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Free Movies / Documentaries / Cartoons etc (Streaming) @ Kanopy (Public Library Card or Uni Login Req)


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In the current times, getting as much choice of entertainment is definitely welcome! Kanopy has a bunch of stuff to access, all just accessible by a library card number or student card. I signed up online to the local library, instantly received a card number, put it into Kanopy and created an account straight away. Mine gives me 4 movies per month (3 days to watch each movie), unlimited kids stuff, but YMMV.

It's like browsing the Weekly stands of your local Video Ezy ;) (too soon?)

Apps available for:
Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Android TV, FireTV, Samsung
iPhone, iPad, Android, Fire Tablet

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  • How did you sign up online? Which library as mine is not a member of kanopy

    • yarra or stonnington libraries if you're in VIC. probably others too.

    • Even just looking at the suggested libraries near me, the list is quite expansive. If Kanopy is not offered at your library, you can make a request here. And in the meantime, it's easy to join another library online.

    • I'm in QLD, & had to sign up for the State Library of QLD to gain access to all the great stuff, like Kanopy, I'd seen on OzBarg. It was pretty simple, all acomplishable online without any worries.

  • I recommend watching Borderline (2016). It's pretty good

  • I get 10 "episodes" via Central Highlands Library Network and another 5 courtesy of Melbourne Library Service. Biggest critism for me is that justwatch.com/au never really matches up with what is on offer from my libraries…

  • Sharing library card number and pin with them - doesn't seem secure.

    • It didn't ask for the pin

      • It's in Step 3 of 4. ASking to enter library number and pin for the library I selected.

        And from there FAQ -
        I don’t remember my library card number or library card PIN
        If you don’t remember your library card number or PIN, please contact your local library for support.

    • Sharing library card number and pin with them - doesn't seem secure.

      I know how you feel. I found the link to Kanopy on my local library's website, under "Online Resources". I figure if the library recommends Kanopy, then I'm willing to trust them.

      I've been using my library login for a different online resource, Freegal, for a couple of years, and never had a problem. Freegal gives you free mp3 files (well, your library pays for them). My library gives me up to three free mp3 downloads per week, and unlimited streaming.

  • Red pill, Searching for Sugar Man, the MIA documentary, some good stuff here not on other streaming…

  • Thank you, worked great with my university staff account =)

  • Anyone in NSW can sign up for a city of Sydney library card for free, and then you get 5 credits to watch. I assume most libraries would be the same. Free to sign up for anyone in the state, even if you're not in the area.

  • Thanks OP.
    Yarra Plenty Regional Libraries are on the list.

  • Cheers OP :)