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[VIC] Free Delivery + Pay as you Feel Meals @ Lentil as Anything


Lentil as Anything, a vegetarian restaurant that offers Pay-as-you-feel meals for patrons so that everyone can eat, has volunteers waiting to deliver free (like me) from their restaurant at the Convent in Abbotsford Vic to Abbotsford, Collingwood, Richmond, Clifton Hill, and more…..

Help support those that need support after helping soo many already, or come to the Convent Parking Lot and pick up something to eat. Loads of details on the website.

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      Meals change daily based on what can be sourced locally. Give the number a call. Tonight the mains are a vegetarian curry and lasagna and dessert available too.

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    i used to go to a place in sydney back in the 90's that was similar to this, it was a hari krishna place and it was all vegetarian

    they also had a theater upstairs for after dinner

    you paid what you felt the meal was worth and they had a selection of things to choose from

    it was an interesting place and fun to go to

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      Is that Govindas? Still around I think, I went about 5 years ago and had an awesome time. Great food and comfy cinema

      • yeah it is i think, went there quite a bit in the late 90's early 2000's

        fun place

        edit checked it out online, seems to have changed a little and its a bit more expensive now, was quite popular even 20 years a go

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      Govindas? seen it mentioned a lot over the years but have never been.

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        yeah that is it, worth a night out and some fun when all this stuff goes away

        put it on your list! i mean i still remember it 18-20 years later with fond memories so must be worth a visit

      • they are still there! was grazing there earlier this year! top spot

  • This is a rip-off because I feel like a million bucks.

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    Awesome initiative. Hopefully people pay a fair amount.

    • $0 will feel fair to some people.

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    Fantastic initiative. Good on you.

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    For those who haven't been or are unaware, this is a not for profit who help feed people from a variety of backgrounds going through a tough time. For those who aren't struggling financially, consider paying more than you need to help buy a meal for someone who can't afford it. Help keep this fantastic place keep running through these tough times.

    Also, when the lockdown laws finish up and we're back out again, consider visiting. The Abbotsford one has beautiful grounds and a really cool venue.

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      Is this a good 'deal'?

      • Apparently not.

        Strange people here.

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    Will Officeworks pricematch?

    • Price beat. They'll give you money.

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    'Pay as you feel' .. very dangerous words to an Ozbargainer lol :)

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    Just because you're an ozbargainer, please ensure your pay appropriately. This is a great initiative and there is no reason to send the company broke.

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    🎵 whoa oh…. these (bean) curds are getting bigger 🎶

    Dig the shop name!

  • Excellent initiative and great food. Worth supporting.

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    is the thornbury branch open ?

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    I went to the one in Abbotsford a few years back. There was an outdoor market on at the time and new age hippies everywhere (this was before hipsters became a thing). All of a sudden there was a massive summer downpour and everyone ran inside for cover. The food was great, people great, price great, it was all great but…. trying to consume thier delicious earthy vegetarian delights in room that smelled like wet dreadlocks, not so great.

    Anecdotes aside, this is a great initative and a big shout out to the volunteers making this happen

    Also to clarify it the place smells completely normal every other time I was there.

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      Confirm normal smell

  • I can vouch for these guys, a local hotspot with excellent food -their reviews reflect this. Highly recommend!

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