How Long Did It Take for Your TechFast Order to Dispatch?

So I put in an order on the 9th of March, and my order still hasn't been dispatched. They advertise 10 - 14 business days on their website, and so on the 10th day (Monday) I put in an email saying when they aim to have it delivered by and they said end of the week. It was never dispatched and so I sent another email asking when they hope to have it dispatched and they haven't responded. It doesn't help that they've shut down their call centre, so I have no one that I can call.

In your experience, how long did it take until they eventually dispatched your order? Furthermore, would it be worth putting in a complaint to the ACCC?

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    Have you messaged them via their website contact form or just emailed them?


      I contacted them via the support email, which I assume the contact form goes to anyway.

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    They are fairly well known to be slow with building/shipping at the best of times, and this is certainly not the best of times…

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      imo I think people would appreciate the honesty, and it really feels like they're not being honest with their timings, for one reason or another. Yes, circumstances have changed, but update your reported timings. If it takes a month, then tell us it takes a month.

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    I ordered a system on the 10th of March which has not dispatched yet - going into the 15th business day now.

    Sent their rep Luke a message on here on Sunday night asking about when it will ship, no response yet. Sent them an email last night.

    I expected a long wait, and understand that the COVID-19 situation may be complicating things, but I'd appreciate a bit of communication about it considering they have now exceeded the upper limit of their estimated build time.

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      Yep, 100% in the same boat. The communication has been dreadful. Basically non-existent.

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        I don't know Luke or techfast but to be fair, the confirmation email (yes I bought a PC) 'may extend past this (ie 10-14 business day) busy periods or because …… coronavirus affected environment'. Plus you 'will likely not hear from us between this confirmation email and dispatch'. You can email to get an update if it reaches the higher end of the time frame.

        Now, flip the coin, techfast is pretty regular poster here - why would they want to overpromise and underdeliver. A few negative comments here and there could eaisly damage a business' reputation, and even a slight reduction in demand could mean the difference between operating or closure.

        This is not like 1990's where business could do what they want and get away with it - and the only person that found out you had a negative experience is your immediate family and maybe the neighbour.

        Now with a comment or two and a click of a button, you could potentially reach the other side of the planet in seconds - and often, unerasable.


          So everything you say is fine, but where it breaks down is the 'You can email to get an update if it reaches the higher end of the time frame' which has not reflected my own personal experience, as well as the original comment by Reflecs.

          Obviously no one wants to have their reputation ruined, but when your actions don't reflect what you actually promise, then your reputation will be questioned. And when the company in question isn't responding to communication, then what can one do other than to make that information public and seek closure?


            @dottjt: I've emailed twice in the past 2 weeks for updates as I'm quite anxious.

            I've received responses either on the same business day or the following. I guess my situation is different though as they can just point to their service standard and consider the email responded to, but yours they're probably trying to avoid the confrontation.

            Quite frankly I'm beginning to become anxious about it regret ordering. Should have just built my own. Hoping I eat more words though and see the shipment email by the 14th business day.

            (The latest email response was a same day response last friday)

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              @scovid: lol well my email was sent 4 days ago, so there you go. But I also 100% regret buying from TechFast, I should have just built my own. Would easily have paid a few hundreds dollars more if I knew it was going to be this bad.

              I'm currently on my 16th business day. I'm definitely not looking for confrontation. I just want an honest answer to "When will my order be dispatched?"

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                A few negative comments here and there could eaisly damage a business' reputation, and even a slight reduction in demand could mean the difference between operating or closure.

                There are a few negative comments, they tend to get neg'd tho.

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        And that is one of the main reasons (amongst others) not to do business with a company that does not have the professionalism to communicate with their customers. That's a big AVIOD for me

        Good luck with it & the lesson learned. You end up paying in one form or another when something seems great value on paper.


      FYI all, Luke has just responded to my message on here and informed me that they are waiting for the case I requested to come into stock.

      He has offered a choice of 2 alternative cases with a reduction in price in order to have the system ship sooner.

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    Ordered and paid for my pc 01/03/2020.

    Emailed last Friday and last night and no response.

    No landline doesnt help either.

    Pretty frustrating when there are no updates.


      Oh damn. So you've been waiting way, way longer. Sorry to hear.

      For whatever reason I'm suspecting that they don't have the parts and yet require making new sales for cash flow reasons. If I get more responses I'll be able to attach this to the ACCC complaint form. Thank you for sharing.

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    One thing to check once you do receive your PC would be the graphics card connection. I recently did some PC repairs for a friend after they were having issues with hard crashing whenever the graphics card was utilizing power, and found that the power supply was missing the eight pin connection used for the RX 580.

    Rather than using a different power supply, they decided to run the graphics card off an eight-pin to two molex connector adapter. Big no no. One of the molex connectors running from the power supply ended up burning out, and couldn't deliver enough power anymore. I'm glad it only ended in a charred cable, but means we needed to change the power supply.

    Shame it was in the 13th month of the 12 month warranty.


      Their power supplies are all like that.

      Shame it was in the 13th month of the 12 month warranty.

      Techfast have designed this way. What do you expect for such a cheap PSU, at least it wasn't something else that failed due to the cheap PSU.


        Not necessarily. This incident led me to checking all my friend's Techfast PCs and thankfully this was the only one lacking a dedicated graphic card connection.

        These were ordered later on, so hopefully they've stopped using those particular power supplies now.


    chill out a bit guys they will eventually ship, i ordered a graphics card off aliexpress 26/1 and its finally shipped today lol… so its not surprising they will have some delays


      Then they should communicate that to us.


        the thing is they probably don't even know in some cases, my seller pushed the date back 3 times on me, lucky i'm not in a hurry…


          So what you're saying is that the seller can't even keep track of their own orders, and that's something I should accept?

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            @dottjt: normally i would say no but since covy is here with us i would say you should give them some slack

            i mean normally my orders ship well within 5 days from aliexpress

            and it's not that the seller can't keep track, the post office there simply didn't accept their packages


              @abctoz: Why are you comparing orders from aliexpress in China to a local PC builder here?

              Also, why on earth are you ordering a graphics card off aliexpress with all the known scams from that site?



                • they source parts from china

                • besides from the fact that its pretty easy to spot scams if you know what you're doing, they offer good prices and you can build whole pc's buying components off them, believe it or not, in fact i would say currently you would have to go out of your way to buy a scam


      I am considering using to get my parts to build my own gaming desktop. At the moment, I am considering the following components:

      NZXT H510 Tempered Glass Computer Case - ($125-$139)
      ASUS TUF B450M-PLUS GAMING AM4 M-ATX Motherboard - ($149)
      AMD Ryzen 7 3700x - ($548.92 - $579)
      Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 Super 8GB or RTX 2080 Super 8GB - ($749-$1299)
      Noctua NH-U12A Multi Socket CPU Cooler or Noctua NH-U12S - ($132.99-168.99)
      G.Skill Trident Z 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3200MHz Memory - ($179)
      ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro M2 NVMe SSD 512GB or 1TB - ($191.99-$346.99)
      CORSAIR RM Series™ RM750-750 Watt 80 PLUS® Gold Certified Fully Modular PSU - ($189)

      I am thinking of just getting the RTX 2070 Super and not the 2080. I am still thinking whether to get a 512GB or 1TB SSD. I'm also thinking to get the Noctua cooler later on if I feel the stock cooler that comes with the Ryzen 7 processor does not provide adequate cooling.


        if you need it now retail is the way to go

        for ram check out discussion here:

        450w-550w quality psu will be fine for that build

        definitely try stock cooler first

        that looks like a 10 year kind of build for gaming - faster than the PS5

        the component that depreciates fastest is usually the gpu, and the more expensive they are the less value for money, so consider a lower tier one and upgrading 5 years down the road

        if you're not in a hurry check out some of the techfast builds they're good value, for me i'm more of a value guy and i would consider something like this:


          The trident rams are one of the best out there in the market and they're cheaper too.

          The PSU I chose is said to be quiet and energy efficient. Can also be useful if I want do overclocking.

          Yes I will be using the stock cooler first, and will see if it's good enough after some use of heavy gaming. The Noctua cooler model I mentioned is very good, and you can refer to a Linus youtube video regarding cpu cooling in general and it showcases this particular brand.

          Yeah I think I will buy the Rtx 2070 Super since it's a pretty good card, packs quite a punch and is cheaper too compared to the 2080 Super or TI editions.

          Will also be adding a Gigabyte GC-Wbax200 2x2 802.11Ax Dual Band WiFi + Bluetooth 5 PCIe Expansion Card ($65) to the build. I don't like USB WiFi.

          I am not interested in 4K or VR, and I believe this system can run heavy games at 1440p at minimum 60fps or more with ease. My custom build is not final yet, still checking to see if it can be made better by not compromising performance specs yet can reduce cost where possible. Market has be volatile since the corona pandemic.


            @AngelfireSnake89: a good 550w psu is already overkill for your system so you can save a bit there, just search for the tdp of your components, multiply by 1.3 for overclocking and you will get an idea of how much power you need

            also consider if you really need the speed/size of the ssd

            you can save a bit more by looking for second hand gpu's, for the cpu amd is they best value right now, the xeon in the video above will give you 70-80% the performance of the 3700x(both 8c/16 cpus)

            also you can probably save 5-10% if you wait for a ebay sale


              @abctoz: Thanks for your valuable advice!

              So you also mean to say that even a 650W PSU would be a lot. I feel the 550W could be burdened, if you know what I mean?

              The Adata ssd i mentioned is pretty fast when it comes to read/write speeds. Isn't that a good thing? Or is it more than what's required? Which ssd would you suggest then? I'll be needing a 512gb ssd, and would install a separate 2tb sata hdd.

              I am unable to see any second hand rtx 2070 super gpus or anybody that is willing to sell it. Isn't a second hand gpu a bit risky?

              The wait is already high thanks to the Corona pandemic lol. But yeah hehe.


                @AngelfireSnake89: 3700x uses 65W, 2070 super 220W, if you overclock massively you're looking at 350-400W, and that leaves 50W for the rest of the components which is more than enough, so i would say even with overclocking, a quality 450W psu will handle it - because they have headroom built in too…

                i've bought many second hand parts and never had a problem, particularly for current gen/near new stuff the risk is incredibly low, have a look on ebay/facebook marketplace you can generally get 10-20% off retail

                not expert but for ssds the games may load a few seconds faster that's about it, i have a feeling there are uses for super fast ssds but for the average guy just go for capacity/$, i wouldn't go hdd they're too slow


                  @abctoz: I see, thanks for the advice! So even a 650W would be more than enough huh? Don't you think the 550W be overburdened?

                  I have tried to find used 2070 GPUs on Facebook marketplace and Ebay, however they're listed price is similar to or more than the price at which or are selling. I would really like to get one at a cheaper price.

                  I guess I'll go for the WD Blue SN550 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD, which is at $229 on the PLE website, hundred bucks cheaper than the ADATA 1 TB SSD. WD is a good and trusted company anyway.

                  I'll go for the Corsair RM550x V2 550W 80PLUS Gold Modular Power Supply Unit which is at $169, only $20 cheaper than the 750w one. What do you think?


                    @AngelfireSnake89: the aussie dollar is fluctuating like crazy so prices are probably a bit wack atm lol

                    if there is only $20 diff between 550w and 750w then it doesn't make much difference either way, you don't actually need the extra power but at $20… not much difference. you might be able to find something better for cheaper but you have to dig through reviews and compare yourself

                    i guess in your case the big budget items are the cpu and gpu, do some research and find out if they are the best choice for your needs


                      @abctoz: The Aus dollar is quite sad at the moment.

                      I have emailed sales team asking whether they have any discounts at the moment since I am getting majority of the stuff from there.

                      Let's see, I will let you know how much it'll cost me after discount. I already have a monitor, mouse and keyboard, so I'll be just purchasing the above custom components, which I'll be assembling myself.


                        @AngelfireSnake89: yeh i wouldn't know if its a good price or not you'll have to judge yourself, but i know if you wait for a ebay deal that includes ple(this has happened in the past) you'll get 5-10% discount, which can be decent as its on all the parts

                        although if you wait retail prices may change too so pretty hard to judge atm…


                          @abctoz: Yeah no rush in buying…I just hope the prices don't go up, and then they give us discounts, with which the price would come down to what the prices are at the moment haha.


                            @AngelfireSnake89: i have observed in that past retail prices tend to track the exchange rate, but with lag, maybe you can ask ple if they expect prices to rise

                            all i can say is it sucks to be buying in this environment, i guess just focus on your priorities


                              @abctoz: They're only giving me $62 discount, which is like 2.5% off of $2462 haha. What do you think? It's for the following items:

                              NZXT H510 Matte Black/Red Mid Tower Case w/ Side Panel Window

                              ASUS TUF B450M-PLUS Gaming AM4 mATX Desktop Motherboard

                              AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6Ghz 8 Core 16 Thread AM4 Retail Box - With Wraith Prism RGB Cooler

                              ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX2070 Super Mini 8GB GDDR6

                              G.Skill 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 Trident Z 3200MHz

                              WD Blue SN550 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD

                              Corsair RM650x V2 650W 80PLUS Gold Modular Power Supply

                              Gigabyte Dual Band AX2400 MU-MIMO Wireless Adapter


                                @AngelfireSnake89: hehe, well its soemthing, i don't know if its worth it to you because it depends on your circumstances and needs

                                if you like overclocking then custom builds are the way to go, although i would look in to getting b-die DDR4 given your budget

                                otherwise also consider options like this(note these are only 8c/8t, no hyperthreading):

                                and there is even an i9 version for ~2400:


                                  @abctoz: The i9 ebay link was listed in usd for you, to me it shows AUD 3099 haha.

                                  RAM is at 2666Mhz, SSD is just 512mb, and has a keyboard and mouse which i already have, it has the rtx 2080 and also yet the PSU is 460W. So I don't think it's worth paying $600 extra for this. The processor might be a little better but not that better than the Amd ryzen 7 3700, but the amd processor is fairly new compared to the i9 9900k. Here it shows the benchmark comparison for these processors:

                                  The OzBargain deal however looks like a good deal.


                                    @AngelfireSnake89: it says "20% off* Dell with code PDLAP20. Ends 9/4. T&Cs apply." for me, its part of the other ozbargain deal

                                    with price being around the same i would lean towards the dell, unless you really want to custom build :)

                                    and don't worry about the psu, dell are known to use quality albeit smaller psu's, but they would be wise to use a sufficient one - it's their business after all


                                      @abctoz: The i7 deal has been sold out it seems.

                                      I am going to go for the i9 deal, but what worries me is that this deal also has a 460W PSU like the i7 one! I've contacted them regarding this.

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                                        @AngelfireSnake89: i used to do mining and to give you an idea i was running 4 gtx 1070's and an i7 on a 750w PSU, now they were running roughly 65% tdp most of the time or ~100W each, but the psu handled 4 of them when they were running at 150w each too. it's really just simple maths, you add up the power consumption and that is roughly how much the system will pull, and this information is readily available in spec sheets.

                                        at any rate you really shouldn't worry dell is even more of an expert than me, they've been building insane volumes of business computers, and some of them are high end workstations that have a need for high power draw, so there is no doubt they will take this into consideration. don't believe everything you read on the internet, you'll find there is a lot of misinformation particularly when it comes to selling stuff hehe


                                          @abctoz: Holy cow, wow. Oh ok. Well I don't know then why the GPU specs itself recommends a 650W power supply unit :/ … anyhoo, I will see what their response is.

                                          Regardless, I think I will go for this Dell i9 RTX 2080 deal. 16GB RAM @ 2666MHz is not an issue, if need be I can upgrade it later on. Comes with keyboard and mouse. It would already have Windows 10 installed and most of all the system would be good to go. So I guess it's a very good deal at $2479, compared to custom building with my select items at $2400 (unless PLE.COM.AU decides to sell it to me for $2000 or less haha).

                                          I also contacted Ebay to change my account registration from UK to Australia, since the discount code was not being applied. I had updated my account's address way back, but even Ebay's customer support didn't know why it didn't get updated haha.


                                            @AngelfireSnake89: nvidia will recommend you 650w because they simply don't want to deal with RMAs, there are some some PSU's that claim 650W but realistically only do 350w(i suspect techfast psu's are like this actually), that is the main problem they have to deal with

                                            bad luck with the ebay account stuff, gl getting that sorted

                                            the dell components do have higher numbers that people tend to associate with a premium branding, otherwise they're quite similar in terms of performance with the dell having the slight lead ;)


                                              @abctoz: No the Ebay account dilemma got sorted within 5 mins actually via live chat ;)

                                              I will let you know what Dell's response is, and after that I will purchase it.


                                                @AngelfireSnake89: i do remember watching something about dell oem pcs where the cpu hit lower turbos than normal due to power constraints dell put on, i think it was with the i5 8400, so it might be worth looking in to, but it wasn't major talking a few hundred mhz here


                                                  @abctoz: A few hundred mhz of what? That's a bit alarming lol..i also messaged them asking about the cooling system for the cpu. I'm surprised they haven't mentioned in detail like which motherboard and cooling system will they be using.

                                                  Reviews don't look promising :D :


                                                    @AngelfireSnake89: in cpu frequency, the one problem with the dell is it might be heavily locked down - eg custom motherboard/bios, so overclocking might not be possible, they also might be using a PSU with propriety connectors like they do with their business lineup, meaning you'll need adaptors to use it with standard hardware.


                                                    the i9 9900 can hit 4600mhz all core turbo, but there was a video i watched where the dell oem system where the cpu was maxing out a bit lower, eg 4400 due to power constraints dell put on the system

                                                    i maybe wrong on all the above tho, just speculation on my part, but certainly worth asking them if you get the chance

                                                    basically if you like tinkering it might be better to go custom build, if you're more of a buy it and forget it kind of guy than the dell is good value


                                                      @abctoz: I am having a hard time deciding to be honest haha


                                                        @AngelfireSnake89: yeh its hard choice,

                                                        tinkering can be fun, it was more so also because overclocking used to give you good gains as well - as much as 50% in the early days, but these days its mostly meh since there is little headroom(not sure how much headroom the rtx series has) on both intel and amd, you can get maybe 5% out of the cpu's but anymore you'll have to start getting extreme, you'll probably get more performance overclocking the ram. for me thats the main reason i'd go with the dell - but that's also because these days i'm happy to just have a stable system not concerned with milking the last 10-20% performance hehe, its too much work!


                                                          @abctoz: I just found out that it's an i9 9900 non-k and hence without the ability to OC.

                                                          So I guess no wonder they're using a 460W PSU :D


                                                            @AngelfireSnake89: yup, but the funny part is the 9900 is very close to a max overclocked 3700x. and in terms of latency intel's ringbus cache system is still fastest, which gives you a few ms better latency in games, so for competitive gaming intel is still better for this reason. AMD tends to excel in productivity where latency is less of a concern, but there you'd want to get more cores like 12-16 cores…


                                                              @abctoz: I see, thanks for the explanation. I guess the only way to find out is to buy it and see it for myself :D…will see about this tomorrow.


                                                                @AngelfireSnake89: I just placed the order on eBay for $2479.20 for the following item:

                                                                Estimated arrival time is between 23-30 April. Fingers crossed. I hope it's not a dud on arrival haha.


                                                                  @AngelfireSnake89: hehe pretty unlikely, i thought dell would be faster but maybe its because of covid

                                                                  anyway looks like a beast of a system enjoy ;)


                                                                    @abctoz: Thrice I received emails saying it's been delayed for another week, meaning delayed for a total of 3 weeks from the original expected delivery date. Email says "We are sorry to inform you of an additional delay to your recent order. Please contact us if you don’t receive your order by: may. 12, 2020."

                                                                    Placed order on April 8. FML!


                                                                      @AngelfireSnake89: wow that sucks, didn't expect them to be this slow, looks like they're building overseas and shipping them here, but would have thought they at least have some stock on hand :/


                                                                        @abctoz: I don't even know why they were accepting orders when they don't have stock in hand. When you try calling them, you wait in queue for 40+ mins, and when you get connected to a customer representative, the call drops immediately. Has happened twice. I was able to get the email address from one of them to let them know that I have decided to cancel the order. This is my first and last time with Dell, never again will I go for them.


    Ordered on 4th March, just got a shipping notification email. I wasn't in any great rush to be honest. 27ish calendar days, 16ish business days.


    I think the virus is causing the delays, like there are many people ordering stuff from home.


      Certainly COVID-19 could be a factor, but searching around about TechFast shows that blown out wait times with poor communication are a long-standing criticism.


    Just curious what is everyone waiting for? Would help workout where the supply concerns are.

    I ordered the Ryzen 9 3900x deal from 2 weeks back.

    Today is the 10th business day so still hopeful.


    Oh no….. Myself and a workmate ordered on the 12th of this month - this isn't filling me with confidence…..


      Same, I also havent got a reply to the email I sent 2 days ago either. My order was the Ryzen 5 1600/RX 580


        Yeah i got the Ryzen 5 3600x/GTX1070 founders deal.
        I havent chased them yet, might be worth an email.


          I order on the 16th of march, and today is the 16th buisness day still waiting an email from 4 days ago?


            @iiblueninja3: Yes I emailed them a few days ago and haven't heard anything.
            Currently on 19th Business day.
            I realise there would be delays, but a bit of communication doesn't go astray.
            Had a few mates that were looking at Techfast but I wont be recommending them.


              @topic97: Hey, Topic i just got an email back from them after chasing, they said due to the virus my CPU 9700f was delayed and they jsut got it, they said i should be expecting this week or early next week, more then 14 business day…. hope im lucky and get a mini upgrade lol


    Im in the same boat here, I've been messaging them fairly consistantly and they keep brushing me off with "The product will ship within 10-14 business days but that can sometimes go over time".

    It's been 4 weeks now

    No idea what is happening there, probably could dumped the money in stock and bought all the parts with the time spent waiting.


    Just received an email that the MAG Forge 100R cases have been delayed and being replaced with varying Thermaltake commander G series models, however they arrive supposedly on the 3rd of April.

    Perhaps the source for our delays?


      Nah I dont think so. Mine is just coming with one of their cheap cases as I want to upgrade later on - so can't be the sole reason.


    I don't see why they don't just make it 15 business days (ie. 3 weeks). Think they're just trying to pull a bit of a shifty on people who read it as '14 days (2 weeks)' then if they wonder where it is Techfast say that they quoted it as 14 business days.

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    Just an update. I ordered on the 18/03/20, received my PC on the 23/04/20 in good working condition. I too was initially told of the 10-14 business day service standard, so I was expecting a 3 week turn around from ordering to receiving however its easy to understand the reason for the numerous delays in these circumstances with social distancing and various lockdowns.

    I have been following these posts for some time now as I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new PC. Throughout the time I emailed TechFast numerous times for updates and received prompt responses within the next business day. While it's true some customers have had trouble with the communication of TechFast, I guess I was fortunate enough to have quick and easy responses.

    Overall I am very happy with the final product, and while the time it took to be shipped out was a bit long, so too has been most of my other recent orders so I'm not holding it against TechFast.

    For reference, I ordered the Ryzen 9 3900 PC.

    I hope everyone else receives their orders soon.


      I placed an order on 11/3/20 (before you) and I have yet to still receive it. Been trying to follow up with them, but very poor support given back. Time they rebrand their name to TechSlow, cuz techfast is very misleading.


    I purchased in Feb with delivery in March. It was a few days late. I was lucky that we had some dialog close to shopping as I had a few late additions / upgrades and working through some details (didn't want the brand of GPU they had left). In the end I was sorted out.

    Whilst I know Luke is not the best at customer service, from my experience this is from running a small business with basic staffing. When they are busy, all staff are building and testing (they seem to be thorough here) and Comms become a low priority.

    Reason I post here is I believe they do decent work, but delays are one area they don't manage well. As much of the stock they install is purchased in bulk from OS, I'm not surprised they're having issues getting stock. Apparently Auspost has around 5x normal package volume ATM.

    Not offering excuses on their behalf, just wanting to provide a little sense of security in what you purchased.

    If you are really unhappy with the delays, cancell the order and get your money back.


    Ordered my PC on the 25th of March and got it on the 29th April. Just over one month total time. A total of 2 emails sent chasing up on it's status around the 14th business day mark and the another email the week after. I'm super happy with it, and I can say the wait was worth it. Hang in there guys!


    Yep. I'm at 14 business days and no one is responding to me. I have sent several messages to support and sales but no response. I really just want to see what the status of my order is… :(

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