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Ryzen 9 3900X Gaming/Productivity PC [X570/16/750W Gold] from $1699 [RX570] + $39 Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks,

Have had a few requests for the Ryzen 9 3900X PC with a range of GPU pairings for workstation as well as gaming, so here is the ranged offering, from RX 570 4GB through to RTX 2080 Ti. The two cases on offer at present are the Leaper Open Air RGB case and the Deepcool D-Shield v2 (same price as Leaper Open Air), with 3 x 120mm front fans and 1 x 120mm exhaust installed. The Matrexx 50/55 and Thermaltake Versas etc upgrades previously offered are all currently unavailable from suppliers in sufficient quantities due to various scenarios overseas.

Ryzen 9 3900X Gaming/Productivity PC

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
GPU from RX 570 4GB
16G 2666MHz RAM
X570 (MSI) or Asus Tuf WiFi upgrade available
480GB 2.5" SSD
750W 80+ Gold PSU
Leaper Open Air RGB Case or Deepcool D-Shield v2

Price: $1699 after 3900X-FEB


The SUMMERFAST code is still valid on systems previously advertised (check our account page) for a limited time, and Tightarse posted a new R5 3500X / GTX 1660 deal at $686 yesterday too.


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