ….people are not stupid as you are and simply compare the price and find it doesn't worth it!
    Schools are also closed and not really many customers, what's wrong with these people… :/

  • I'm still bitter that their BBQ cheeseburgers were $2.60 and jumped to $3.50. Like, wtf, a 35% increase.

  • About 3 weeks ago, I showed the voucher on my phone at the local HJs, they told me they don't accept vouchers on the phone anymore.

    The girl then pulled out a printed paper copy of the vouchers from under the counter and handed it to me.

    I would love to have a picture of the look on my face…..