[Resolved] Super Slow Speed with Kogan nbn

Update — Found Router Issue Now 98/20 ALL DAY: )
speed test after changing router settings

Hello People
I'm just trying to put it out there for everyone
After couple of hours of waiting everyday for my call to be picked up I've given up on Kogan
Just try and stay away from this guys
I'm on 100/20 plan
Initially my speed was around 50-60 mbps
They claim typical evening speed of 80???
i was happy with that anyway as coming from ADSL2
but recently i've started noticing speed of only 13-20 mbps
i checked my speed during early morning, afternoon, or late at night not more then 30 mbps
also Kogan doesn't have any other way of contact method apart from their 1300 number
so bit disappointed with service overall with nbn
i understand its hard time and everyone is at home working probably so speed might get reduced
but having the same reduced speed all time make no sense
anyone else had similar experience?
can someone suggest any other provider? (Rouse Hill area)
is going direct with Vodafone makes any difference?

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  • Choose from one of the providers monitored by the ACCC: Broadband performance data

    Once the ACCC started monitoring the larger providers, they lifted their game.

  • This is the problem with cheap providers, this is where the phrase "You get what you pay for" comes from.

    Kogan doesn't pay for huge amounts of bandwidths, so when everyone starts working from home, and being isolated (watching more streaming services), the network gets congested. I believe Aussie Broadband is also having problems with this but probably not as bad, I'm with them, and in my area, I haven't experienced any issues.

    Going with Vodafone probably won't make a great deal of difference. I believe that Aussie Broadband is offering a one month free deal on their 100/20 plan that you could try, I'm pretty sure they don't do contracts, but check it.

    • Vodafone is actually ok, just tested at 91.84 Mbps download and 29.59 Mbps upload on the 100/20 plan.

      Been working from home for over two weeks now connected via VPN and using cloud apps, wife is streaming Amazon/Netflix and son streaming iView, not many issues at all.

      Biggest thing is that iView seems to drop out a couple of time between 5-7pm?

  • Pay the extra, go with aussie bb. Remove dodgy NBN stress from your life.

  • Kogans having a lot of issues since the virus. Cant port over to them and lots of other people are having the same issue, check all the latest reviews on product reviews.

  • Are you on FttN and is your line speed restricted to 60mbps max as a result?
    If so, no point paying for 100/20.

    Guessing your recent issues are as a result of Kogan not increasing their CVC buy.

    • yes its FttN
      how would i know if speed is restricted?

      • If it's fttn it's more likely your crappy copper that is the issue.

      • Log into your modem and look for something like "Maxmimum line rate" or "Maximum attainable rate" in the DSL section

        • Thanks mate this helped
          checked and realised i was on 2.4 instead of 5
          changed the band and now back to 98 Mbps download
          SUPER HAPPY NOW :)

  • now is not the right time to speed test your internet speed.
    every ISP network are under pressure because of the huge influx of people working from home.

    • Should still be hitting well more than 50mbps on a 100mbps plan though

      • FTTN so ummm no?

        • Look I think FttN is shit too… My personal line is capable of a max 30/9, what a pissing waste of money!

          However, OP was getting 50-60mbps on their line, and was paying for 100mbps.
          In this case, technology irrelevant, OP should still be maxxing out their line capability in peak hours.

    • If the ISP is hitting their max at a node, a good ISP would be getting more CVC from NBN wouldn't they?

  • Super Slow Speed with Kogan nbn

    Kogan, buy the cheapest plan, get the slowest speeds nuff said /thread

    • honestly not the cheap plan mate
      what you think 100 nbn plan is worth?
      paying 69 btw

      • honestly not the cheap plan mate

        Ummmm you're with KOGAN, yes they are cheap

        what you think 100 nbn plan is worth?

        Fast 100/40 NBN plans by decent companies are around the $90-110 mark

        paying 69 btw

        Nuff said.

  • with Aussie broadband since last August and really happy with their service, even in the current COVID-19 situation where peoples are working from home or Kids are streaming lots.

  • For ISP Superloop or Aussie Broadband.

  • Sorry OP but you are on FTTN changing providers will do sweet FA for your speed. Don't forget everyone is at home and hammering your node right now. Honestly be happy with what you got and I assume you didn't vote liberal otherwise reap what you sow mate

  • Sometime it is NBN issue, you will need to call Kogan, they will check and tell you your highest achieveable speed.May be you need to move one speed down.

    After the initial check they may escalate to nBN, ask for compensation after the issue got fixed

  • I’m with kogan same plan
    Speeds totally fine, all day and evening
    Router / hardware issue
    North sydney area for me

    Also everyone is having issues at the moment with all the work from homers etc I’ve had friends complaining of Optus issues too

  • Thank you all for the help
    Fixed router issue
    speed is excellent all day