Porting out-in from Kogan Mobile - Looking for Advice

My Kogan Mobile $14.90 for 90 Days plan is expiring today (yeah, I completely forgot about it until yesterday)
I would like to come back on same plan so looking for some porting out-in advise.
I do have that $2 Sim from Telstra got it for free through another deal on ozb.
Wondering if I can use that Telstra sim (without needing to recharge it) to port out today and then tomorrow or even later today port back to $14.90 (new user) plan from Kogan? Will this work? Does Telstra allow it without needing to recharge on their network? and given the very limited time before expiry period what is the best way?

PS : My yearly requirement is atleast 150gb data + unlimited local calls ( no requirement for international calls)

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