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[NSW] Kleenex 3ply Aloe Vera Tissues 95pk $2.60 @ Coles (Westmead)


Plenty of Stock @ Coles in Westmead, NSW.
$2.60 for 95pack.

I know it’s not on special, but considering how long it’s taking to find stock for my family, than I’m sure someone might find this handy.

With Soft coat Lotion Technology, Kleenex Aloe Vera tissues contain natural Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help soothe your skin

  • Perfect for times when sniffles and sneezes make your nose feel extra sensitive
  • 3-ply thickness

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  • It would be gone in 1 hour

    • 2 per customer.

      • -1

        I have see people do tag team, go in multiple times.

    • +1

      Nah tissues are back everywhere now.

      And TP is making its way back, I grabbed a pack of TP last night 15 minutes before my local coles (30 mins from CBD) was closed - Quilton 20x rolls. There was a giant pallet full of packs just sitting there. When I left (store closing) there was still heaps. Can provide a photo - I took a pic because I just couldn't believe it lol.

      • Andard, how much was it?

        • normal price, 10 bucks

  • Wow double the price of woolies a few weeks ago

  • Whoo, OZRRP ftw :'(

  • +5

    That's not cheap

  • +3

    Very expensive.

  • +6

    Tissues seem to be more readily available in the last week. People must have realised that they're not meant to be flushed! Haha

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    This is ozbargain. Not ozinstock

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    not a deal sorry, but thanks for sharing

  • +1

    Feel like a lot of spam will ensue if this is considered a deal. Sure most regional towns will have stock of at least one essential…

  • This is not a deal, No bargain listed. Next time read the posting rules OP.

  • I came to know through a friend last week that someone in that Westmead Coles residential apartment building is under self isolation after being confirmed with Covid-19. Thought people visiting Coles westmead should be aware of it.

    • After being confirmed, do you go isolation or hospital for treatment?

      • You are to stay unless you have difficulty breathing. They don’t want you in the GP office or the hospital. Hospital only if you have difficulty breathing.

  • where is the bargain?
    Maybe it is a bargain for hoarders?

  • +1

    No deal. Just likely to encourage panic buying

  • -2

    This might become the most negged deal ever.

    Im calling it early when there are only 10 negs for the record

  • Thanks for posting op

  • +2

    My local Coles also had hundreds of these over the weekend.

    You have to wonder why, in the middle of nationwide emergency, Kleenex decides to pump out aloe vera tissues, rather than standard white tissues.

    Could it be because they are priced at a premium?

  • $0.027‬ per tissue!

    That's over 5c for a doubled-up nose blow!

    You know the world has gone mad when tissues at RRP are posted on OzB

  • Umm, I just got regular Woolies brand tissues at my local this week.
    There was also these full price things, but why bother?
    Even from the pharmacy these were only $2 for 95 pk. This is a rip off.

  • Do we have to post it everytime we see TP or box tissue on shelf now?

  • Aldi had boxes of them today for $2 (the usual price), Coles, IGA and Woollies were out of stock. Coles price has gone up though, they used to have them at $2.

  • No deal especially you have already mentioned it is not on special. A bargain would be half price at supermarkets.

  • Not on sale. No savings = no deal.

  • What is going on with this site. Full of spam and very little deals. Please re enstate my neg vote.this is not a deal. I thought this site was OzBargain not ozspam.

  • This is not a deal. Admin revoked my negative vote. Everyday price!!!!

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