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Lacoste Men's Straigtset BL 1 White Leather Sneaker $84.97 Delivered @ David Jones


Cheapest compared to all other retailers:

All sizes available atm ( 12:55 PM 7th ) 6UK ~ 11UK, extra $3 off ( down to $81.97 ) if you have access to the Suncorp benefits for discount eGift Card. Bought one myself for the future, you can never go wrong with a pair of white sneakers right ;)

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • +3

    god damn that's cheap.

    • +2

      i really really really dont need more shoes, dammmit, i got like 10 in the box unopened from the last kogan deal lol

  • Good Deal

  • Cheers OP got a pair

  • That is crazy cheap. Got a pair!

  • got it thanks .. are these any comfortable .. please let me know .. thanks for your help ..

    • As with all shoes, depends on the shape and size of your feet. But I own a pair of straightsets like these, and wore them for several years doing everything from hiking and clubbing to everyday walking. They're fantastic!

  • check designer sale there! also some cool bargains but limited sizes

  • Is there a way of searching DJ website for those 50%off deals?

  • How would you go about cleaning these shoes?

    • +3

      A wet one or other wipe usually works. Probably even a wet paper towel. Just don't wait till they are really bad

  • Perfect - usually the price i pull the pin on white sneakers from Adidas, lactose etc $70-80

    • +14

      What if you're sensitive to lactose?

      • +9

        Bloody Auto correct - lets hope $80 of Milk doesnt arrive from David Jones.

  • -1

    got too many white shoes… don’t think I’ll be getting this one.

    • +1

      Too many white shoes? No such thing!

      • +1

        it'll all turn black eventually

    • How to convince the other half to own a pair of white shoes? He clearly is a dag.

      • -1

        If he's not interested then maybe don't try to force him to wear them? People who feel awkward or uncomfortable wearing particular clothing items will show when they're forced to wear them. Then it's no fun for anybody.

        • +1

          ‘Convince’ is not the same as ‘force’. Nobody is doing any forcing.

          • @Pecan: Why do you need to convince him to wear them? If he's interested, he'll be interested. The outcome is the same.

    • Thanks for sharing.

  • how do you clean these mine went black

    • +6

      White glo toothpaste with an old toothbrush.

  • How is this cheap, you can get Adidas shoes at outlet for 40 bucks when they have 50 percent off

  • Cheers OP, grabbed a pair! Solid price

  • Nooooooo… my size ran out!!!

    • Try UK 6 or UK 7.

      • +2

        Are you suggesting he/she negotiate their foot size?

  • +3

    Social isolation at home is the best way to keep your sneakers crisp and white!

  • Got one, Thanks OP


    • +4

      Pretty hard to find live ones

  • thanks OP bought a pair because of price.

    another to add to my white shoes collection

  • dang trying to sell a pair of these on FB marketplace, this sale certainly isnt helping my value proposition

    • -3

      do you get messages from indian guys asking for %90 discount?

      • +3

        Yeah atleast they are not dole bludgers and know how to earn their lively hood..unlike some keyboard warriors targeting the indian community .. I guess asking for bargain or discount is better than begging from Centrelink ….atleast they spend their own hard earned money..hey cobba

        • yeah bad comment, my sincere apologies. Although not sure what your centrelink dole bludgers rant has to do with it.

          To be honest the lowball offers come in from all shapes and sizes - indian, whites, asian, arabic, etc etc etc. It doesnt seem to matter where anyones from, if they're shopping fb marketplace, they are a lowballer

          • -1

            @WillisAU: I mean, i do have to agree that a good 70% of low ball offers come from gentleman of Indian origin, probably 20% from East Asian Arab background and the other 10% of randoms.

            I've sold a fair amount of stuff on Facebook marketplace and its pretty consistent with the above. Nothing wrong with trying to get something super cheap nor is it racist to point out that a huge proportion of those offers come from Indians. I dont really see the relevance of the centrelink comment.

            • -1

              @TightTerry: Still targeting indian guys …you must a typical racist rant …oz red neck bogan…aye mate..next time you go to your dr make sure he is not indian..you attitude towards indian race is Ridicolous.. also I. Regards to the Centrelink reference mate ..just looks at figure how many Indians/Australian are getting social security payments as compared to the Australian people who are born and bought up Aussie…I found your comment racist because even though the indian people might be asking for a bargain..but you’d should be ranting that’s majority of the india people you have dealt with are like this …you are pickkng on the whole race ..think before right cobba..

              • @Sunnyoz: I’m not Australian.

                • @TightTerry: Mate Doesn’t matter you are an oz or not …you are a racist rant and racist doesn’t have any race ..so better watch you mouth …you are picking on the whole community ..

  • Bought one earlier this morning. Can't wait.

  • +1

    Their website is pain the f ass.

    5000 items on sale but the filters are limited, take ages to process and sometimes do not work

  • Thanks OP.

  • Size 7 and 8 sold out :(

    • late to the party only 6 n 12 UK left now sorry :(

  • +1

    Think its all sold out now. Thanks OP for the find!

  • wonder when this will ship. considering it's david jones, i'm not expecting them to be quick with fulfilment.

    • Mine shipped yesterday afternoon.

    • mine shipped straight away. Same with the sodastream i ordered from DJ's last week. The hold up however appears to be with Australia Post - the Sodastream was meant to be delivered last Tuesday at the latest and now its gone out to next Tuesday-Thursday. Aus Post are getting hammered at the moment

    • Shipped today

  • Order not fulfilled, typical and expected. I wonder how many others will have the same email?

    I can't wait until they go out of business.

    • meaning you received an email stating your item is no longer in stock?

      • No, they were refunding my money. I actually bought it in an earlier DJs deal before this.

        From email -
        "On this occasion, we're sorry to advise we are unable fulfil the item(s) in your order. "

        • Well I didn't receive any emails at all. None for delivery none for being unable to fulfill the order.

    • Mine shipped yesterday

    • Mine got shipped and it's popped up on my AusPost account too.

  • +1

    The Stan Smiths on the Adidas sale is actually a good alternative now. I really like the all white.

  • Anyone got these yet?

    • I got mine this morning

    • Got mine today.

    • still waiting…

    • Stuck at shipping info approved since 13/4 :(

  • Looks like mine are finally on for delivery today with Aus post

  • Has anyone tried the shoes? It would be great if can comment on the quality/durability as I have noticed the internal is not leather but a mesh fabric usually used for clothing not shoes.

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