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[PS4, XB1] The Division 2 $3, SW: Jedi Fallen Order $39 C&C (Or + Delivery), Devil May Cry 5 $8 (In-Store) @ Harvey Norman


Greetings everyone, this seems like a pretty great price on this game to me :)

The Division 2 Playstation 4

Devil May Cry 5 is also $8 In-Store Only. PS4.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is $39, thanks to Shads.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is $29, thanks to ireadtermsofuse and aspirepranesh.

As always, enjoy!

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    hopefully amazon price match?

  • wow

  • Crazy price!! If you haven't already gotten it, get it!

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    Jedi Fallen Order for $39 is a cracking price too.

    • +1

      Added in, thanks Shads :)

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          It's weirder that it bothers you..

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    • Added it in, cheers for that!

    • thou shall not fall into temptation

      • It's a trap!

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    $5.95 delivery as there is no stock anywhere near me to pick up - ill take that. $9 all up. Feels a bit silly paying $6 delivery when the product is $3 but its still a great price and i dont have to leave my house.

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    Order cancelled. Typical Harvey Norman.

    Thanks for placing your order with us. However after careful review, we have decided to not accept your order. We apologise for any inconvenience.

    • I made order for Division and DMC delivered. Just got confirmation email….

    • what did you try to order & how many of each ?

      • 1 of Division 2 for xbox and 1 of DMC for ps4

        • I received a confirmation for this as well, ordered the same items for delivery. But I had a red dot near the division 2, not sure what that means.

        • +3

          Didn't doubt you. Just stating it went through for me (and it seems for many others).

          Was yours a C&C? If it was, it would be cos the store stock was too low (ie. 1 or less) they probably have system just cancel automatically

  • Hey mate, I have requested the mods to combine my deal to yours. Resident Evil 2 XB1 is for $8 instore only if you want to add it to the post. Limited stock available though

    • There was a deal for that months ago and no one could find any stock whatsoever

      • midland and cannington have stock

      • Managed to find stock in Fortitude Valley just around the corner. The wife was kind enough to pick up one now :)

  • Awesome deal, got one for me and one for a stocking filler ;-)

  • +2

    Didn't find The Division 2 all that interesting to be honest, but in fairness I bought it at full price on release. For $3 you're getting a cracker of a deal despite its flaws!

  • Really wanted The Division 2 as digital game so I can keep playing without having to switch disk all the time but for $3.. Can't really go wrong. Let's hope nothing get's cancelled.

  • Ordered DMC 5 + division 2 +delivery $16.95.
    Cheaper than buying at PS store $30++

  • thanks op! played JFO few weeks back and was taken aback by it… now have a copy of my own to mash out while indoors. cheers!

  • Dmc5 for PS4 out of stock

    • Seems like it's just reverted to In-Store Only but stock is still showing around.. Might be best to call your local to see if they have stock.

  • Got The Division 2 for pickup at my local. :)

    DMC5 looks to be already sold out for PS4. :(

    • HN called to tell me they were out of stock of The Division 2 at my local. Ended up getting both online shipped. We'll see if the orders go through or not (fingers crossed).

  • +1

    Harvey Normans pricing is all over the shop….the deals mentioned here are good but these clearance ones?
    Fallout76 $34, Control $89, NBA 2k20 $78, Death Stranding $89 and Prey $69!! Switch games are also ridiculously priced compared to Amazon or JB.

  • Keen on Sekiro. But I would assume it is better on PC for the 60fps? I've always played dark souls on PC.

    • I just finished playing Sekiro recently on PS4, no issues at all with framerate.

      Yeah it's not the silky smooth 60fps on PC, but you don't really notice it, the game plays darn fine

    • I would say if you have the option and have a PC good enough to bump up the eye candy, you will get a better experience on PC. It's still been pretty surprising how well they manage to make these games look on the dogshit hardware in old gen consoles though!

  • Just got an email saying its delayed and now in backorder

    I ordered The Division 2 for XB1.

  • The Division, now on the unity engine, best played together in social isolation.

    Also, thanks OP!

  • +1

    Metro Exodus seems like a decent price as well at $29 but is in store only
    PS4 - https://www.harveynorman.com.au/metro-exodus-ps4.html
    XB1 - https://www.harveynorman.com.au/metro-exodus-xbox-one.html

    • On Game pass as an FYI for Xboxers

  • Did anyone who got click and collect for division get confirmation it can be picked up? I ordered an hour ago and it was in stock at a local store. I’ve got confirmation the order was received but so far nothing that I can actually pick it up. It’s now sold out so I’m wondering if my order will stand or they’ll tell me it sold.

    • Yeah I got my pick-up notification about 10 mins ago - this is for Division 2 for XB1. Fingers crossed I will actually receive it when I go there in a few hours.

    • Yeah got it about 30 mins after ordering

    • I got a phone call telling me it wasn't in stock but there were about 30 copies available in the country (most in VIC they said).

      Ended up re-ordered and having them shipped.

  • “we decided not accept your order” yeah well too bad.

    And sad because Amazon won’t do any price match for these games.

  • 2 copies of both DMC5 and Division 2 - "Your order has been shipped."

    fat W.

    • what time did you get the order email?

      • 11:25 adelaide time

        • That’s annoying, I got the email at 10:01 Melbourne time - ordered 1 copy of the division on XB1X and got an email at 10:55 saying my order was delayed and on back order :(

          • @TightTerry: oh wait, i misinterpreted.

            my order time was 10:34 am adelaide time,

            so 10:04 your time probs???

  • Is Amazon no longer price matching Harvey

    • Probably not clearance pricing

  • +4

    $10 more for Fallen Order from Amazon seems like a good deal to avoid both being exposed to nasties during click and collect as well as not handing any more money over to Gerry's retirement fund.

  • Wonder if EB matches these prices? Think it depends who you get at the counter more than anything.

    • +1

      They don’t price match clearance prices

  • +2

    Amazon price matching on PS4

  • +1

    Is anyone able to share a $3 PS4 Division 2 screenshot? Want to make a 28 Degrees claim :)

  • Just an FYI - I just went and picked up my CnC order of Division 2 from Harvey Norman in Liverpool NSW. I don't see any more copies of Division 2 on the shelf.

    I also picked up the last copy of Mortal Kombat 11 for $19, and also a copy of Sekiro for $29 - still lots of copies of Sekiro left on the shelf.

    • better not take my cnc copy of TD2!

    • mate, Sekiro all gone by the time I arrive at 5pm!

  • This post reminded me I already bought Division 2 for $3 on US account and then never touched it.

  • Bought JFO ps4 from Amazon. They matched it for $39 Delivered. Saves me a trip. Thanks Op

  • +1

    (profanity) Gerry Harvey.

  • Ffff delivery for The Division 2 order confirmed then refunded ;; nooo

  • +1

    I just priced matched the division and re2 at JB!

  • Cheers OP, just got my copy of Division 2 @ $3… Guy said, surprised staff not bought haha.

  • Thanks, ordered Sekiro while (still) at work, checked tracking and its already been delivered to my home address. Shocked at the 4 hour turn around …

  • Division 2 is great, I am latecomer to this game but have been playing it a lot in recent days. The story is also somewhat/loosely relevant to the current environment we live in :)

  • +1

    It's been about 5 hours since I've ordered. Are order cancellations common practice with Harvey Norman?

    Going by some of the responses on here, I'd say yes.

    • Wow, just got a message advising me of a refund confirmation.

      That's the first and last time I deal with Norman.

      Wish I could minus the deal

      • I'm sure they will be devastated by the loss of your $3~ contribution to their bottom line.

  • Ordered Division 2 and DMC5 both have been shipped

  • I was able to order Resident Evil 2 on PS4 for pickup at the Harvey Norman @ Domayne North Ryde on Epping Road late this afternoon

    Picked it up around 5pm, and there was another 5 copies on the shelf with 1 other shopper in the entire HN shop covering multiple floor levels…furniture, the lot…so if you are around North Ryde they have stock

  • thanks! got division 2 yesterday, the staff was very surprised at how cheap it was

  • +1

    I got my order confirmation just on 24 hours ago (about 35 minutes after an "order review"). Still no email to tell me I can pick-up. And no refund either. Anyone else in the same boat?

    • Got my order confirmation but after that nothing (ordered for delivery)..

      • +1

        HN usually take a while to ship products out that have been sold at clearance prices.

  • Ordered div 2 click and collect - was in stock. Then called to say it wasn't in stock. Staff?

    • Were you refunded? I haven't had a call or an email or a refund. Just silence.

      • I ordered JFO as well. Cancelled it when they told me Div 2 was not in stock (despite being listed as in stock when i ordered). Received refund email.

  • does anyone have a number to contact harvey norman on? i cant find it anywhere on the website - my order for one game that i ordered early on is still sitting in back order.

    • Live chat is probably your best bet

      • The live chat button is not clickable on their website! Hopeless!

        Messaged them on Facebook and no response either

        • It comes up automatically on my pc. Wait time was about 20 minutes

  • Ordered 4 games , 3 got cancelled lol.

  • +1

    Supposed to get these items delivered but it's been 8 working days now and haven't heard anything. Got told that the games have to come from a store and "someone would get back to me" which then doesn't happen. I'd rather just cancel them and buy The Division 2 on the PS Store while its $15.

    • +1

      Same. I got told after 2nd time chat its on back order with no ETA

      • Hmm.. if that's the case I might just leave it for now and see what happens in the following weeks.

        • Refunded now

          • @Danstar: Yup, same for me!

            • @Gamedeals: yep im in the same boat - hopeless customer service. sitting in back order and hasnt moved and they just said oh yeah its coming from a store once they have stock. I ordered early in the piece as well.

  • Refund email sent, no explanation, nothing. 2 weeks to the day I ordered. Utterly hopeless.

  • would never order from harvey norma online… if they manage to have a good price, instore in person only…

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