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Free - Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition v5.50


The Standard edition of the software is going for free on Bits with the available options to purchase the Pro Edition at a discount should you need the pro features.

Great tool to test and monitor Hard Drives if anyone tests their units before using them long term

For a comparison between Free|STD|Pro see the below link


Deal is for Standard v5.50 only (No upgrades included)

Seems the file it self isnt locked away at all, download mirrors

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    Platforms - Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 2012 - both 32 and 64 bit

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      Phew. Thought this wouldn't work on my Win98 box, need to check my 64MB hard disk to make sure it is in tip top shape.

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        It wouldn't install on my commodore 64. Dammit.

        • Is there a version I can download onto punch cards?

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            @dm01: There is no drive in punching card. You will need to upgrade to a floppy drive.

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              @spal: Oh. Maybe I need Punch Card Sentinel instead.

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      Not supporting Windows 95?

      • You still using windows 95?

        • Just asking lol

        • I still use 3.11 on one of my machines :)

  • Reading the title.. the standard is free?
    Reading the post.. buy standard but get features of pro?

    What is the exact deal? I can't see where to get the standard for free.

    • Click on "GET IT FOR FREE" then Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition v5.50 $0
      Enter details & "COMPLETE CHECKOUT".

      OR Direct Download Link!

    • I updated it with some more words if that helps,

      The deal is for the Standard edition, but there is a promo for the Pro edition which costs $15 usd (50% off)

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    • Thx posted yours and mine (didnt see the link was as generic as thought hahah)

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    Apparently the version installed on my laptop is 4 years old. Good time for an update.

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    OMG I was literally (5 mins ago) trying to get my old copy from 2017 to work as I wanted to test out my HDD before shucking.


  • Is this a useful app to install on a student's laptop?

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      Of course. It's not going to do any harm and will potentially alert you to a HDD degrading early enough that you don't run into any disruptions or loss of data.

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      I wouldn't bother. You still need to backup your data. This software doesn't do anything, it may even give you false sense of security and make you slack off on backups because "Sentinal Standard didn't tell me anything was wrong".

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    I think I have a problem…at first I read the title as Hand Disk Sanitiser… o.O

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      or Hard Dick Sanitiser…

  • Is it OK for SSD?

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      I have an SSD and it detected and loaded the drive with all the data, depends on the drive, i would see no reason why it would not load,

      Just like all SSD's, the more you use them and benchmark/hammer them the quicker they will eventually die

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      Yeah it will report the estimated SSD health based on the SMART data. In my experience though SSDs don't gradually degrade they just suddenly fail out of the blue, when they fail they either get really slow and basically read-only or they just don't detect at all in the system anymore. Always make sure you keep good backups, I suggest using Veeam Agent free


      Very powerful backup engine and can use it to backup your system and then restore it to a new one using the boot USB

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        This is because it's pretty much always the controller that fails, not the nand. Estimating life of an ssd is therefore a joke.

        Disclosure: I haven't bought an ssd in a long time so not sure on current controller quality. I remember ocz vertex 2's in the long run had >50% failure rate

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          They had a firmware fault which bricked the drive at random when waking from sleep. Lots of people frantically updating the firmware on all of their drives at the time.

          • @CaffeinatedTech: Yeah there was that, something about a particular log file got to a certain size then overwrote itself from the beginning iirc? My memory is hazy now.

            The controller was garbage though, they ran hot and fried. So they still died in the end.

  • The current (previously) installed version is (was) 5.2. Now updated to 5.5 :D

  • Yea same question. Will that work for SSD?

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      It will, but it's pointless to have for SSD monitoring.

      • "pointless to have for SSD monitoring" - so you meant this software is useless if you have SSD, and only good or HDD?

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          • @vovka: Remember, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

            Why is it useless for SSD?

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              @iBuzz7S: Because SSDs don't really deteriorate like HDDs.
              For HDD you may monitor ECC HW errors, Sector relocation counts to get some idea how healthy HDD is. Once those numbers start growing it's time to get the data off that drive.
              Being purely electronics based SSDs die instantly so monitoring them won't predict anything.

  • Work on external HDD?

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    Amazing program.

    Used to work at a computer store and we'd use this to determine HDD health and use it for a basis of if we actually need to replace a drive.

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      I used to use Norton Disk Doctor.. Ahhh the good old days of computing!

      • Wow. That's going back, Norton!

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      Yes it's a very handy thing to have on your computer.

  • I have a NAS running FreeNAS OS - is it possible to install this onto my laptop to somehow test the raid array in the NAS?

    • don't think so.

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      Drives must be connected to the installed device directly, You would need to use a FreeNAS tool to test them while in the NAS unit,

      So you would need to move the drives from your NAS to the Laptop to have this tool pick it up,

    • I'm not sure but it looks like the enterprise edition can do that

  • This software alert me to the imminent death of my last HDD. It was specific to the number of days. Highly recomm

  • Really useful.
    I've had this on my home server from the last time it was free and it's great.
    Just got a new HDD in to replace the impending failure of one of mine.

    • Just as a heads up this giveaway is for the standard version and not the pro version. This won't run on server operating systems and spits out an error saying to buy the pro version.

    • Just got a new HDD in to replace the impending failure of one of mine

      Just because the software says it's about fail, doesn't mean it will. It's all guess-work. And many HD issues can be cleaned up by de-frag or disk cleanup or simply using the existing disk monitoring and health tools made available by the manufacturers of those drives.

  • Going to their website is like going back in time.

    I swear that web design is 1995.

  • This software actually saved me from a dying computer! One day I turned on the computer and oh no! Hard drive health had dropped to 5% from over 90% the previous day. Gave me enough time to act.

  • Great program. Updating it actually showed my email config was out of date and not working, so was good timing.

  • opensource could be the best option can't find it….instead that creates other problems

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    Thanks, grab the free 5.20 version awhile ago, haven't seen much of a change since updating to 5.5 but updating to another free version is always nice, great for testing hard drive health with external drives or docked hard drives.


  • ouch it says my secondary drive is 2 per cent, critical health. The drive is less than a year old! 2 gig seagate. Odd?

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      You have 3 years warranty for drive, and a 0 day warranty for your data

      • yeh, time to look for external hard drive deals to back it up with on ozbargain eh

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      Why don't you use the free drive health tools provided by Seagate?

      Maybe defrag the drive first, or use whatever built-in OS drive check you have. Then go to this website….


      Grab the SeaTools program.

      Follow instructions:

      I would trust Seagate's drive check more than some 3rd party tool that really wants you to pay for pro version.

    • I use this program at work all the time, if your traditional hard drive is below 98% health I'd say replace it, 2% health is really bad. Must get a lot of random freezing while using your PC. Drives can fail 3 days after you buy them, age is no guarantee of health. Always have more than one copy of valuable files.

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    Great timing. I upgraded to a WD SSD drive and the previous free version of Sentinel was convinced the drive was virtually dead. Version 5.5 is great.

    • Why on Earth would you not use Western Digital's own drive health check programs they provide for free?

      Instead, you put faith in 3rd party freeware to tell you when to buy a new drive?

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    Despite being marked EXPIRED - Downloaded & installed from first direct link in Deal Description ok.

  • Doesn't seem accurate. Tested on an SSD out of an old computer used at an office 5 days a week for 3 years and i have been using it for over 1 year, although not daily. Power on time says 352 days with 100% health.

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      So whats inaccurate about that?

  • I've got this from a old freebie deal but it now forces a pop up at every boot which stays for a bit before you can dismiss.
    Will uninstalling and reinstalling this one get rid of that? Both say v5.5

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    for those who are downloading this and can't open the file any more due to the application "expiring" - set your system clock back two years. Program will install.

    • set to 2018 and it worked. sweeeeeet!

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