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Fetch TV Mini $139, Mighty $299 Delivered @ Fetch


Got sent this through Ticketek - discounted offer on the Fetch TV set-top boxes Mini $139 normally $168 and Mighty $299 normally $449.

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  • This or apple tv?

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      More apps on apple tv vs recording abiity on fetch mighty.

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        Fetch supposedly adding Prime Video and Disney+ into the box's repertoire - though I'm unsure how much that will be delayed by the current world situation!

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      They are very different devices. It will depend what you want from your media player. Apple TV has pretty much every app - an awesome streaming device. Fetch accepts an antenna input and is a great tuner/PVR device.

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    Ta, got a mini for my parents… They have a mighty on their main TV as a PVR, and their old tv was moved to another room (has nothing connected, there's no antenna point). I think the mini can stream TV from the mighty, so this would be perfect 😁

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    I got the mighty fetch from a garage sale for $10.

    Does anybody knows how to format it to default as the box is locked to optus.

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      You can't - best you can do is call Optus and they will only offer to link the box to your Optus account, and you'd have to pay $15/month for that anyway. That's probably why the person sold it for $10

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      pretty sure you can't, only way to use is to have an optus internet connection to and get them to reauthorise your device if needs be. Plenty of info over on whirlpool forums

      • You don't need Optus broadband. You can use many other Optus services in order to use their Fetch TV services.

        • Hey any tips? Would it work if I bought a prepaid sim and made an account for instance just asking as I have a brand new fetch mightly from optus lying around.

          • @gottacatchemall: No. The Fetch is locked to the original owner. Once they cancelled their subscription the box became a door stop. They should have sent it back to Optus and not sold it to you.

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      You can't. Either you dedicate a year or two to learning electronic engineering and software hacking and get around the technical limitations, or you do what most people do, which is pull the hard drive out and throw the rest away.

  • Can I use my Optus account on this OEM box?

    • You mean you subscribe to Fetch channel packs via Optus? Or you have Optus Sport? I know from personal experience you can log into Optus Sports with an unlocked/OEM fetch box.

  • I don't have an antenna, can I stream free to air with this?

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      I believe so but check the t&c's about packages "Aerial required to access Free-to-Air TV"

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      If you're meaning streaming their channels through their online catch up services, then yeah you can.

      If that's really all you're wanting it for, you're better off saving you money and getting something like the Vodafone TV for $72 delivered as it's a much more capable device for streaming other services as well (such as Netflix, Stan, Disney+, Kayo etc).

      • can you cast from your iPhone/android phone a browser-based video to Vodafone TV? Like you can do to Samsung TVs? i.e. once you cast it then you can turn off your phone but the video will continue?

        • Yep, it behaves exactly the same as a Chromecast does in that way, except if you cast say a Youtube video the inbuilt Youtube player will take over.

          Huge advantage over Airplay that can do something completely different and it doesn't impact on the casting stream.

          • @Porthos: What I'm after is something that Chromecast can't do. e.g. when you are playing a video from any browser, you will see a screen share icon under the video. It casts to AirPlay 2 supported TVs. So it works well with my Samsung TV but not with my Hisense TV :(

  • How does ad skipping work? Can you skip in 30 second increments, or do you need to fast forward? (Thinking about retiring my Beyonwiz soon…)

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      You need to fast forward. The 30 sec / 10 sec increments were handy, topfield did that as well.

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      You can skip forward or back in 5 minute increments. No this can't be changed.

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    Love my fetchTV. Best thing I did was become a direct fetch customer rather than through my internet provider. They put two new channels on for direct customers. Optus still hasn’t rolled the new channels out yet

    • Which channels?

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    Looking to ditch foxtel, and thinking a Fetch Mighty + Variety pack to get UKTV, but was wondering does the box still work without it being used with a package? Can it be used just to record and watch TV through the antenna point?

    • Yes is primarily a PVR for FTA. Like the Foxtel boxes it has a number of FTA tuners and you can record programs from the paytv add-ons which are totally optional. The same story with Optus sport if you want EPL and Champions league when it's being played.
      Then there is the FTA Catch Up apps which of course are free.
      One thing to look out for is Fetch boxes tend to get cranky if not connected to the Internet - at least mine does.

      • Awesome. I have seen that Aussie Broadband sell these at $10month, but I can't find out if thats just month to month or if I eventually own it.

        • It's simply a rental service from ABB, not a 'rent to own' service. Plus it needs to be bundled with an unlimited NBN plan from them.

          Equipment fees
          You will need to pay $25 for postage to receive the Fetch box
          The Fetch box remains the property of Aussie Broadband

          Exit fee
          There is no exit fee for this service. However, you will need to return the Fetch box in good working order to AussieBroadband at your own cost within 30 days of cancellation of either this service or your unlimited broadband service with us. If you do not return the box, you will be charged $135 for the Fetch Mini and $300 for the Fetch Mighty, and you will not be able to use the box for any other service.

          The Fetch box remains the property of Aussie Broadband

          Do I have to bundle anything with these services? You do not need to bundle anything else with this offer. If you change to a limited data plan or cancel your broadband connection, we cannot provide you with a Fetch TV service.

          • +1

            @Porthos: Yikes. Didn't see this I am glad you found it, not worth the effort. Might just buy the Mighty direct and then I can keep it. Would have only been worth doing it through ABB if I got to keep it at the end.

  • The refurbished Mighty from Fetch Tv is $274 with code PASTA5 on eBay

  • Great box for recording, set and forget!

    Never skipped a beat and always adding new things for existing customers.

    Worth noting Netflix 4k also and other thread with free kids pack promo

  • +1

    Love mine so much I paid $449 for it when I upgraded my Gen2… seriously tempted to get a mini as the whole streaming your saved file to your phone through an app function has been removed!
    Mine was a little flaky though then started stuttering and being a PITA, so a year into warranty I went back to HN and swapped it out for new. Got a new receipt and they said that's another 2 years warranty so we'll see about that.
    My only pain point (besides lack of app support) is that connecting to a bluetooth device to output the audio seems fine, but the next time you wake up the box it freezes and you have to pull the power out to reset it. Super annoying you can't leave it in a bluetooth connected state.

    • At least yours is related to bluetooth. Mine will lock up twice in two days - then be fine for a month or two - can't put my finger on it. It's been doing that since day one, although it DOES seem to be a little less common than at the beginning.

      As a side note when I leave bluetooth on it does NOT lock up coming out of sleep. Wish it was that simple.

      Maybe I should buy a new one on this deal and relegate Mr Locky Rarely to the back living room……

    • What app were you using to stream a saved file from your phone? Would have been an instant purchase for me if they had kept that in. Or is it still on the Mighty and just not on the Mini?

  • I just purchased one outright - thanks for the post!

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