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Dettol Healthy Touch Instant Hand Sanitiser Refresh with Aloe Vera 200mL $7.50 @ Big W (NSW 2000, VIC 3500 & Tas 7000)


Stocks run out fast, even it is limited to (1) each purchase and restricted to every 24 hours for re-purchase as far as I know.

Stocks still available NSW 2000, VIC 3500 & Tas 7000 (Please everyone help update if found stock)

Remember, be safe home and always wash hands!

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  • You sure there's stock? Tried a handful of VIC postcodes and found nothing.

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      Nothing in SA either

    • Yes, I just ordered to pick up here in Tasmania zip code 7000. I sent it to my friend in Sydney zip code 2000 and she got one as well.

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        Yes, I just ordered to pick up here in Tasmania zip code 7000.

        How did you manage to get a flight from VIC? or are you swimming ??

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    4 Afterpay payments of $1.88. Noice.

  • Ok. Just wanted to help. Admin, please delete the post. I will just share it privately. Hope whoever saw this post bookmark this and send to your local friends when you see stocks are back.

  • Any idea what this was priced pre crisis?

  • Soap and water is best… But good if your out

    • Yes, soap and water best when youre at home. It is more for people who need to go out and cannot wash hands with water and soap that easily. Good to have one with you or in the car.

      • Not In summer, but hey we’re not in summer.

        • Is there a problem with these in heat? I normally keep hand sanitizer gel in my car glovebox and have done so year round, haven't had any issues that i'm aware of. Does the product become less effective if too hot?

          • @Agret: I thought so, but maybe I’m wrong. I have had a bottle dry up near a window in my house over summer but I’m not really sure how long it was there for.

    • Sanitiser is essential if you have little kids you can't reach or a disabled person who needs to crawl and could never climb a bathroom sink.

      • A disable person you say that will be crawling to a sink isn't likely to be touching anything that's not already around them. Just saying

  • Stock at 2900

  • Top Ryde has stock.

  • Disposable gloves are better and easier to get for opening shop doors, using touch screens etc.

    • True but then to get your phone or card out to pay you either touch them with gloves on or have to remove them. A pain if your hands get sweaty under the gloves.

  • I bought 2 this morning around 9am and there's plenty of them in Woolworths Brisbane

    • Woolworths or this big w deal?

      • Sorry for late reply, if you're in southside of Brisbane, you can buy from Woolworths at Calamvale Central Shopping Town. They stock it once a week but because not many foot traffic, it can be available 2 full days. I normally check mid-week

  • I'm in Brisbane South side and I've given up on finding hand sanitizer. I've ordered a 5L bottle of isopropyl alcohol to make my own.

    • Yes, I've been making my own, and it is much better than anything else I've ever used. I make it at 75% isopropyl (100% strength) and 25% glycerin. The glycerin makes my hands feel really good, not dried out. Haven't been able to find hydrogen peroxide, but I think that is only needed to sterilize the inside of the container. I've been putting some alcohol in the containers, swishing it around, and then pouring the small amount into the next container. I leave them overnight or so to kill any bugs and dry out.

      • Yep that's the plan. I've already got 2x200ml bottles of glycerine so just waiting on the isopropyl alcohol. I'll probably sell 2L (at cost) as I definitely don't need 5L. Also ordered 10x100ml little bottles from AliExpress.

        • I'd order some aloe gel or aloe juice too to try out. Actual aloe juice, not an aloe juice drink with sugar and stuff in it. The gelling agent in aloe gel will gunk up and you'll be left with the aloe juice anyway but the resulting mixture is still good. I tried glycerine and it was really sticky and unpleasant feeling. The aloe feels better and evaporates after 30 seconds or so and kind of makes your hands feel a bit softer after instead of just dryer.

      • Some recommend you use tea tree oil as a substitut to hydrogen peroxide. You can, usually, get that at the supermarket.

    • Where did you find the 5L bottle? Used to be find them everywhere and cheap but now people are trying to sell them for $600 on eBay.

      • Yep I needed some for cleaning a surface and nothing anywhere even the 30ml bottles in bunnings were gone… More chance of getting hand sanitiser than isopropyl…

  • Thanks OP, hand sanitiser is usually snapped up pretty quick these days, appreciate the post. As others mentioned there is stock in Top Ryde…but I am probably not going to gamble making a visit into Ryde for it though lol.

  • No stock in my surrounding suburbs .. still thanks for the post .. op ..

  • None left at top Ryde

  • I couldn't be bother as I know the stock is very small. Oh well back to my old classic soap.

  • My Coles actually had hand sanitizer in stock this morning but it was only two boxes worth and flying off the shelves. $4.85 for a 50ml bottle did not tingle my OZB senses.

  • these items' prices have been uplifted a lot. Truly, nothing better than simple soap and water, and these are damn cheap and effective

    • Just not as portable as hand sanitizer gel that you can rub with convenience when youre not at home with the ease to wash with soap and water. If soap and water can be transform in ways to be portable, yes, no doubt it would be much effective for everyone in different situations.