Can I Use Exetel Router (ZTE ZXHN H268A) with other NBN Providers? What are the cheapest NBN plans out there?

I am moving home, and my current 1 year NBN contract with Exetel is going to end soon. I am currently paying $40/month for 100GB data. Sadly, this plan is no longer available.

Can I use this Exetel Router (ZTE ZXHN H268A) with other NBN Providers such as TPG or iinet?

Router Link:

Any suggestion on what are the cheapest NBN providers for 100GB at least, and speed 10 mpbs.

Below is a comparison of the NBN provider plans. If I can use this router and connect to TPG or iinet, then I would go for that as this would save 10 bucks.

Exetel: Unlimited data, 20 Mbps, $69/month
TGP: Unlimited data, 10.9 Mbps, $60/month
iinet: 500GB, 10.3 Mbps, $60/month
Splintel: 200GB, 25 Mbps, $50/month w/BYO modem
Tangerine: Unlimited data, 21 Mbps, $50/month w/BYO modem



    I'm using this with Aussie Broadband after Exetel


    Is the NBN technology at the new house the same as at the old house? I assume that you have FTTN at the old house, but what will you have at the new house?


      My current connection type is HFC. When I searched through Exetel for the new house, it also says the connection over there is HFC.


    It sounds like you like your current plan. Log in to your Exetel account page and see if they have an option to move it with you to your new home. Other RSPs have this option.

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