Anyone Else Stuck in Silence with TechFast Support?

Howdy. Long time lurker. First-time poster.

Just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me. TechFast support has now had my returned system for a week, but no response to my requests for an update.
Is it a one-off, or are other people in the same boat?

Received a dead system on the 19th of March (courier damage). After some troubleshooting back and forth with support sent the PC back and it arrived back with them last Monday (30th March). No updates about its status/what happens next. Just trying to work out if I should just do a chargeback and move on? Or give them a longer chance to sort this out. I realise we are all struggling in our own way right now and I hate being "that guy" to a small business, but with WFH now being a long term thing, I really need my own PC and this unit was ordered on the 23rd of Feb.

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  • This seems to be a common theme with TechFast, ironically. There's plenty complaining about lengthy delays and no updated information on posts. You get what you pay for I suppose. Keep trying their support and they have a couple reps here might be worth PM'ing.

    • Hey. Thanks for replying. I poked around in some recent TF posts and it appears the sales reps requesting the support DMs stop during this trying time, and like I said; I don't want to make a tough situation worse for anyone. I just haven't even received anything close to what I paid for (a working PC).

  • My suggestion:
    Put a complaint into the accc
    I ordered a system and asked if there would be any delays, with them siting "There is a 10-14 day building time"
    Now well past that time, no replys on the website or by email.
    Phone lines have been shut for obvious reasons.
    I would say that I got what I paid for, but I've gotten nothing so far.

    • Thanks comrade. I actually just got an email saying they are having to source a new case for me as they no longer stock the one in my original order. Hopefully, it is not coming in from overseas.

    • When did you order yours?

      • Hey, Guys

        I've tried to email techfast multiple times and have gotten no reply…. basically i ordered 16 of march, its now 7 of april and the 16business day day, i emailed them on the 3rd and follow up again on the 5th and 6th, i have gotten no update or email reply….
        I wish they gave me an update… do you guys know anyone who has ever bought from techfast and actually got the PC?

        • I ordered mine on 17 Mar. Today is the 15th Business day. I’ll try and contact them.

        • There's plenty of people here that have ordered from them and they seem to be a favourite, so I wouldn't worry about not getting it, it's just a case of when you'll get it. Have a trawl through some posts:

          • @Hybroid: Well new update, good/bad news, i got email back from techfast and they said my CPU 9700f was delayed due to the virus and shippment, i should be expecting for pc to be shipped late this week or early next week that's about 20ish business days nearly a full month…

            spent 2.3k on this and it took forever but i hope it will be worth while when it comes, will update !

        • Yep ordered on the 6th of March 2020 received it on the 6th of April probably sent via express parcel post. Shipping took 2.5 business days. The parts motherboard box is still stuck in SA at the time of writing. it contains some sata cords that I need, I guess I can use 7-10 year old cords in the meantime.

          If you do the maths 14 business days equals 20 days build time and 1-3 days shipping, we are looking at 25 days for delivery if they have all the parts.

          As for techfast being a small company, ive heard they are part of a huge computer chain in America, which explains some identical builds between the two companies: and how they source parts cheap, hence lower prices.

          Edit. Would be nicer of them to change the region and language to Australia before shipping it out.

          • @imcold: 6TH of MARCH? that's a long wait… what did you order?

            • @iiblueninja3: 3700x, MSI b450 mortar, MSI mag case (trying to claim $10 steam gift card promo), gold PSU. One week+ wait on the m/b. First contacted them after 3 weeks of my order, was told they will get stock and ship by end of the week. Had to contact them the next week when order status remained unchanged. The next week I contacted them they said the had begun assembly.

              2 days wait from supposed build to test , assign and despatch parcel. (Maybe the had an issue?)

              Either way got it on Monday, and kept it in quarantine for 24hours. Since it was shipped before the weekend its contents have been sealed 4 days. MSI case has glass, aka covid petridish, but the glass is sealed by plastic.

          • @imcold: Update: looks like I'm screwed until I get that motherboard box I don't have any of those crazy modular sata power cables to install 3 sata drives. Plus I can't really recommend the MSI forge case, after I took of the metal panel putting it back on was like getting a lion back into its cage, such a narrow space, even my 7yo case has a bump in the middle for cable management. Which I never used lol.

            • @imcold: sata cable u can buy from anyone for cheap, one thing im kinda worried about is but also excited im getting the open air leaper one, looks cool with all the fans plus getting liquid cooling but no clue if will be shit material cause was only +39

              • @iiblueninja3: I looked into it apparently the pcie to sata may differ between manufacture, so you can fry your drive if you use the wrong one.

                my Gigabyte 7500H come with 3 triple sata cords. It's finally been riden into NSW, they will continue the delivery once they watered down the horses.

      • I actually ordered back in Feb. Just before everything in Aus kinda went to heck.
        An out of stock case (due to Covid) delayed things a bit ($20 upgrade to a case in stock). Then after a missed delivery, the courier took the system back to SA by error and I had to wait a while for it to get back into VIC. Finally got it March 19th. It was DOA due to courier damage. 18 business days from order to delivery (including the courier duck up)
        But my issue is just from the lack of comms from their support. I expected the above timeline for my system to arrive. What I don't like is being delivered a faulty product and being kept in the dark about how they plan to resolve the issue.
        Didn't even boot system up as it was visibly pretty damaged. Took support 1 week to realise the same and organise the return.
        Then silence for a week after return.
        For every 2 emails I send I generally get one back. 1 week later.
        Latest update from support (yesterday) is my case is out of stock and the wait begins again.

  • Long time lurker. First-time poster as well

    Stuck in a very similar position as well. Understand that they were busy and told them that they can ship my parts un-assembled as they advice that it will shave 2 days off the waiting period, but its past their 14 business days and no reply to emails and etc. First time buying from Techfast and whilst i know its hard times, i wish they replied or keep their customers updated.

    One of my friends bought hers 2 weeks before me and has not received their computer, i hope they will post the items soon.

    • Yeah frustrating time for everyone. Like others have said, they will deliver, just on a much-delayed schedule. I assume their comms to customers will be updated to more realistic info soon. We were just the unlucky ones who ordered when all this kicked off.

      • i guess its waiting for us for now.

      • @vj-sharpeyes did you ever receive your PC?

        • I did not. And another week has gone by with no updates. Though that does include the long weekend.
          I'll will poke them again now.

          • @vj-sharpeyes: Hey,

            My computer got shipped out on thursday 9th of april i bought it 16/03/2020, cause long weekend and shit waiting to recieve pc,
            Startrak said ill get it by tomorrow, i'll do an update if it comes in tact,

            Did anyone here even get a tracking order yet also what pc did you get vj

            • @iiblueninja3: 3900X/1070FE. Ordered on the 23rd of Feb.

              I emailed earlier and got a response within a few hours (nice) that my replacement case will hopefully arrive this week and the system will be shipped out as soon as they can (hope none of the components are cooked and I play the waiting game again)

              • @vj-sharpeyes: Good luck my dude, update me when you can!

                • @iiblueninja3: So it did arrive on April 21st finally. The power supply has since started making a clicking sound. Techfast support says don't worry and they will replace it if it explodes. Hopefully, it doesn't take my whole system with it. But the clicking is definitely getting more frequent. Not convinced its the fan, but if its the same power supply that was in the OG system that arrived battered and bruised, it might be.

  • Similar boat here, ordered on the 17th of March and asked for an update on the 14th business day as it says on the order confirmation, "if it reaches the outer edge of that estimated dispatch time…feel free to contacts us for an update". While I am sympathetic with everything going on at the moment, I feel like all of us would have been understanding if a simple email had been sent to us regarding delays.

    Furthermore they've known about these possible delays for a while. For example with the 9700F processor and MSI MAG case builds, I've seen the rep commenting on various threads in reply to Ozbargain inquiries:

    "We're awaiting the next batch of MAG Forge cases. We've been told they're due at the supplier the first week of April (so any day now, and were slightly delayed due to C-19), after which they'll be processed and sent to us, for immediate system assembly. A little late on these. I will try to update all Mg Forge customers, but they could also arrive any day which would make the info a little redundant" - 1 APRIL 2020

    As a customer waiting for a build with this component, I shouldn't have to scroll through all of the comments on techfast deals to find updates. Not sure why they think that this is a satisfactory method in which to update customers…

    In summary. I feel that most of us are more disappointed by the lack of transparency, and not the actual delays.

  • Same boat here, bought my system on the 9th of March, still haven't received it. Had to chase them and they replied after 2 emails and 2 days. It was shipped on Wednesday and it was meant to be delivered between the 3rd and today, doesn't look like it's arriving today (7pm here now).

  • I been asking for update for my purchase order on 18th march and they just keep silent without replying any of my email. Just feel very dissapointed with their service and make me feel they being very irresponsible. I feel that they should at least keep us update or let us know when will we be getting our items. If the company could not deliver the items on time just at least let the customer know earlier.

    • What did you get? just i just got a email back from yesterday for my 9700f + 2080 pc

      • Ryzen 5 3600 GTX 1070 founder edition pc and a monitor, i emailed them since yesterday and again today but got no reply at all.

        • Dang same build here.
          Edit: also in the same boat

          • @OnlineShopper123: Same order as you guys, they emailed me a tracking number on Tuesday morning but until now it shows that the Shipping Information has been received but the parcel has yet to be picked up… not sure if they just generate the tracking number and just left it there or is it Aust post being slow.

        • I just got told via email that their shipment of 1070FE cards is damaged and can't be used. This comes on the 14th business day since my order, so the machine hasn't even been fully built yet.

          They gave me some other options, but I opted for a refund. I realise the damage isn't their fault, but still pretty underwhelming service.

          • @mcyike: So you ordered from this deal too?
            Edit: What did they offer as a replacement?

            • @OnlineShopper123: Yep that one. I ordered when there was supposedly only a handful left, so there might not be many orders affected. I was kind of on the fence before ordering anyway, so a refund isn't the end of the world.

              1) A straight swap into a brand new GTX 1660 6GB or RX 580 8GB. These cards represent the same purchase price dollar value to us as the used/ex-demo GTX 1070 Founders Edition in your order. Given the current market environment of far higher supplier prices and lower Australian dollar, this is the only price-equivalent option available to us and we are unable offer a higher spec card at no additional cost.

              2) Upgrade to the MSI Mech RX 5700 8GB, the cost for which is $350. Due to increased supplier prices and low Aussie dollar at the current time, this represents the current price difference in the two cards, and includes no profit to us - it is cost price only. We are unable to subsidise the cost any further.
              Other upgrade options into higher end cards may also be available - please advise if this is of interest and I will send pricing.

              3) The credit for your order applied to an entirely new order, based on the current available deals viewable at: The new order would be prioritised for completion as soon as possible.

              4) A full refund with our sincerest of apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Ordered on the 19th, all I get are emails saying case is out of stock and has been changed. Now something about the graphic card doesn't work. I feel like they are just making stuff up at this point. I'm starting to wonder if it will ever be built and shipped, maybe a surge in orders due to all of the work for home stuff has made it viable to take a bunch of money and then just fold and disappear.

    • They are a registered business and they won’t “fold and disappear”.

      • You base this on them being a registered business? Registered with whom and how does that make any difference? is registered to:

        Registrant ID: ACN 609805021
        Registrant Contact Name: LUKE Flesher

        SAETHER JACKSON HOLDINGS PTY LTD doesn't have an ABN and isn't registered for GST.

        Does anyone even know if techfast have an ABN? Do they supply tax invoices with an ABN on them?

  • I came to the forums to post basically the same thing and noticed this.

    I emailed today after ordering on the 19th March and being told in an email on the 23rd March there shouldn't be any delays.

    I'll wait the weekend and if I don't hear anything I'll have to take it further I suppose.

    • Hey i ordered on the 16th, you can scroll up and check my messages, btw what did you get?
      i got in contact with luke and basically he told me should be ship tmr so like i reckon friday or next week ill get my pc

      there was delay on my cpu 9700f

      also what case u get?

  • Thankfully I'm not a customer, but it's only a small comfort because my mate is currently waiting on his order, placed on March 12, to arrive.

    I've expressed my disappointment with TechFast via DM to Luke, and publicly in one of the threads. My frustration stems from the following:

    • TechFast is extremely slow to respond to enquiries or they don't respond at all — my mate reached out on the final days of the framed ETA and received no replies;

    • No tracking of the build lifecycle. 10-14 working days ETA is currently more like 15+ working days so far —
      We have no idea if TechFast actually has stock in hand before posting new deals;

    • TechFast continue to take orders and post new deals, without fulfilling current outstanding orders; and

    • TechFast informs anxious customers that "Sending multiple enquiries, sending enquiries via different channels, or communicating in aggressive or demanding tones, does not help to speed up or further your enquiry; if anything, it slows it down" — then how about you actually respond to your customers' initial query in a timely fashion instead of making them resort to trying different avenues to reach you?! That last line of 'slowing it down' sounds almost like a threat. My mate actually asked me to reach out to you because he couldn't get through to you on any of your official channels, and his OzB account was too new to allow for DMs. And he was courteous each time he reached out to you.

    As I said to Luke, just inform your customers and keep them in the loop instead of 2-3 weeks of silence, and provide better tracking tools that track builds all the way to shipping. If you guys (TechFast) are struggling with staffing, shipping, cashflow etc., then let folks know what the revised / realistic ETA will be so they can stop guessing or explore their options and decide whether to progress with their order.

    • To be fair, abusing people won’t help you get your computer faster. It will just make people pissed off.

  • Just saw this on their new deals, so I guess what we can do now just wait for their reply and hope they can reply us as soon as possible.

    Important updates
    Customer Service via OzBargain Inbox: In the current environment, I need to ask everyone to please direct all enquiries - status updates, technical support, etc - to either [email protected] or [email protected], not my OzB account, to help us keep every query in the same location. I can't guarantee a reply on OzB at the moment so please don't send anything urgent there.

    Customer service times are extended at the moment under heavy load, so please understand if it takes more than 24 hours for a reply - you will get a reply as soon as it is possible. We're adding extra staff and resources to deal with the increased volume of enquiries.

    Dispatch times: Our current shipping estimate is 14 business days for new orders. We're shipping the entire backlog of Intel i7 orders this week after COVID delays, Ryzen 9 systems next week and B450 Mortar orders (also COVID delays, some overdue orders here) will be next week, either with Mortar or equivalent replacement - an email update is coming to customers on that today so please check your inbox later. And all others due around now are very close to shipping - perhaps a couple of days over estimate but catching up quickly.

    Thanks, and have a happy Easter (at home).


  • Ok some good news if you guys are reading..

    So if you read above i've talked about the delay and everything i got a 9700f + 2080,

    The 9700f was delayed and i was only informed on the 15 business day..

    So the pc was shipped today from SA and i will get it on the wednesday which will be 15 of april

    Keep in mind i order this on the 16 of march… That's nearly 1 month… i'm happy that it's coming at least, i'm hoping the parts for the liquid cooling ram and the 1tb nvme and 1tb ssd i got wont be a horrible brand

    I heard in the past due to delays they gave some upgrades prob not gonna happen but yea
    Hope you guys get a tracking order soon D:

    • I still haven hear anything from them, glad you getting your pc soon.Good luck on receiving it on Wednesday .Happy easter !

    • May I ask what case you ordered? I got a 9700f + 2070. Hopefully they send mine too…I haven't been emailed back at all.

      • Yo, i got the open air techfast one with a 240mm cooler,
        the blue on with like 6 fans or something, looks dope

        when did you order?

        • I got the Mag Forge 100R. According to the rep on another post the shipment for them has been delayed.No one has contacted me about it though so who knows.

          Honestly, I recommend everyone avoids purchasing from Techfast, at least until this Corona situation settles down. They clearly haven't got the capacity to handle it.

  • I actually ordered during the Black Friday sale and didn't have any issue with these guys in terms of communications. Luke has been superb! So this is a bit unlike them. Even when I was having problem with the PC, they replied within 24-48 hours via e-mail.

    Probably, the only complaint I have was the fact that they stated they stress tested the PC, but I highly doubt it. My PC came with an outdated BIOS which seems to have stability issue. I noticed it within the first 15 minutes of turning the computer on. If it was stress tested, I reckon it would've failed then! However, I'm also trying to be understanding as well that they were probably hammered during the Black Friday sale (some cracking deals then!) and was under the pump in getting out the PC.

    Luckily, I'm proficient enough with PC, I was easily able to follow their instructions/online guides.

  • Yes Im on 24 days since my order already and no any reply to my last 2 emails. This is really frustrating.

  • I ordered the Ryzen 9 with Mag Forge case on 25/3 so whilst I'm not as far behind as most of you, (as of today it's 15 working days due to Easter) - it's still frustrating nonetheless. Balancing this however is the fact that Luke was responding pretty promptly to forum posts here however they were supposed to ship this week according to another forum post by Luke (which hasn't happened).

    They had an issue with supply in relation to the MSI Mag Forge cases so they replaced them with Thermaltakes at no extra cost (good on you Techfast) however I'd be happy to soak up the extra $50 myself if I could get it in the next few days!

    Bought a machine from TF for my son last year via their eBay store and it took about 5 weeks however I knew that it was going to be 4 weeks when I ordered so I sucked it up. Only a 20% variance from the predicted fulfilment time was satisfactory to me. Plus, it was a great deal at the time.

    I'm on the fence - I love their high value however I really wish their estimates were more accurate. I just need my PC like the rest of you and it seems that they are the victims of their own success at the moment.

    They seem to be balancing the need to keep paid staff on hand to handle a high volume of orders vs. having them sitting on the bench with nothing to do. As a former small business owner, I understand the difficulties with staff resourcing however they appear to have been really caught out here.

  • My final thoughts on techfast if anyone is reading

    So I ordered my pc on 16th of March. Looking to upgrade as my previous rig was i5 6500 and 1070 as I wanted a pc with good value and can stream. If you check above I've been following up with other people to check there status.
    Basically around the 15th business day they told me my 9700f was coming in and would be allocated to me.
    So it took about 1 full month. I got it on 16th of april. Look im happy for what I paid I didn't get the cable and stuff but already had.

    My computer I ordered was 9700f and 2080 but either I got a free or mini upgrade or mistake to the 9700 with the integrated graphics

    The pc parts are okay.

    240mm deep cool aio
    1tb m.2 nvm cruical ssd
    1tb 2.5 cruical ssd
    Teamgroup or teamdata ram 16gb 2667 it was meh
    Powersupply was upgrade gold so gigabyte one
    Biostar b360m motherboard

    Overall I'm happy with the value paid 2300
    Got the extra cpu upgrade prob cause one month wait but also got the case I wanted open air techfast there isn't any review on it.
    It looks beast if you want pics I'll send it but

    That case is so (profanity) heavy. Probablg cause of the steel but jesus its so heavy

    If you guys have any question feel free to reply to me. All Im waiting for is like invoice power cables and shit but like ive done all the zetup already.

    My twitch is sweaty_butter if anyone wanna follow haha

    Thank you luke for the reply and update no joke that guy is awesome

  • My order was a AMD Ryzen 5 3500X | RTX 2080 SUPER 8GB
    To date I've waited 39 days since I made the purchase, since 12th of March. Got an Auspost tracking code by the 3rd of April but nothing since then. Nothing yet.
    17 days since the Auspost tracking code saying it's "Shipping Approved" and no indication of them picking up the system yet.

    Every conversation with them ended up with "wait some more"

    This is getting very frustrating

    • oh wth i got my recently

    • I am in the exact same situation, i ordered the same PC on the same day. Shipping approved on the same day. Nothing since. I feel your pain @dekarvn

    • @dekarvn have you had any shipping updates yet? mine is still sitting on "Shipping Approved" since the 3rd.

      • Believe it or not, I've received my PC!

        In my case. It takes a total of 43 days since making the order for the PC to arrive at the front door. No accessories box as advertised so I'll have to chase them up for that, but it's not entirely necessary.

        The item got processed at Adelaide on Monday Apr 20th, a short while after I made my original comment
        And then it only took Auspost 4 days to deliver

        I'm testing the system now, seems to run fine!

        Hang tight!

    • Damn, I ordered the same system on the 14th, I haven't even received the Auspost code yet..

  • I think it's time for OzB to blacklist Techfast until they sort out their customer support and delivery of service.

    I have never ordered from Techfast, but their deals always seem great… however after reading so many stories I will not suggest to my friends to buy systems from them. The $$ you will save is not worth the delay, and heartache of trying to communicate with a company who won't ship even close to their estimated wait times, all whilst continuing to sell new orders and post new deals.

    • Agree 100%; Techslow’s shoddy defensive communication (when they do bother to reply) and their habit of deflecting blame is just woeful.

      Your customers didn’t pay AustPost all that money so why in blazes are they the ones saddled with chasing them up for a package that’s over a month late?! How about showing some diligence and professionalism, and chasing this up through your Austpost account manager instead? Where’s the public apology for your customers who have been waiting all this time?

      Definitely won’t be buying anything from this company and will be advising all my mates to do the same.