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Ryzen 9 3900X Productivity/Gaming PC [RX 580/X470/16/240/750 Gold]: $1449 + Delivery @ TechFast


Following on from the previous 3900X/1070 FE deal, this is another all-time low on Ryzen 9 3900X desktops, paired with RX 580 8GB for productivity/gaming plus 2070 Super, 2080 Super and 2080 Ti options.

Comes standard in the MSI Mag Forge 100R case. Limited to 15 units with these guaranteed components below.

Ryzen 9 3900X/RX 580 8GB Desktop PC

  • Ryzen 9 3900X
  • Biostar RX 580 8GB
  • MSI X470 Gaming Plus Max (X570 upgrades available)
  • 16G 2666MHz RAM
  • 240G 2.5" SSD
  • Gigabyte G750H 750W 80+ Gold PSU
  • MSI Mag Forge 100R

Prices: $1449 with RX 580 after 3900X-580-MAR
$1999$2069 with RTX 2070 Super (likely Galax)
$2299 $2399 with RTX 2080 Super (likely Galax)
$2849 with RTX 2080 Ti (MSI Ventus GP)

Plenty of other deals with limited runs or ending soon:

High Spec R5 3500X or R7 3700X with 2080 Super Gaming PC: $1588 or $1888
Ryzen 5 3600 / GTX 1070 Founders: $838
Ryzen 5 1600 AF / RX 580: $529


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  • That is a very decent deal.

  • +1 vote

    Hi Luke,

    any chance of getting some more case options here? I know is 2020, but I still need to be able to provide blurays for clients and also tend to run quite a few 3.5" drives in my case.


    • +3 votes

      Not at the moment unfortunately, due to all the manufacturing and import issues. Whatever we offer, we need to be able to get large quantities of, and very little in ATX is available (i.e. none) in sufficient quantity from suppliers right now.

      • +1 vote

        Thanks Luke. Good to know. Guess the waiting game will at least save me some money!

  • R9 + 580?? Odd choice. If someone was buying to use with their card I might be interested in the 580 if a good price Is had :)

    • +1 vote

      Intended as the lowest entry point into the CPU for those seeking the CPU power.

    • I'd say next gen GPU will be out in 6 months time. They will be the first gen of GPUs fully capable of doing ray tracing without huge performance hits.

      Will be awful when consoles can play games with ray tracing better than your PC with a $500+ gpu.

      The more expensive the card the more they will devalue imo

      Unless you upgrade often and have lots of spare dosh then don't get a powerful card like a 2080

  • What's the turn around time on these systems?

    • +2 votes

      10-14 business days. Supply of these components has not been affected as some others have.

      • Awesome, Thanks for that just put my order through :) I looked at part prices individually even using some components from my current system and I can't build it myself close to the price you're offering for a complete system.

  • pretty good productivity rig especially for studios etc. however i'd swap out the higher end gold psu with something more low-mid range and bump the SSD up to 512gb if you wanna be serious.

  • Is it possible to do same specs but with Ryzen 7 3700x?

  • Hey, just wondering what SSD I get if I pay for the 1TB NVME upgrade?

    • Replied your PM, but it is currently from Crucial. Brands can and do vary though, particularly in the current market.

  • Hey Luke,

    Just want to give you recognition for the quality customer service/support you provide consistently for us bargainers out there. Keep it up mate!

  • For those who wanted a PC, this is a good time to buy as price will definitely go up sooner or later.
    And when the time the price is coming back down, you can upgrade the pc from Techfast with your own preference parts.

    • Im planning on grabbing this and swapping out the GPU for my gtx 1080, then buying an RTX 3080 if they are a reasonable price.

    • Although this is a very good deal, sleeve bearing GPU's not withstanding, it's a bad idea to panic buy a PC just because you think PC parts might go up in the future (especially when new AMD processors and Nvidia GPU's are being released this year). Also, a lot of your presumptions are wrong.

      • Im fine with a 3rd gen Ryzen 9, Im upgrading from an i7 6700k (4c/8t) but im definatly waiting for new gpu's, the RTX 2080S is just not that much better than my current card, im really hopeing nvidia go all out since AMD will be competitive this time around.

        • since AMD will be competitive this time around

          Er … will they though?

          • @Diji1: If leaks are to be believed anyway. I really hope they are, because its the only thing that will get nvidia to lower their prices.

        • Indeed. Although the 1650s and 1660s were a big upgrade over the past generation on a price/perf ratio, the 2000 series was a big disappointment.

          With that being said, I really think Nvidia will hold back their 7nm performance until AMD catches up, then release their 7nm super/ti models.

      • Its not panic buying, for me this pc value is good and if u need to upgrade along the way (after price is down) you can.
        Regarding parts price, the local Centercom shop has start raising their price a bit. For example, ML240L AIO cooler I was looking at was $89 up to las week, and now its $95.
        And that Gamer Nexus is based in US i think where they have a lot more stock than Aus.

  • Still not selling Cards by them self? I think I know the answer but still thought I would ask

  • OMG just sell us the component already!!!!!! I've got a perfectly good system but if I see a killer 3900x price I will defs jump on it. hahaha


    Really tempting however $49.62 for postage to Sydney metro seems very expensive.

    • It's usually a base rate + an amount per kg rounded up + .75x base rate for motherboard box with miscellaneous parts.

      And you got to cover the cost of the packing bubbles.

  • Would have loved it if there was a 480 m.2 ssd upgrade for the price of the 240 m.2. upgrade.

  • Shipping for me has gone so expensive. From $29 when I checked last month to $120 now since shipping calculation was changed. That's a deal breaker :(

  • How noisy/quiet would this system be?

    • It looks like it has good ventilation enabling the fan speeds to be kept lower, so it should be pretty quiet.

      Most "quiet" cases end up being noisier than mesh cases because they choke the fans, forcing them to spin at near max rpm. And cases with acrylic, metal or glass panel fronts are just stupid.

  • Feedback that you should know before buying.

    They are listing packages without some items not in stock. (or they have been misleading me)

    I was given an email and told that I needed to change (item not in stock) & upgrade / downgrade or wait (with no certainty of end date)
    The upgrade option was fine.
    The downgrade option was a ripoff.
    You shouldn't put someone out, then profit from putting them out.
    The phone number at 8.30am and 3.30pm (Qld time) said out of hours.
    I don't know what the hours actually are.

    Email response normally snappy, however after paying $300 extra, Friday last week, no new ETA or replies to emails since.
    The system was about $200 cheaper than individual components, however the tradeoff is quality known items that i can go pickup vs a lucky dip on some.
    Two weeks in so far.

    Do they charge your credit card at delivery, or upon initial order?
    If it's order then the wait time is not an issue for them and I'm paying for privilege of waiting. (Hope it's at delivery)
    Buy knowing there is uncertainty.

    • Can you please PM your order details? If you upgraded because of a delay (assuming 2070 Super by how this reads) and you've upgraded it will be prioritised to be completed. Monday was a public holiday in SA so we're catching up now.

      Phone lines are open 10am-3pm SA time.

      Estimated delivery times were extended 10-14 business days as of 13 Feb so two week sounds about right, but please send your details so I can check where yours is at.

  • Shipping used to $29. Why it is $60+ now?

    • $29 was a heavily subsidised rate where we bore the balance between that and what it actually costs, which is 99% of the time more than $29. Given we're the lowest prices of any system builder in Australia, the move to calculated shipping on postcode to ensure ongoing viability was made.

    • Depends on the case, some are much heavier.

      edit - and also due to $29 being less than it cost TF as above ^

  • my order is expected between march 17th to 19th. once it arrives will post pics of how it arrives and after ive changed cpu and case fans. hopefully someone can point out if ive done something wrong..lol

    • Why would you change either?

      • for better performing fans, i went all noctua to provide better airflow. also adding two fans on top has exhaust fans. and noctua cpu fan. gets hot in stralia and trying to do what i can to keep insides as cool has possible without going to water cooling.

  • is the RTX 2070 worth the extra $500 over the RX 580? Will be mostly used for video editing, and maybe a little gaming/streaming.

    • The 580 would be fine for desktop work and light gaming, and not too bad for 1080p gaming on more recent things. But if you want high frame rates on recent games the 2070 would be worth it (although you might be better off getting the 580 and waiting 6 months, new cards are inbound).

  • Wandering if I should pull the trigger on this. Always gone for Intel based systems over that last 25 years. Need to run a Plex server and to run 4x8TB external usb drives for my Plex library (not using NAS at this stage). Looking to upgrade from the AMD X470 to AMD X570 Motherboard. Would I be making any mistakes with this? Thanks. Hi Luke impressed with your help on Ozbargin.

    • This is overkill if all you want to use it for a Plex.

      • Hoping something like this is also going to be my everyday desktop, running a number of Virtual boxes as well as Visual Studio .net core programming; R/Python data analysis.

  • just wondering if it's possible for you to email me a copy of tax invoice? I have just placed order. It doesnt matter if you can't. Thanks.

  • When you upgrade to a 2080 super, are any other modifications done?

    Basically what I'm asking is can I go with the 580, spend my money on upgrading other elements of it, then purchase any 2080 super card at a later date and just pull out the 580 and put in a 2080 super?

    • +1 vote

      No, it is simply a different GPU. You could switch GPU later if you wanted for sure, just be aware that any modifications to the system that we send may have warranty implications if those modifications are found to be the cause of or contributing to the issue.

      • Thanks Luke, appreciate the response!

        Additionally, is the warranty on these systems 12 months? Or may some of the individual parts have longer warranties?

        • Our assembled system warranty is 12 months. Many components will have a balance of manufacturer warranty as well.

    • thats what i plan on doing. i went with the 3700x/1070FE package, i figure i will use it for a bit and if i feel i need more i will grab a 2070 super if a good deal comes along. just because i didnt want to deal with too much taking apart and installing i upgraded to msi x470 MB and went with the 3700x. so only upgrade i would need eventually would just be the gpu

  • is this the same allied SSD from previous deals? mine is unusable after 2 months, it can be detected but it keeps booting to repair and wont start normally

    repair doesn't work and i cant reinstall off bootable USB, format, wipe or alter anything on it even when attached to another computer, ive checked it isnt set to unwritable in CMD and used easUS partitioning software to no avail.
    whole pc is useless untill i get a new ssd, as return postage would cost more than this supplied SSD if i have to send the whole thing back

    • SSD brands can vary. If your SSD is faulty we can send a replacement under warranty with no issue - no need for the system to come back. Please email [email protected] or call 1300 89 956 between 10am-3pm SA time to arrange with the team.

  • Hello,
    Does anyone recommend buying this PC to run games such as 'Fortnite' and 'CS:GO'? Is it overkill or not enough? or perfect?. I have an ASUS 165hz monitor and would prefer something cheaper to run those 2 games. Thanks for the help

  • Just wondering if there would be any upcoming deals that are a cheaper alternative for a light gaming PC that can handle AutoCAD? this one seems over my spending budget

    • Yes, deals for all budgets are coming this week. We're just confirming stock availability. All will be small run releases.

  • right on time for me has promised 12 to 14 days. pc is on board today to be delivered. today is day 13 for me. its the 3700x/gtx 1070 FE deal.

  • Hi Luke - I really want to purchase this computer - but the code no longer works and adding additional upgrades screws up the price.

    I've emailed you but yet to get a reply.

    I know you're busy, but hope you can help me out.


    Michael L.

  • is there stock left for this?

  • Ordered. Thanks for the deal Luke. Now my PC will be faster than my kids' (which I purchased from yourselves)… Dad gets his revenge.

    • Haha! Legend.

      • hows builds going with all the virus stuff, you guys keeping safe Luke?

        • +1 vote

          Thankfully SA is relatively unaffected, for the time being at least. We're keeping a close eye on local cases, now our state borders are (supposedly/effectively) sealed off. A couple of the team with existing health issues that put them in a higher risk category have elected to stay home, which is understandable and totally fine. We've separated builders distances, moved to separate areas in some cases, and Customer Service working from home.

          Oh, and I have a cold, lol.

      • @luketechfast - how's the ETA's looking at the moment? I only ask because I have a need to be up and running with this within the 10-15 day estimate due to work and travel issues (long story - I work for a first responder organisation)… I respect and fully understand that Covid-19 has made things a little crazy, but just a rough estimate would be super helpful so I can plan.

        • +2 votes

          We're awaiting the next batch of MAG Forge cases. We've been told they're due at the supplier the first week of April (so any day now, and were slightly delayed due to C-19), after which they'll be processed and sent to us, for immediate system assembly. A little late on these. I will try to update all Mg Forge customers, but they could also arrive any day which would make the info a little redundant.

  • @luketechfast so mine is has been "In Transit" from South Plympton for the last week, and I'm getting real anxious as I cant WFH right now

    • I do a lot of online ordering, and have had massive issues with AustPost standard parcel package service.
      Big delays and also the online tracking is really sporadic. Often it misses being tracked at several locations on its travel. I've had parcels show "picked up by sender" and then nothing until 10 days later when they are flagged as on-board for delivery that day.

      So don't lose sleep just yet, I am sure it will get here. I'd recommend putting in support ticket on AustPost using the tracking number just in case that triggers them to priortise the package.

      What is really frustrating is that my amazon packages are still getting here (here is postcode 6018, and from 2000,3000,5000 postcodes) in two days no matter what. And AustPost charges an arm an a leg for their normal package service so they should be prioritizing that as they are obviously prioritizing amazon and related business customers despite charging them less.

      • yeah, since the gutting of how they work, service has been lacking, I had a letter post to me from the next suburb take a week to arrive. i'm assuming you have a tracking number BeRad?

  • Has anyone received their PC from this deal yet? I'm still waiting.

    • According to another post from Luke on Thursday last week (day before Good Friday), the Ryzen-9’s are supposedly shipping this week. Fingers crossed.

  • I hope this issue has been resolved:

    Good afternoon,

    I wanted to provide an update prior to the Easter long weekend regarding your system. An oddity between Biostar RX 580 graphics cards and X470/X570 motherboards has been identified in testing, where a significant graphical artifact shows itself immediately upon system boot. The system passes testing, but the artifacting is not normal, and we are currently working with Biostar on identifying and solving the issue. If it is not fixable, we will need to look at alternate graphics card options, those being a GT 710, RX 570 or GTX 1650 graphics card, and an applicable partial refund, or alternatively a graphics card upgrade to something like a GTX 1660 or something more powerful, if you are interested.

    • I never got this email?? But would fall into this issue too :/

      • Hopefully we will get a status update on these soon. They should of been shipped this week.

        Any news Luke?

    • Still waiting on mine. Frustrating.
      Sent an email yesterday but haven’t received any response yet.

      Can’t call auspost nor Techfast.

  • Any chance of another 3900x pc deal?

  • Hey fellow Ryzen 9 3900X orderers

    I just had an update from Techfast regarding my order, sharing it here because I figured Techfast wouldn't mind. Apparently they're awaiting (in my case) the Ryzen-9 CPU and the RTX2070 Super video card. Looking at late this week for them to receive those parts so realistically for me it would be mid next week to receive it at the earliest, with late next week being a more realistic estimate.

  • Got mine yesterday (ordered 25/3). Unfortunately it's DOA. No power. The Thermaltake case looks good. Comes with a Gigabye G750H PSU, X570 mobo, RTX2070 Super etc.

    Checked all connections assuming that it had been damaged in transit even though it was well packed inside and out. Disconnected everything from the PSU and ran the power clip test - fans spun up just fine. Was hoping I could just buy a replacement PSU at my local dealership - luckily I tested it before doing that. My next suspect is a busted mobo.

    Have reached out to Techfast but their call centre is down at the moment due to Covid. Have e-mailed support, did a YT video for them but nothing yet. It's only been 2 hours and this isn't Dell or HP so one can't complain.

    I've even willing to source my own mobo and hook it up because I can't wait for this to go back to Adelaide (even though it's DOA)… disappointing but not Techfast's fault. Just venting.