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GTX 1070 Founders Edition Gaming PCs [16G/240G]: $720 (R5-2600) / $770 (R5-3500X) + Delivery @ TechFast


Something a bit different today. We have secured limited numbers of GTX 1070 8GB Founders Edition graphics cards. They were installed in systems for a gaming event and then not used since, so have barely been used. Although they are out of manufacturer's warranty, we are offering a full 1 year warranty on them as part of our assembled system warranty. Image of the card here. They are not available for separate purchase.

If you're interested in this GPU with another CPU let me know and I'll look into it.

We are pairing them with Ryzen 5 2600 and 3500X processors. In terms of performance, these deliver around 25% better performance than a GTX 1660, or 13% better than a 1660 Super, making the value proposition against the currently sold-out 3500X/1660 deal at $686 very strong.

Ryzen 5 / GTX 1070 Founders Edition Gaming PC

Ryzen 5 2600 or 3500X
GTX 1070 Founders Edition (1 year warranty)
Biostar A320 motherboard (B450 Upgrade $79)
16GB 2666MHz RAM
550W PSU
Leaper Mid or Flair RGB Case

Price: $720 (R5 2600) or $770 (R5-3500X) + Delivery

Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/amd-ryzen-5-2600-gtx-1070-f...

These systems should start to ship in the first week of March onwards as stock is incoming. More generally, due to current supply inconsistencies and import restrictions due to coronavirus throughout our region, our current shipping times may average 10-14 business days until things get back to normal. A large number of systems shipped yesterday, today and will be tomorrow to catch up on some earlier orders.

Other current higher spec deals:

R5-3500X with 2070 or 2080 Supers from $1044
R7-3700X with 2070 or 2080 Supers from $1469
i7-9700KF with 2070 or 2080 Supers from $1630
R9-3900X from $1699


UPDATE: TechFast's shipping has changed from flat to calculated. Title deal has been updated to reflect.

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  • hmmm where are NoS 1070s coming from?

  • My E3-1230v2 is still fine but needs GPU upgrade
    This is very tempting

  • discount code doesnt work.

  • The page shows 2070 super, and 120gb SSD
    It this correct?

  • 10 Series Founders edition means blower style fan?

    • Yeah they're all blowers but as loud as some (Cough AMD vacuum cleaners)

      • +1 vote

        Do you mean not as loud as some?

        • They're actually pretty quiet. Had two of these in SLI before swapping them out for a 1080ti a few years back.

          • @combatant: I'm still using a 1080 FE. The fan's near silent at foot level.

            • @elusive: yeh you mostly just hear air moving, they use a higher quality fan or something

              also with the 1070 FE you're guaranteed samsung memory(not true for custom models) which overclocks higher. downsides are these run hotter than custom coolers, and being nvidia they're are annoying as hell to open/clean

  • Why does it say ..[16G/240G].. in title but 8GB in description?

    • Similar to above - none of the changes I made initially saved, but all should be as per the title now.

      • when I click through to the link, it still says 8gb for me, not 16gb

        • Bundled Memory is definitely set to 16G. Sure you're not looking at the 8GB after the graphics card?

          • @luketechfast: Sorry, the specs weren't loading for me correctly, so I was going by the title, which says 8gb — "AMD Ryzen 5 2600 | GTX 1070 Founders Edition 8GB Gaming Desktop PC" EDIT: so I was assuming it meant RAM but I guess you're referencing the gpu in the title. Also the specs loaded for me on the second click through and I see the 16 now, thanks!

  • How come Luke can do these awesome prices. Other suppliers cannot even come close.
    Im just trying to get a GPU only and recycle what I have/inherited.
    I wish I could just buy the GPU from Techfast at their cost plus their mark up - I bet it would still be the lowest ever

  • What happened to the rest of the build of these ex gaming tournament PCs?

  • I love these techfast PCs but these have to be ex mining cards :P

  • Any chance on deals for just a GTX 1070 by itself?

  • Hi Luke, would be interested in a R5 2600/16gb ram/1660Super build please with $69 gold PSU upgrade. Thanks

    PS: not keen on 1660, either Super or Ti cards please. Also an option to upgrade to 3500x would be great.

    • +1 vote

      Will look into it, always looking for new combos.

      • And I wish you start selling some decent cases too. Happy to pay extra $ rather than seeing those leaper cases. I understand your business model but here is hope…

  • Hey @luketechfast

    I ordered a RTX2070Super/3700X on the 28th, any idea when that will be dispatched/shipped


  • Holy crapballs this is such a good deal. the R5 3500X and 1070 is such a great pairing for 1440p gaming.

    • +4 votes

      Those are the something like the words we used when we figured out our pricing.

    • maybe on older titles.. i have a 3600x/1070 strix and it will play anything 1080p but 1440 is flakey on newer titles unless you drop the quality a bit.

      1070 is still an amazing value card in this bundle :)

    • You will need a RTX2060 super or AMD 5700 for decent 1440p gaming , my MSI 1070 is very struggling on 1440p ultrawide

      • 2060 pull ahead by much?

      • 1440p superwide is 4.95 megapixels, regular 1440p is 3.68 megapixels. you're not comparing apples to apples at all here. (ultrawide is pushing 34% more pixels)

        1070 is still fine for regular 1440p gaming on a mix of medium and high settings. ultrawide is a whole nother kettle of fish (recommend GTX 1080 minimum).

    • 1070 for 1440p lol

      Maybe if you want 40fps.

      • You guys understand that not everyone is using their pc to play the latest and greatest AAA games, right?

        Maybe he's playing some of the thousands of awesome games that have come out over the past 10 years and he is finding that most of them are running at 1440p.

      • I use my 1070 to push thru a qhd 144hz monitor. Most games I play are maxed out but that said I don't play many games on release

  • Any idea when/if the b350m will be back in stock?

  • Do you offer any of your computers to come unassembled?

    • If you specify in the notes box (I think) then yes they're very happy to ship as parts only.

      However, that means manufacturer warranty only applies to the components and not the overall build. Luke can clarify this though.

    • +2 votes

      Switchblade is right - To request your system unassembled, just enter SHIP UNASSEMBLED in the Notes field on the Cart page before Checkout. Please note that our 1 year assembled system warranty will not apply to the system you have assembled, as we did not assemble it, but component manufacturer warranties will apply and we will assist with these if required. This will apply to this 1070 GPU in this instance.

  • Did this card end up getting ray tracing support?

  • AMD Threadripper 3990x 64 core build Luke? 😂😋

  • Hey @luketechfast!

    My mum ordered a Core i7 9700F | RTX 2070 SUPER on the 23rd of Jan, she's flying out this Saturday morning so sent an email to follow up earlier this week. Callum responded saying it would make it to her in time, can you confirm? Seems unlikely at this point so I'm trying to figure out if I need to head home to make sure the delivery isn't left unattended when she leaves (she's away for a month).


  • What is the price to upgrade to an R7-3700x?

  • Hey Luke, Any chance of a deal for this coming back? https://techfast.com.au/collections/amd-systems/products/amd...

    You had it for $999, my boss is waiting to buy one :-)

  • Dam so bitter I got the R5 3500X/1660 deal, would of paid the extra to get this!!!

    • +1 vote

      There's another couple of weeks before this is ready for shipping. If you're hasn't shipped we can hold and upgrade.

    • lol me too man im in the same boat hey.. just received mine ($689 from this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/512615)

      so it's $30-$80 (+ shipping, $30?) so $60-$110 difference for a GTX 1070 and 240GB SSD instead of my GTX 1660 and 120GB SSD.. i think i would have preferred this deal, especially after reading:

      In terms of performance, these deliver around 25% better performance than a GTX 1660(gpu.userbenchmark.com), or 13% better than a 1660 Super(gpu.userbenchmark.com), making the value proposition against the currently sold-out 3500X/1660 deal at $686 very strong.

      hehe.. sometimes it pays to wait? :'(

  • due to current supply inconsistencies and import restrictions due to coronavirus throughout our region, our current shipping times may average 10-14 business days

    Stop buying cheap crap from China like your no name PSU that you put into your budget builds. I’ve seen way too many of them blow up!

    • so tell us how you really feel. dont hold back this time.

    • +6 votes

      I understand what youre saying on multiple levels, but it affects the entire industry. At least one part of pretty much any component comes from China. Were just giving ourselves some extra time which most customers agree is a good idea anyway.

    • I'm having issues getting hold of prebuilt PCs and servers from manufacturers like HP, Dell and Lenovo thanks to what's happening in China. They don't all use Chinese products, but they are assembled there! This supply issue is impacting both distributors and direct.

  • blaming techfast for using china made products is bull**** by the way. over 90% of everything we use day to day comes from china.

  • The long shipping delay is really unfortunate :(

  • Do you sell upgrade combos? Im after motherboard cpu and ram

  • Man if it was a ps5 year id be getting one of these fo sho

    • your not going to buy a ps5 right away are you? hope not. what if months later or a year down the line they release a ps5 pro? plus you dont want to be a early adopter..first wait and see if many bugs or issues come out then jump in..way i see it when ps5 comes out i would wait atleast a year minimum before even looking at getting one. so for me figure it doesnt come out until december 2020 if i could even aquire one with demand and cost..then wait a year to see how they play out quality wise and to see if PS screws people over with a pro version or whatever..thats 2 years from now. i wouldnt wait 2 years when i can get better graphics and same if not better quality now. and being able to upgrade how ever i want. no brainer man. jump on this now

  • It's cheap for a reason. used GPU's with blower style coolers, insanely cheap motherboard, ram, ssd, case and unfortunately also PSU. same with all techfast computers, you are getting what you pay for.

    • +2 votes

      Everything there is upgradable for those who want the option, other than the GPU whose origin is clearly stated - in other builds that too is generally upgradable.

      • what is the manufacturer you use for your PSU's anyway? also you don't give the manufacturer name for your ssd's either

    • I can say from experience that is not true at all. I was skeptical so I asked for parts only with no build. Everything came brand new in the box including an expensive motherboard. As for this particular build, it clearly states what you’re buying.

  • Worth noting that you have to pay extra for Windows activation. I always forget about that

  • EDIT: removed my question..

  • Anybody got a link to the various case specs?

    Lost a bunch of PCs last weekend in the flooding and power surges - looking for a budget replacement and this seems like a great deal.

  • waiting on another lot of deals with 3500X CPU and RTX 2060 (normal or super) GPU.. hopefully they'll come soon.

  • Ordered 29/1 and still waiting for it.
    Called Techfast support and they said due to corona virus part orders have been delayed.
    Wish you notify customers before they call you guys.