Budget alternative to ScreenAway (i.e. black-out blinds)?

Hey guys,

So i've been looking into getting better blinds for the place I'm renting (yes) and saw Screenaway, a service where they install a big blind that blocks outside light very well. Looking at the design I figured there must be something cheap and temporary that could be stuck in front of a window that could be fairly easily removed, but honestly I could just be hoping for a product that ultimately doesn't exist. Screenaway, from what I could see, costs several thousands of dollars, I was looking at a few hundred bucks max.



    If you are really desperate you can get temporary ones that suction cup onto the glass. They are for kids/travel.


    A thin sheet of MDF (or plywood or masonite?) from Bunnings, cut (by Bunnings, for free) to fit the window frame? Total cost probably $10-$20 per window depending on size.

    Or, find some large cardboard boxes and cut them to fit, at a cost of perhaps zero, maybe a bit more if you need to use tape.

    Or if you want something more traditional, maybe search for blackout blinds on Google for what looks like plenty of cheapish alternatives?

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    This blind from Ikea may be what you need https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/schottis-block-out-pleated-blin...

    The adhesive isn't too strong, just enough to hold the blind in position and doesn't damage surfaces when removed. You need to figure out how to roll it up though. I attach Velcro straps on each end of the blind and it works fine.

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    If you don't mind ghetto, then there's plenty of options depending on how big your windows are. What we've tried is cardboard cut to shape for the smaller windows, which had some varying success, aluminum foil (bad idea, it can mark the windows), and the option that we liked best - buying blackout fabric from Spotlight, and tying it up to the support struts of our blinds. We spent less than $100 for the fabric and some string from bunnings, and managed to make our bedroom completely pitch dark for shift work. Only significant downside is that it makes it harder to get sunlight in that room (i.e. you can't just draw your curtains).


    Are you growing tomatoes by the way. I thought if you didn't need to open and close all the time black plastic from Bunnings and painters tape.

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