48 Free Interactive Books & Videos for Homeschool Carers @ Griffith University (Millie Mathematician & Suzie Scientist)


Great for the kids. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

As home schooling and online education become our new norm for the next few months, Griffith University is giving parents and teachers a helping hand by making available a teaching resource to help young children in reading, mathematics and science. Two highly acclaimed home-reader series, Millie the Mathematician and Suzie the Scientist are now available to be downloaded free of charge as interactive e-books. Parents can also view them as video books (via YouTube) and as interactive online books via the internet.

The digital resources are aimed at children from pre-K to Year 2 and are aligned to the strands and substrands of the Australian Curriculum in mathematics and science. Previously, these resources were only available to schools, but Griffith has now opened them up to all, as parents and home-carers oversee their children’s online schooling for the foreseeable future. More than 140,000 print books are in Australian schools with more than 10% of schools nationally having adopted the resources.

Each 24-book series features engaging lead characters (Suzie and Millie) who present interesting scientific and mathematical ideas to engage kids and empower parents to explore and discuss these concepts while, at the same time, developing and improving reading literacies and fluency. Just as importantly, Suzie the Scientist and Millie the Mathematician serve as important female role models in STEM, showing both boys and girls that STEM and STEM studies are appropriate pursuits for all.

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