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$100 off Orders over $155 at Naked Wines


In case that the provided URL does not fill these automatically:
Code: PHOTO19
Password: JNW15PJ3

The have a good mixed bundle of 12 wines (white, red, rose) which it brings it down to only $6.67 a bottle + shipping with this code.

Make sure you cancel Angel membership that comes automatically enabled with the new account!

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Referee gets a $50-$100 credit, referrer gets a $30 credit after first purchase by referee.

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  • Yep. Be sure you cancel the auto renewal!!

  • Same as referral credit.. Been around for ages

  • I had a terrible experience with this company a few years back. I had a voucher that they didn't honour. After going back and forth they eventually agreed to send out the wine but l never received it.

  • I have had some great wines from this place over 3 mixed dozens (and a few that really weren't to my tastes).

    The Angel membership is a great idea if you want to support new independent wine makers get their start in the industry and can see yourself wanting to try more of their range.

  • I just got a dozen wines from them with this (or a similar?) discount- it's a great deal for a one-off especially, but they do sign you up for the $40 per month Angel Membership without making it really obvious that you're subscribing - It's there in the fine print, but it's not as clear as it could be imo. The Membership does seem like a decent deal as well honestly, but I don't drink enough wine to make the most of it.

  • Save another $20 if you do the 1-min survey on the main webpage - 12 bottles shipped for $45 is fine by me.

    • Do you mind providing more details please as I am unable to find the survey you are referring to?

      • The survey is on the main home page, but it does not give you $20 off it merely gives you a $100 off promo voucher to use. So the case of 12 bottles is $79 delivered.

        • Thats what I found too :-(

        • The exact steps I took are:

          • Clicked on the link above, put a case in my cart, started filling in my details then stopped (showed as $170ish, -$100 discount)
          • Went to their main page, did the survey, got the $20 voucher, and added that to my cart (showed as $49)
          • Removed the original from my cart
          • Went to checkout, $5 shipping was added

          So $55ish for a case. (And thanks all for the tip about removing the Angel subscription)

          • @enigma48: This worked and my case for $53 is currently on it's way!

          • @enigma48: How did you manage to get back to the main-page survey once you added the case to your cart? When I try to get back to nakedwines.com.au it only brings me to the page with cases for selection, presumably something in the coding can tell i've already accessed the site and prevents me from going back

            EDIT: I think I managed to figure it out, but the case added after I completed the survey is a different case to the one accessed through the link above?

  • Another code arrived with the delivery of the bottles:
    Code: ANGEL19
    Password: JNW15PJ3

  • Yet another one, $50 Naked Wines voucher:
    Voucher Code: NAKDFBV3
    Password: ASP32XYN