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i7-9700F Gaming PCs [16B/B360/240]: $1299 with RTX 2070 Super / $1599 with RTX 2080 Super + Shipping @ TechFast


If you've been hanging out for an Intel based deal this is a new all-time low for Core i7 9700F paired with RTX 2080 Super and 2070 Super. Upgrade models wise we have been using the MSI MAG Mortar for the Z390 and 750W 80+ Gold PSU has been Gigabyte G750H. The MSI MAG Forge R100 cases arrived today and look the goods!

Core i7 9700F / RTX 2070 Super Gaming PC

  • Core i7-9700F
  • RTX 2070 Super 8GB (has been Galax/Inno3D, brand/model may vary)
  • 16G 2666MHz RAM
  • 240G 2.5" SSD
  • Biostar B360 motherboard
  • 750W power supply
  • Leaper Pro RGB case Leaper Mid case

Price: $1299 after 9700F-2070S-FEB

Core i7 9700F / RTX 2080 Super Gaming PC

  • Core i7-9700F
  • RTX 2080 Super 8GB (has been Galax, brand/model may vary)
  • 16G 2666MHz RAM
  • 240G 2.5" SSD
  • Biostar B360 motherboard
  • 750W power supply
  • Leaper Pro RGB case Leaper Mid case

Price: $1599 after 9700F-2080S-FEB

High Spec AMD Gaming PCs Ending Soon

GTX 1070 Founders Edition Systems Ending Soon

Home/Office PCs ending soon

All + delivery

The title of this deal reads + Shipping - it is (at time of posting) still $29 but we will shortly be moving over to calculated shipping via Australia Post. In some ways I apologise - I understand it will make a difference to some customers, but the $29/$39 rate has been a subsidised rate for a very long time and the change needs to be made for us to continue offering the same pricing overall. If you're in an area where calculated shipping might have an impact and were considering buying, now would be the time.

NOTE: Calculated Shipping change has been applied.

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  • Hey Luke i placed on order on the 7th of feb for a 3500x + 2080S system, granted it's only been 11-12 business days just wondering if i could get an update on its status

  • Hey Luke,

    Do you have alternative monitor, like AOC 27V2Q?

    This is a tad more expensive than E2727SH.

    • Not at this stage sorry. Monitor supply dates are not assured at the moment so we're not looking to increase the range.

  • Hey Luke,

    How does part upgrade work? Just paying the difference and the discounted code will still work I assume?

    Thank you

    • Whatever upgrades you get are on top of the discounted price

    • +1 vote

      Yep that's right - the price here is for the spec without upgrades. This particular discount code reduces the overall price of the system excluding shipping by $300.

  • Wow I just paid $700 for an 2070 super - should have just got this and re-sold the parts.

  • Hey Luke,
    Really tempted to bite on the RTX2080S deal, but the thing that worries me is I would like to put an NVME in down the track, but I have found there are some Biostar B360 boards that have no NVME slots. Will the one you include definitely have at least one NVME slot?

  • I'm a simple man

    I see a techfast deal I hit up-vote

  • How long are the codes going to be working for?

  • What is 9700F, does anyone know? How does it compare with 9700 and 9700K?

    • It's the 9700 without on board graphics. There is no difference otherwise other than the nice saving.

      The 9700K is unlocked and also represents an increase in performance over the 9700F with a respective price increase.

  • The processor and the video card alone cost what techfast are offering for the whole system.

    One of the best value for money systems ever!

  • I can see there is a case for it, but it's rare to think of anyone hanging out for an Intel deal these days! What a time to be alive!! :D

    PS This is another great deal.

  • Cant add to cart iphone and pc both having problems selecting case and screen…and add cart button not wokring properly

    • Thanks for letting me know - i've just checked both links in Chrome and can't replicate any issue. Which product, and which browser/s were you using?

      • Pla check inbox i stuffed up my order due to the glitches i have on my browser…

      • I got a refund from the recent HP deal - what can you offer that is similar/better specced for around the same price point? Would like some longevity - would mainly line to use for video processing and gaming

        • Was that the i7 / GTX 1060 system?

            • @goldiep: Ok. Given it was confirmed as refurb, and I'm not sure exactly which components were refurb and which were new, I can't do an apples for apples. You won't get a system with new i7 and new GPU for that money anywhere AFAIK. On price, our closest match is Ryzen 5 1600 AF / GTX 1660 with upgrades to RAM and SSD, but the CPU is obviously a step down. A shipping refund also applies to that system to match the advertised price - see comment pinned to the top of the listing.

              We do have Ryzen 5 and Core i7 systems with GTX 1070 GPUs that are not brand new (see deal listings for GPU origin notes) here and here.

        • I would wait for the next HP deal.

  • Purchased from the previous deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/517338, there was a delay in shipping(about 12 business days instead of within 10) but overall happy with the components

  • Just wonder how much it cost if I buy all the parts and build it myself.

  • What Biostar motherboard do you include ? Does it have 4 DIMM slots or 2?

  • $50 shipping for me in Perth WA :-(

  • Can I build myself for quicker ship time?

    • You may save 1-2 days as the build and testing phases, but we pick all systems purchased on the same day together, to be fair to everyone.

  • I’ve been out of the pc building world for a good 12 years now so I’m clueless. Now, I could be sensible and go and do my own research, but I trust you guys. I’m looking at the 2080 build with the following upgrades.

    Msi case
    Z390m motherboard
    Msi Ventus graphics card
    32gb 3200mhz memory
    1tb nvme ssd
    Gold power supply
    120mm liquid cooler

    The total comes to $2632 before the discount code ($300?).

    Primary use is gaming, 1440p (would it be capable of 4K with decent frame rates)? Will also be some video editing, and the rare bit of CAD as well.

    Is this overkill, anything I should add or have I added anything unnecessary? Will it be relatively future proof (3 years or so)? Is it better to go with AMD for gaming?

    In the end, I may not even go ahead with it as I need approval from the mrs. I’m fairly keen though, as my gaming laptop isn’t keeping up with the latest games anymore.

  • BANG, trigger pulled.

    Got an AOC 27G2E5 from somewhere else.

  • Hi,

    Can someone help me compare the below combo?? I am not good at Tech but would like a reasonable good computer can hold 2k 144hz (sort of next gen tech) and reasonable fast CPU for desk top works like (MS office, record some movies, play some games but I general play and will buy PS5). I like quiet PC since I haven;t had a desktop for 15 years.

    Processor: Intel Core i7 9700F Processor
    Motherboard: Intel Z390M Motherboard
    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB Graphics Card
    Memory: 16GB DDR4 [3200MHz] (2 x 8GB) - Requires Z390 Motherboard

    Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Processor
    Motherboard: MSI B450M Mortar (Max or Titanium)
    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB Graphics Card
    Memory: 16GB DDR4 [3200MHz] (2 x 8GB) [Requires B350 MB Or Above]

    Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Processor
    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB Graphics Card
    Motherboard: MSI B450M Mortar (Max or Titanium)
    _16GB DDR4 [3200MHz] (2 x 8GB) [Requires B350 MB Or Above]

    Many thanks,

    • The 9700F will have the slight gaming edge over the 3700X, but the 3700X will perform better for any editing if you do any. Gaming difference noticeable?. Perhaps, perhaps not. The 3600 is generally the best bang for buck balance between gaming and productivity in the market, but you will lose the top end performance it looks like you're after versus the higher end CPUs.


    I have an MSI vortex from years ago, g65, 32gb ram i7 6 series, 1070 NVIDIA card.
    Tempted to upgrade, would this be a significant step up or small?

  • How long is delivery on these systems usually?

    • +1 vote

      Our current estimated times from order to dispatch are 10-14 business days due to supply chain issues around coronavirus. It is a relatively uncertain time but we're working through it best we can.

  • Hi Luke, i just purchased the Core i7 9700F / RTX 2070 Super Gaming PC, does it come with additional hard drive other then the 240G ssd? Also does it come included with windows or is it something i have to add on.

    • Firstly thanks for the purchase! This system is bundled with a 240G SSD. If you didn't add another or upgrade the storage in your order but want to, let me know and I can issue an invioce. As for Windows, Win 10 Home will be preinstalled but not activated. You can purchase a key from us for $169, or elsewhere - it's your choice there.

  • Hi Luke

    About to pull the trigger on the 2080S system but the asus tuf z390 wifi is out of stock is there another motherboard with wifi ability available to purchase with the system?

  • Hi,
    Am currently thinking of buying the RTX 2070 Super. Would this pc be able to run 'fortnite' and 'csgo' at high graphics? and high fps

  • Hey Luke! I placed an order on 5th Mar, but I was told two days ago that the supply chain of I7-9700F is affected by the coronavirus. I had emailed TECHFAST support for an alternative option, but haven't gotten the response. Is there any way you can help me forward my order? Thanks.

  • Any possibility a similar deal around this price might resurface. Really keen to grab this configuration as a first time consumer with TECHFAST =)

  • Hi luketechfast

    Has the processor arrived?


    • As hoped, the supplier has confirmed they received them today 31/3, and are processing them. Next step dispatch to us, transit, then assembly and testing here. Light, tunnel, end, and all that!

  • If there are any delays where can I go to find them>