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Kodak Super Heavy Duty AA 20 Pack $5.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


AA AND AAA batteries for $5.50. Will come in handy when kids are home 24x7

For low-drain use only, as per manufacturer's description.

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    Put the price in the title op ^_^

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    Best to buy rechargeable if kids are at home 24/7. Disposable are good for when not at home.

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    AAA Link for those interested - https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B00DR3Q6Y6/ref=ppx_yo_d...

    limit of 3 per customer

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    Reviews say they don't last long. I think cheap batteries like this are perceived value only.

    From the Kodak Batteries website:

    Carbon-Zinc batteries (sometimes referred to as Zinc-Chloride or Zinc batteries) are intended for low-drain devices. Low-drain refers to devices such as radios or alarm clocks which do not require a high power output. Carbon-Zinc batteries shouldn’t be used in devices such as a digital camera as the high power needed for these could cause the batteries to fail and even leak. These are ideal in a situation where one needs to power multiple devices for one occasion, such as when buying many toys during the Christmas season to be used for a few days.

    I bolded the bit that people should know about. How can they call this "super heavy duty" and at the same time say "for low drain devices"?!

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    Thanks OP. These are perfect for wall clocks and door bell speakers.

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    As mentioned by eug here you are generally better off paying 5 cents more a battery and getting alkaline batteries which last a lot longer, unless you are going to use them exclusively in low drain devices.

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    Used 2x of the AAs in my xbox one controller on PC.. honestly lasted 5-6 hours, my Varta/Eveready Heavy Duty lasts 2-3x longer..


    Thanks OP, these will be perfect for some of the kids low drain toys. Usually buy Varta but these are a bit cheaper, and I cbf going to Bunnings to pick up a pack at the moment. I have a stash of Eneloops/LAADA's as well for some of my own toys.


    These are the same Harvey Norman is constantly selling 10pk for $2.
    Honestly, the Eveready Heavy Duty (red) lasts longer and you can pick them up most of the time cheaper.
    Also go alkaline batteries over carbon zinc

    Source: used in mouse, controller and RC car.

    Have since got rechargeables and not looked back. Much better investment if you can get them marked down. Or if you've got an IKEA near you.

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    No no no no no. Do NOT buy heavy duty batteries. Totally useless as the performance degrades as they go flat. This differs to Alkaline, which perform at full function until they go flat.

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    This battery is JUNK!

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    I find you get better value and power from this battery by setting it alight and putting a camp stove on top then boiling a kettle and harnessing the steam which I use to power a windmill which is connected to a generator.


    Yep. Junk. Bought the 10-pack for $2 from my local chemist and they did not last long at all.

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    Another F***ing 'Super Heavy Duty' 'deal'.

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    I used them before. Do a right thing to the environment and to your wallet (credit card) - DO NOT buy these batteries.

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    Wow, how the name Kodak has fallen. Now attached to carbon zinc batteries that have been designed with a wrapper that mimics Eveready alkaline batteries. Do not waste your money on these.


    i agree. these batteries are rubbish!
    i bought 2 packs of these to refill my xiaomi hand wash machine, after one week, the batteries is so weak and the hand wash is not working anymore even it show there is power.

    replaced with my duracell, it worked again!

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