This was posted 2 years 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Basic/Entry Level Gaming PC: R3-3200G: $349 + Delivery @ TechFast Australia


Hi folks,

In TA's popular R5-3500X / 1660 deal yesterday there were requests for lower spec/Entry Level PCs, so here is our pricing on a base spec Ryzen 3 3200G (VEGA 8 APU) system, and with GPU options.

In terms of gaming, the Ryzen 3 2200G will perform as an entry level gaming PC (thanks to scuderiarmani below - here is a video showing gameplay:, particularly with the 16GB RAM upgrade of 2x8G 2666MHz for the Vega 8 APU, alongside the perfect home/office/student use. However, if light gaming is an intended use I would definitely recommend the RX 570 4GB or GTX 1660 6GB options, which will result in more frames in a wider range of games. For more recent titles or higher resolutions, go the TA deal above.


Ryzen 3 3200G
VEGA 8 On-Board Graphics (MSI RX 570 + $179 / Galax GTX 1660 + $229)
8GB 2666MHz RAM (16G 2666MHz + $69)
Biostar A320 motherboard
550W PSU
Leaper Case (Leaper Flair or Mid upgrade +$19 recommended when adding a GPU for intake/exhaust fans; Leaper has intake only)
Bundle an AOC E2470SWH 23.6" Monitor and Wired Keyboard/Mouse for +$110

Price: $349 after 3200G-JAN (apply at Checkout)


Higher Spec deals ending soon:
3500X/1660: $689
3500X/2080 Super + 27" Mon Bundle: $1599
3800X/3900X/2080 Super: $1799/$2399
3800X/RX 5700 XT: $1288


25/2 UPDATE: TechFast's shipping has changed from flat to calculated. Title deal has been updated to reflect.

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  • +7

    Yep, that's entry level. :)

    Purchased the Boxing Day Ryzen 5 1660 deal + a couple of extras. Arrived super quickly (considering the time of year) and very happy with product and service.

    • +8

      Do you recommend it for Minesweeper?

    • Purchased the AMD Ryzen 7 3800X Gaming Desktop PC for Christmas. Box wouldn't POST when unpacked.
      Was returned 3rd January and they still haven't started working on it when I rang yesterday :(

    • how fast was super quick? i ordered this on jan 15 and it is still just "confirmed", not even built

      • +1

        Send support an email to enquire. They're probably inundated with orders but asking the question may bump up your order in their priority. FYI same situation with me, ordered 4th Jan, sent them an email 20th Jan and it was built and sent out the next day.

        • +1

          This is exactly what happened after I sent them an email, shipped today hahaha. Thanks

  • +2

    With those specs it be entry point for emulators..

    • +12

      Some people just play games like league of legends..

    • -5

      better off just buying a NUC…

      • +7

        Most NUCs cannot match the graphics on this…

        • ..for an emulator? Which system are you trying to emulate that needs more than modern Intel iGPU?

          • @zeggie: Wii U (CEMU)

            • @So lo: Would like to know if you can run ps3 emulator and 3DS on it

  • +15

    Entry level but still insane value for $349. Good deal.

  • +6

    Why even mention gaming with these specs. It will just lead to disappointed 10 year old boys and very frustrated non IT savvy parents.

    • +21

      I've clarified in the post. The GPU with this CPU will result in better FPS/resolution options in more games, and it's clearly marked as Entry Level/Light Gaming.

    • +12

      Because it can?

      I don't know why everyone's up in arm about this being a gaming PC….

      • That video you are linking is overclocking on a quality motherboard and has 16gb of faster ram. We all know that ryzen loves lots of fast ram. Same but different. Playing games at 30-40 fps, no thanks. Just get a console at that price and be happier.

        • +8

          I've seen the difference, it's usually a few FPS with overclocking and faster ram.

          Don't go pretending it can't game, it's flog older 'gaming' laptops and would be perfectly fine for most people on a usual 1080p resolution….

          Just adjust settings to suit. This isn't some rubbish Intel IGPU.

            • +5

              @MS Paint: Why don't you check what frame rates an Xbox One S produces these days?

              This thing is infinitely better in many scenarios, not to mention it's useful as a computer…

    • Just get a second hand ps3 and get cheap games for $5-$10 each much better investment unless they got no laptops hanging around

  • -1

    Not much point having an onboard video card and then upgrading to the cards listed.

    • +11

      Most consumer-grade CPUs have an integrated GPU.

    • Why not? It doesn't need to be used to play games.

      • +3

        Well if you aren't playing games and are on a budget why would you add a GPU? The 3200G is excellent on it's own.

        • I didn't read his comment properly, but it's not like you can separate the integrated gpu from the cpu. Could they offer a cpu without integrated graphics? Sure, but that's up to them if it's worth it.

          • +2

            @ozhunter: I did ask this question ages ago on another Ryzen APU post…

            I think you'll find the actual CPU side of it is actually good value as it stands too… maybe easier to source in bulk, possibly also has benefits in some programs as well with a GPU and the IGPU?

            They've got Ryzen 3500 posts already, so this is just another option. Great for emulation and more than capable with adjusted settings at 1080p on most titles too…

  • +4

    Would like to know more about the specs… What ram, which SSD, what PSU etc.

    • We use a variety of brands and models for various components, so if it is not specified here, they may vary. However, the base PSU and 120 to 480G SSDs will likely be from Allied, which has been our staple for more than a year. The RAM can and does vary between GSkill, Crucial, Team as our most common.

  • +1

    This is an extremely good value entry level PC for things like office, internet browsing, watching movies and light gaming (CS:GO, League of Legends).

    Heavier games will require a discrete graphics card, more ram and a better cpu thus the previous deal is more suitable.

    • Good for Adobe?

      • Reader? sure! Might need the 16GB RAM though.

  • Good for Roblox?

    • +3

      Good for grandad.

    • Yes, for sure.

  • +2

    I've been on the lookout for a cheap gaming PC to try and make a start on my Steam backlog. I mean, I have games dating back years and years (e.g. currently ploughing through Quantum Conundrum). What kind of minimum spec should I be looking at if I want to work through a list of games that includes Injustice, Satellite Reign, Life is Strange, etc. etc.?

    Sorry I've been out of the PC game for so long I don't know all of the current players in the CPU and GFX space any more. Is it still Intel vs AMD and ATI vs nVidia? Hahahaha… (that's showing my age).

    Voodoo 2 SLI 4 eva!!!

    • +3

      Yep those are still the main players, except AMD bought ATI and dropped the branding so now it's Intel vs. AMD and nVidia vs. AMD.

      As to your question, this will play most games from 5+ years ago ok. Will possibly player some newer ones if you're happy with minimum graphics settings.

      • Cool, thanks!

        • The gfx card upgrade definitely worth it for games

  • Could this run any VR games with the on board GPU?

    • +9

      no. youd probably have a terrible experience

  • how about performance for video editing?

    • +1

      3200G benchmarks…. there would be a million on Google/Youtube. Just search for what specific program suits you.

    • it'll do it, but it'll be slow. More cores, more RAM and GPU acceleration is supported in most editing packages nowadays - so it's a trade off of your time versus money.

  • +5

    Can it play crysis?

    • You forgot the "BUT"

    • probably not with ray tracing

  • Looking to use this as a PC for Powerpoint on projector and audio recording/converting for our church, would the onboard graphics be able to handle 3 simultaneous monitors or would I need to buy a dedicated GPU card?

    • +1

      You'd probably need to get a dedicated GPU just to get the required outputs.

      • check the motherboard, even the ASrock A320M i commonly quote has 3 outputs
        also if its just office apps you could use a usb to video adapter :-) they're cheap now

  • -1

    'Entry level games include Minesweeper, Spider Solitaire and 3D Pinball for Windows 95 [*3D graphics only simulated]'

    • +2

      Can do a lot more than entry level with a Ryzen APU…..

      Reguarly around 50+ FPS 1080p.

      Good Ram can help this APU alot though I believe, particularly with a mild OC.

      • +1

        Dual-channel ram is more important. The base techfast system comes with 1 stick, you need to install another stick of ram to reap the benefits on the APU.

  • +1

    But will it blend?

  • -2

    More like gaming PC for those who just came out of a life long coma.

  • did a quick check on a website . as advertise could play CSGO at minimum standard and fortnite . with the $179 graphics card just past recommended for rainbow 6 siege and just go over the minimum standard for call of duty modern warfare

    • +2

      Check the video I posted above…. you won't need a GPU to get the 60fps at 1080p on High…

  • +1

    You could play a shitload of indie games with this. And some older games.

  • It could play 4k movies on a 4k screen, correct?

  • +1

    How about using this for a media server like plex ( with additional storage )

  • Good value budget PC.

    Any chance of creating a machine that would be good for security cameras?
    I need to a machine that can handle encoding 8-10 8MP cameras on the fly :)

    • most good quality cameras will do h264 or h265 encoding on the camera - the best recommendation would be then to config the cameras to save on NAS, otherwise you're looking at a reasonable amount of CPU horsepower to realtime encode 8x 8MP streams (unless you're maybe saving them as MPEG2 streams direct from the camera - but you'll need a hell of a lot of storage space) - this machine won't handle it.

  • Thought it was a subwoofer

  • +1

    They let you add a GTX 1660 for only $229? :O

    • -1

      Surprising. That means the effective value of the PC is only 249.

  • How many fps can I expect this to run witcher 3 on 27 inch

    • +2

      Video I linked, 40s at 720p on low.

      Playable, not great. You'd want the GPU upgrade.

      • +1

        if Witcher 3 is your main aim on the 27 inch, you may be better off with a console just for that game.. it'll perform better at this price range.

        • Agreed, it's not the easiest title to run on a budget

  • +1

    Does the B350 motherboard upgrade have an M.2/NVMe slot and can the graphics output 4K @ 60Hz?

    • +1

      should support M.2 slot and nvme. I upgraded my tech fast system and put a NVMe in it works a treat

      • Thanks.

    • I think I found the answer regarding the graphics output…
      If it's the Biostar B45M2, it does a maximum of [email protected] through HDMI.

  • Hi Luke, any chance of a mid range 3500X 5700XT build deal coming up? The 2080 super rigs look great but are a bit pricey.

    • +2

      Standby today for mid-range builds!

      • Thanks! Looking forward.

      • +1 for mid-range builds!

      • More time needed on those now, probably next week now.

  • Hi Luke, could you let us have a 4K video editing build deal too?

    • Unsure of budget, but have you considered this one? 3800X / 5700XT, with options for RAM upgrades if desired and probably choose the B450 Mortar Max upgrade.

      • @luketechfast how many usb 3.0 port does this one have? Thanks

  • have you got any motherboards that will support more than 4 sata 3 that isnt one of the x570's

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