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Free IBM Online Training Courses @ IBM


IBM Training & Skills organization published a list of free online training courses which will allow you to use any down time you may experience to develop your skills, whether you are in the office or working remotely. These courses are designed to build valuable skills and improve your organization’s productivity and capabilities. They include foundational soft skills programs as well as technical training. Many courses offer free digital credentials to build your eminence.

List of free courses offered by:
IBM Cloud.
IBM Watson.
IBM Watson IoT.
IBM Systems.
IBM Professional Skills.
IBM Finance & Operations.
IBM Watson Health.

Each IBM division above is offering a number of free online courses and there’s just too many to list them all here. So just click on the link and have a look.

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    im looking for IBM Sherlock for long time…

    • +10

      No shit?

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    Also available and tailored for 14-20 year-olds, teachers and parents is Open P-TECH. It’s a digital education platform launched to equip those aged 14-20 years old with foundational knowledge about topics like cybersecurity, AI and cloud computing, plus professional skills like critical and creative thinking, at no cost.

  • +1

    Going off how bad Cognos and datastage is I despise IBM products

    • Just Cognos and Datastage?

      • +1

        I'm sure there are more.
        do they own Lotus Notes?

        • Been sold to HCL

    • Cognos Analytics is fantastic !

  • Datacap?

  • +4

    My eminence has been lacking of late… This is really good timing.

    • +3

      Yes, your eminence.

      • Remember, kissing hands violates social distancing laws!

        • How about kissing butts?

          • @alvian: You get much more than just COVID-19!

  • Can I get training in using JSONX ?

  • +1

    Put into my training queue. I will look after you after I finish Google cloud, Oracle cloud training and other freebies.

    • +1

      Link to those freebies please

      • +1


        I was joking… majority of those freebies are unpopular technologies and courses are very verbose. Why not spend 10ish dollars on Udemy to choose some useful one and save yourself some time.

  • Free ok, how to then get a job when IBM cloud is not one of the popular ones..

    • Don't have to be only looking for IBM Cloud jobs tho, most cloud platform knowledge are transferable. And it will buff up your CV I guess.

      • +1

        Try applying for AWS job with IBM cloud .. quick way to get to the bottom of the queue

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