Bread & Milk Available for Sale via Drive-Thru @ McDonald’s

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Maccas will be selling bread and milk starting from tomorrow. Prices will be the same as Woolworths.

I see a couple of benefits in this new initiative -
1) there isn’t a need to meet a minimum spend just to get these items
2) you can just pick them up at the drive through in the comfort of your car.

As reported in the SMH -

Fast-food giant McDonald's will sell bread and milk from Wednesday.

Customers can buy two or three-litre bottles of full cream or skim milk, as well as packs of English muffins and gourmet bread rolls, from drive-through windows or as takeaway from stores, while dining rooms are closed.

“As part of our commitment to continue to support local communities during these uncertain times, we will now offer customers another way to access milk and bread," a spokesperson for the company said.

The prices will mirror those of the same products at Woolworths.

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