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Circles.life - $38 Cashback (First Month Free) 100GB $38 Monthly Plan (No Contract, New Customers Only) @ ShopBack


Shopback T&Cs

Cashback is only available to new Circles.Life customers
You must remain a Circles.Life customer for a minimum of 60 days from date of activation
SIM must be activated within 30 days of purchase
Excludes taxes, fees or additional extras

Expires 30/04/20

*100GB plan reverts to 40GB for $38/mth after 12 months. All for use in AU; resets monthly.
Excess data: $0.01/MB. Offer expires 30 April 2020. T&Cs apply

Circles.life $38 100GB Plan CIS

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    I hope they:

    1. Don't req pivoting from Telstra or Belong, etc.
    2. Have a Lifetime limit (end the deal at our option)

    Any1 know…?

    And, for those, who use it:

    How soon does ShopBack pay our $38 back…?


    I've been with Circles since the 4month free deal, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/483208
    Zero complaints so far.


      I'm Not surprised

      They're an .SG-based company [like MyNetFone & MyRepublic].

      Your Deal has Expired (for new-takers)

      Any1 know if -this- New Green[-$aving] Deal
      can go on as long as buyer likes it…?


    I couldn't find it in the Terms but can you cancel this after 60 days without any charges?

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      Yes you can cancel anytime without incurring any cancellation charges. Have added CIS in OP

      Month to month plan which may be terminated before 12PM on the last day of the calendar month. No cancellation charges apply but pre-paid monthly and data charges will not be refunded.


      Make sure you cancel before the end of the month though. If you cancel or port out after the start of the month, they charge your for that month and dont give any refunds.


        I've just experienced this issue myself


        It's a post paid plan. So if you start a new month - it costs another month.

        Took up the 4 month 20GB free Deal with $5 cashback. Connected a few days into month. Got almost 5 months free.

        Set up a cancellation on my account a week ahead for the last day of month. Worked seamlessly - shut off around 5pm on 31/3. No problems.

        There's an extra free 3GB "bill shock" allowance when the Data runs out.


          Telstra and optus refunded me the amount I didnt use after I ported out or change to NBN. I had to contact Optus to get a cheque though. Circles dont give refunds for the unused part of the month.


            @8azinga: I've forgotten to turn off auto renewal on a prepaid OVO freebie. Or the request failed.

            They said they absolutely wouldn't refund the extra month charge. I hadn't used anything as I thought the SIM was dead. Finally they refunded as a once off.

            Always worth requesting more than once - they may give in, despite their policy.

            But setting up a disconnection at end of month with Circles was easy.


              @the INFIDEL: Its in Circle's T&C that they dont refund. Customer service confirmed this twice before I ported out. I think they only process cancellations at the end of the month as well.
              I signed up on 4th day of my so I just ran until the end of month instead. Got almost 3 months for price of 2 but if you sign up on the 1st day of month, you could get away with 2 months for price of 1 after cashback.

              Cancelling is easy but that wasnt the point.


                @8azinga: Many companies can waive t&c if you make the right approach - as if it is in their best interests & cost them little. Has worked with most businesses for me.

                Setting up cancellation up to a month in advance just avoids this hassle - a tip for others.


    Will I be charged a third month's fee at day 60 so effectively have to pay for 3 months (minus the first free month) ?

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      Majority will end up paying for 3 months minimum to get the cashback.
      Only way to possibly get around this is to sign up on 1st of month, and cancel or port out on last day of month, or the 61st day, but that means you have to hope there are no delays in processing the cancellation or port out.

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    Hint: read the reviews and dig deep into customers' feedback before joining this.

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