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Ryzen Productivity/Gaming PCs [B450/16/240]: $799 with R5-3600 / $999 with R7-3700X + Shipping @ TechFast


I've had a couple more requests for productivity-type PCs with lower end GPU, so here are two variations with a B450 - with R5-3600 and R7-3700X. The 3700X deal compares favourably to the previous version which was $999 with B350/16G 3200 MHz RAM.

I can also do either of these with a GT 710 1GB GPU for the sole purpose of outputting a display if the CPU is what you're interested in - please PM me if keen for pricing. If there's enough interest I can look at posting the deal but I thought it a little left field to post without asking for interest first.

An R5-1600 AF variant is also coming.

Ryzen 5 3600 / RX 580 8GB Productivity/Gaming PC

  • Ryzen 5 3600 (6 Cores/12 Threads)
  • Biostar RX 580 8GB
  • B450 motherboard (usually MSI Pro VDH, brand may vary)
  • 16GB 2666MHz RAM
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD
  • 750W PSU (80+ Gold PSU upgrade + $69)
  • Leaper Pro RGB Case with ATX options D-Shield v2 and MSI MAG Forge R100 available

Price: $799 after 3600-580-FEB

Ryzen 7 3700X / RX 580 8GB Productivity/Gaming PC

  • Ryzen 7 3700X (8 Cores/16 Threads)
  • Biostar RX 580 8GB
  • B450 motherboard (usually MSI Pro VDH, brand may vary)
  • 16GB 2666MHz RAM
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD
  • 750W PSU (80+ Gold PSU upgrade + $69)
  • Leaper Pro RGB Case with ATX options D-Shield v2 and MSI MAG Forge R100 available

Price: $999 after 3700X-580-FEB

Obligatory deal reminders, ending 1 March:

6C/12T R5-1600 AF Deals

High Spec Gaming PCs

GTX 1070 Founders Edition Systems

all + delivery

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  • Hmm, have a 2070 sitting around.

    Would be interested in a quote for the R5-3600 with the absolute cheapest / no GPU please.

  • Small typo in your post, under "High Spec Gaming PCs" you list 2700X instead of 3700X.

  • Hi Luke, I have been watching your deals and these are great value but I have been holding out for mini itx builds. I know others have requested previously as well and there is more than enough demand for it. Can we please do something in that space? Thx

  • would love a no GPU build

  • What are people doing for an OS with these systems, Linux, Hackintosh, windows 10 buy/something else. It's the only reason I have bought one of these systems yet.

    • Some of the Windows options are:
      * Pay $100+ and get a retail licence from Microsoft
      * Ask Techfast for an OEM licence, may be slightly cheaper than Microsoft but haven't seen it mentioned as an option
      * Buy a cheap Windows 10 licence from a 3rd party site ($10-20$), these are a bit contentious
      * Run Windows 10 in inactivated mode. You can't customise things and it has a notice on the desktop but apart from that works normally.
      * Install Windows 7 or 8 and do an inplace upgrade to get a free Windows 10 digital licence, then do a full install. The 7 or 8 doesn't have to be activated for this to work. I don't know of the rules, but I have used this method successfully before.

      • Luke said $169 for OEM when I asked.

        • lots of down votes heading my way , but I have been buying windows 10 pro keys from CJS keys For $19.71 - for the last 2 years - never expired or had a problem - have 6 running never had one fail

    • I have a MSDN sub through work, so never have to buy Windows.

    • I installed Pop!_OS on one of my laptops I wanted to dedicate to coding.

      Been a few years since using a Linux desktop environment… its come a long long way! Super impressed with it.

      I hear Pop!_OS is one of the go-to flavours for Steam gaming on Linux btw.

      1. Install Win 8.1. No need to activate.

      2. Upgrade to Win 10 for free.


  • posted in the wrong area

  • Genuine question for people, what's the quality and longevity of Biostar stuff like? Considering one of these builds for my partner in the near future.

    • They been making motherboards for 3 decades. In fact people haven been firing up their 486 computers with biostar motherboards and finding they still work.

      Which means you might get lucky in the year 2050, when you fire up your 3rd gen ryzen to play some games on a 2d monitor. Of course passively cooled boards of the era doesn't compare to the thermal throllings pcs of today.

      It's only a few hundred to upgrade all your parts from biostar, if your not a gambler. If they don't waste money advertising they can sell things cheaper.

      • Companies change a lot over 30 years. Different management, different factories, etc. you need to look at recent reliability.

        I think biostar is solid tho.

    • I ran 5 mining PCs with 12 GTX1060s each strapped to Biostar motherboards for about year in Phuket. Hot AND humid. 0 issues.

      I've re-purposed one of those motherboard combos into my home nas/plex server for the past 2 years. Chugs along without worry.

  • Hi guys, is this deal better?

    Is having the B450 motherboard better than having faster ram (from 2666 to 3200 MHz)?


  • Hi.

    I just ordered the 3600. Does the video card have DVI output, or would I need to get an adapter?


  • Hi,
    Has this deal expired? I get "Enter a valid discount code" in checkout.