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R7-3700X Gaming PCs [B450/16G/240G] w 2070 Super: $1469 / 2080 Super $1848 + Delivery @ TechFast


Finishing the week with a couple of Ryzen 7 3700X builds that have been requested. This time around the B450 motherboard is bundled in at a slightly better price than the previous upgrade from B350 (currently unavailable), paired with RTX 2070 Super and RTX 2008 Super from Galax. The bundled B450 is likely to be MSI Pro VDH or equivalent, with the Mortar Max upgrade + $29.

Ryzen 7 3700X / RTX 2070 Super Gaming PC

Ryzen 7 3700X
RTX 2070 Super (UPDATE: Galax supply chain issues mean Inno3D will be used)
B450 motherboard
16G 2666MHz RAM
750W PSU (80+ Gold 750W PSU + $69)
Leaper Pro RGB Case (Leaper Open Air and Deepcool Tesseract and D-Shield v2 upgrades available)

Price: $1469 after 3700X-2070S-FEB (apply at checkout)

Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/amd-ryzen-7-3700x-rtx-2070-...

Ryzen 7 3700X / RTX 2080 Super Gaming PC

Ryzen 7 3700X
Galax 1-click OC RTX 2080 Super
B450 motherboard
16G 2666MHz RAM
750W PSU (80+ Gold 750W PSU + $69)
Leaper Pro RGB Case (Leaper Open Air and Deepcool Tesseract and D-Shield v2 upgrades available)

Price: $1848 after 3700X-2080S-FEB (apply at checkout)

Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/amd-ryzen-7-3700x-rtx-2080-...

We're shipping a large number of orders from a very busy January over the next couple of days, so hang in there if you're awaiting a system and PM me for updates whenever you need them.

Live deals

BA Posted the 3500X versions of these yesterday at $1044 and $1379 (starting at a base spec), and TA's 3500X / 1660 deal at $686 is still live. My R9-3900X system starting at $1699 with RX 570 is here too.

Enjoy your weekends!

UPDATE: TechFast's shipping has changed from flat to calculated. Title deal has been updated to reflect.

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  • Luke…..How long will the 3700X-2070S-FEB be valid for? Just need to work out if I can wait 2 weeks before pulling the trigger?

    • +1 vote

      2 weeks would probably be the limit of the code I reckon. Something similar will replace it after.

    • Role the dice and wait. With AMD's recent price discounts there is a good chance this will be marginally cheaper next week.

      My 2 cents YMMV

  • Is the difference between 2070 and 2080 pretty minimal?

  • What PSU is it?

    • The base PSU is the Allied 750W, our staple for the past couple of years. The 750W Gold upgrade is usually from Gigabyte G750H, and Raidmax Cobra has also been used.

  • Is there a spec sheet for the Open Air case? I can't find info anywhere.

    Also, can we please get more info on what specific motherboards are in the pool?

    • The spec sheet is in the gallery on the site (scroll right) and also here.

      The base B450 motherboard is generally MSI Pro VDH Max and X570 generally MSI X570-A Pro, although models of both can vary. The stated MSI Mortar Max and Asus Tuf WiFi X570 are as stated.

  • Can you give specifics on what Brands are used for the parts? It's a fantastic deal. But really don't wanna be purchasing if I'm getting trash SSD and PSU

    • +1 vote

      We can and do use a variety of brands and models in all builds but do not generally specify as it depends on what is in stock at the time any one build goes into build. The site states which are most commonly used (pasted below). In almost all areas a stated-brand option is available.

      RAM: TeamGroup, Crucial, G.Skill, other TechFast-approved brands
      Motherboard: A320/B350/H310/B360: Usually: Biostar B450/X570/Z370/Z390: Ususally: MSI, Gigabyte Occasionally: Other TechFast-approved brands
      Power Supply: Bundled 550W and 750W: Allied, TechFast-approved
      80+ Bronze and Gold: Antec, Thermaltake, Gigabyte, Deepcool, Raidmax other TechFast-approved
      Graphics Cards: Galax, MSI, Biostar, ASUS, Colorful, Inno3D, other TechFast-approved - all used as often as each other
      Solid State Drive: Usually:SanDisk, Crucial, Lexar, Allied Occasionally: Other TechFast-approved
      Hard Disk Drive: Usually: Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba Occasionally: Other TechFast-approved

  • Hey Luke could you shoot me message please?


  • @luketechfast

    Hey I want to buy the 2070 super bundle, however I don't want to add windows 10 to the deal, will the computer work when I recieve it like do you install a different OS like linux for example? or will I need to install an OS from the fresh hard drive to get it to work without buying the preinstalled windows 10 from you. Thanks

    • We preinstall Windows 10 and GPU drivers, but the OS is not activated. You can install whatever OS you choose on your system after that - the installation of that would be up to you. We wouldn't send a blank SSD as it would not have been tested to work along with the rest of the system.

  • Has anyone who ordered a system with a 2070 Super actually received their systems yet?

    • They have arrived and a large number were shipped earlier in the week. If you have an existing order I can look it up for you. PM me.

  • Hi Luke, I must have missed the large first batch you're talking about unfortunately.

    Order: #TECHFAST57702631

    Cheers Aaron

    • +1 vote

      Will be ready tomorrow! You can pick it up from Beverley if you can drive in from the Fleurieu. I'll PM you.