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Circles.Life 20GB Mobile Plan with No Lock-in Contract for $28/Mth and 4 Months Free


Saw this on my facebook feed: https://7news.com.au/technology/new-telco-circleslife-launch...

Seems like its possible to cancel after 4 months to get it for free.

Terms and Conditions

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  • Excess data charges

  • Great deal - 4 months, no charge unless you go over 20GB. You can cancel at anytime without penalty. Referrals give you a data bonus too.

    • Seems like its possible to cancel after 4 months to get it for free.

      I need certainty.

      • It says so in the terms & conditions of the deal:

        "5. You may terminate the Circles.Life $28 Monthly Plan at any time in accordance with the termination rights in the Standard Form of
        Agreement. If the Circles.Life $28 Monthly Plan is terminated, any unused bill waivers will be lost."

        • It does not say HOW to cancel. Is that the trap?

          • @xywolap: Their customer service was very responsive when I had issues signing up (Chrome didnt work but Edge did). I'm sure you could ask them to cancel if anything

          • @xywolap: You can request for a cancellation of a Service by calling us. Your call will be noted as a request to cancel the Service.
            You may also be able to cancel a Service by electing to have an equivalent service to be supplied by another carrier or carriage
            service provider (including, by churning). That carrier or carriage service provider will inform us that you have elected to have the relevant Service supplied by them instead or have churned to them and we will cancel your Circles.Life Service immediately upon notice.

            The cancellation date of the Service will be processed at the end of the month, when you have provided notice that you wish to

            — Page 7, SFOA

            • @alvian: "You can request for a cancellation of a Service by calling us. Your call will be noted as a request to cancel the Service."
              But is not actually cancelled, just noted….
              "The cancellation date of the Service will be processed at the end of the month, when you have provided notice that you wish to cancel."
              ? EG.. If cancellation requested at first of the calendar month it is held until the final day of the month…. What if you started your service at the 10th of the month.. you get charged an extra month?

              When things are unnecessarily complicated they are done that way for a reason…… :-)
              See what happens when people try to cancel their service in a few months time..



                You can request for a cancellation of a Service by calling us.

                Yes and we’ll put you on hold for several months before we answer.

                You should be able to cancel online. Just another tactic to dissuade you from cancelling.

    • Well, I would stay away from Optus as far as I can and unfortunately this one is using Optus network.

      • Have no problem with Optus network… their CSRs are the worst though.

        • My experience with Optus was beyond ridiculous:
          I was amaysim at first then I saw a Optus DEAL seems to be pretty good comparing to my amaysim month to month plan and amaysim was using Optus network anyway and I thought Optus would be better but it turned out I was very wrong.

          It took over a week for the SIM to be delivered, a little bit long huh? It was just the beginning.
          Then I activated the service, wow, signal seems to be the same with amaysim, internet was okay. Then I realized that I could access internet and make calls but I could not receive any calls. Glitches huh, contacted CS then took them days to get that fixed. That's already a bad sign and I should get off hook by then which I did not realize until more shit happened.

          Then a few days later I received my first bill, which I could not understand till now and I don't believe they can understand it themselves: I was on a $40 SIM only plan with 25% discount, in other words, a $30 plan. But the bill was $5x.xx, could not remember the exact amount but it was well over $50, making it more ridiculously, it was for the month before I activated my service. WTF?? Contacted CS again and was told that the bill was called month-in-advance and it was charged so that they did not have to calculate partial month charges, and it would be refunded after the contract ended blah blah… But WTF was that M.I.A. for a post pay plan and why charged me more than the plan price? Since it was not much money and it was going to be refunded anyway, I raised the concern but did not insist. Yeah, again I should have got off hook.

          Then just days after the first month, I found the internet was down intermittently, contacted CS and was told that I was at the edge of their two stations, so… But why I did not have any problems with amaysim? I finally smelled something wrong but it was too late as the cooling off period lapsed.

          Magically every time after complaining, the internet access would be stable for a couple of days or weeks then wend bad again so I had to complain again and again… But whether I complained or not, there result was not much difference, most of my data was wasted as I could not use them.

          I ported out my number a week or so before the contract ended then came the final bill: a refund of $x.xx. It could not be right as there was no extra charge, and obviously the refund should be something like $xx.xx. Contacted CS immediately and was told there was no issue with the bill. Complained again and still was told there was no issue. Escalated even did the math myself and was still told there was no issue.

          So I decided that I had enough and made a complain to TIO against them and you guess what, they contacted and still telling me there was no issue. Escalated with TIO and finally there came someone from Optus could finally do the primary school math right and issued the correct refund.

          • @cliffj: You have found that dealing with Optus directly is a right royal pain in the a… just as I have in the past.
            I have used Amaysim and Catch Connect who both use the Optus network and found both of them to be first class telcos and very easy to deal with.
            For me the Optus network is fine but if you want to use it then just avoid dealing with Optus directly, just use one of their many resellers for a pain free experience.

            • @xywolap: Yep, you are absolutely right. When I was with amaysim there was no issue at all. And from now on, I go prepaid only so that I can avoid having those BS conversation again.

          • @cliffj: We can "top" your Optus fail:

            • Telstra "stole" our "Premium #"
              just after we called-in TIO, when
              Telstra made Boost "Refuse to Accept"
              our # to any of Boost's PrePaid plans

            We had an UNDUE Loss-of-Service fr 20 Sep,
            without knowing it was gone (Found out on 23 Sep,
            when we tried to use it), serviced returned ~1st WEEK of Oct

            • after ~3 weeks being DISCONNECTED (ie, No Messages being taken)

            Out Disconnected # was Impossible to
            port back to its original Optus reseller
            - from which Telstra "stole" it WITHOUT\
            our Permission.

            "de Facto monopoly Telstra doesn't
            follow rules when it wants to pressure
            a complainant"

            We were asked:

            • Why so much porting of your #..?
              (ie, from telco to telco & between Pre- &
              Post-Paid a/c's)

            • How much do you want your ["Premium"] # back?

            Now, they've sent us a Bill (after advising
            us they'd cover the cost of a few days temporarily on a Telstra plan, ie, before dropping their ban to our # going to Boost… AFTER ~3 weeks DISCONNECTION), & try to avoid paying any Compensation!

            Now, they

            • @IVI: Well, that's even worse… I just feel like that none of them are actually trust worth and that's exactly why I went to prepaid as I can be off the hook as soon as I'm unhappy with their service.

  • Seems legit. Full Optus network, no contract, no exit fees, nothing seems to be hiding under promo T&Vs. Looks like a pretty good deal

  • How is this going to "disrupt the market"? Kogan has a large 365day plan for ~20.90/30days with 20GB data. If you can live with a 12month "plan" and Voda is OK for you, this is no deal after the 4 month free offer is over.

    And that is even before the Kogan Mobile 2-for-1 or 40% discount applies.

    As for low data users such as myself, the Boost Mobile 12month 80GB for $150 is a no-brainer.

    • $20.90 per 30 days for Kogan is the post-discount price ($254 per year). The full-price is $399 per year.

    • You're thinking it about it wrong. Get four months free then change back to whatever plan you want.

    • It's a great deal for me and I appreciate hearing about it.

      Thanks for pointing out that it's not remarkable for you and others but I'd hate if the OP gets their feelings hurt by criticism and stops sharing. :)

  • 28 day or 30 day month is it?

    • Just asked customer service. They said it is Month-to-month.

    • monh o monh should be calender monh

    • From billing terms:

      • Billing periods start on the first day of the month and end on the last day.
      • If you activate your service part way through a month, the first month’s billing period will start on the day of activation of your
      service and end at the end of the last day of the month. Any Monthly Plan or Add-on charges that apply for the first month will
      be on a pro-rata basis. There is no pro-rata data allocation on Add-on.
      • Boosts will be charged immediately.
      • Bills will be sent to you within the first 10 working days of the start of each month

  • Suburb/Postal Code (Currently delivering only in NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS, ACT)*

    damn ty anyways OP

  • +65 votes

    Port to Circles.Life (Optus) 20GB - 4 month free offer
    09/2019 20GB + unlimited national/mobile calls
    10/2019 20GB + unlimited national/mobile calls
    11/2019 20GB + unlimited national/mobile calls
    12/2019 20GB + unlimited national/mobile calls

    Port to Belong (Telstra) $40 plan for $15 offer
    01/2020 2x30GB + unlimited national/mobile calls

    Port to Amaysim (Optus) $30 plan for $10 offer
    02/2020 30GB + unlimited national/mobile calls

    Port to Kogan (Vodafone) $49.95 plan for $4.95 offer
    03/2020 40GB + unlimited national/mobile calls

    Port to Catch Connect (Optus) $49.90 plan for $4.95 offer
    04/2020 40GB + unlimited national/mobile calls

    Port to Belong (Telstra) $40 plan for $15 offer
    05/2020 2x30GB + unlimited national/mobile calls

    Port to Amaysim (Optus) $30 plan for $10 offer
    06/2020 30GB + unlimited national/mobile calls

    Port to Kogan (Vodafone) $49.95 plan for $4.95 offer
    07/2020 40GB + unlimited national/mobile calls

    Port to Catch Connect (Optus) $49.90 plan for $4.95 offer
    08/2020 40GB + unlimited national/mobile calls

    and so on ….

    From 09/2019 - 08/2020, pay $70 in total and you get the following data + unlimited national calls/texts in 12 months
    20GB, 20GB, 20GB, 20GB, 60GB, 30GB, 40GB, 40GB, 60GB, 30GB, 40GB, 40GB

    $70/12 = $5.83/month

    • tg: Can you purchase all these sim cards all at one go so as time runs up, just follow your steps above and should all work?

      • +10 votes

        This is just POC (proof of concept).
        I have not personally done it.
        Don't take it as the bible.
        There might be other good introductory plans coming up along the way.
        Replace them as you see fit.

        • I would have gone with the $15 for 90 days with CatchConnect and 54gb data with a $5 cashback from Cashrewards. That would bring down your cost even more.

        • Don't take it as the bible

          You mean don't take it as a fictional text filled with mysogony, bigamy, hate and bigotry?

      • Many of the starter plans have an activate by date

    • Cool. Thanks.

    • Can you port back to Kogan in 3-4 months and still get the plan for $4.95? I thought new customers only. You would have to change your phone number.

    • I like your plan except for the Catch Connect bit…seems like there is enough here who have experienced porting issues for me to risk it with them…

      • +4 votes

        I have never had a single issue with Catch Connect and have used them a number of times in the past year.

      • Yep 👍🏿
        same here took Optus to Catch (Optus’s reseller ) TEN (10) Working days to PORT !!!! 💩💩💩

    • That's too much hassle.

    • Haha, you win OzBargain! Nice work.

    • Im $20 infront for my year of telstra so meh.

    • Why not just
      ..Circles.Life.. $0 4 month
      catch $15 90 days (roughly 3 month)
      kogan $15 90 days
      catch $15 90 days

      $45/13m (few days short)

      • Yeah, this is more realistic for the average person.

        I'm below average but get by with the unethical but cheap Belong-Kogan hybrid NBN plan on a dual SIM phone (no porting involved).

        I have unlimited phone calls on my primary Belong account for $0/month via $20 self-referral bonuses. And I get 40 GB of data per month on a disposable Kogan SIM for $4.90. The benefit is if I need more than 40 GB I just buy another voucher online and use a spare Kogan SIM.

        I spend the equivalent of one month of NBN for a year of internet so I hope the dream lasts or gets better.

      • That's the Circle of Mobile.

      • Nice.

        The only change I'd make is going from Circles (Optus) to Kogan (Voda).

        It's a lot safer and quicker to avoid porting from Optus to Optus, or Voda to Voda etc.

    • I have been doing this exactly for the last 14 months or so. 23 days to go on my catch connect and this pops up. God loves me after all.

    • You missed the cashrewards deals where you make a small profit and groupon deals.

      $70/12 = $5.83/month

      You should really be aiming for $2/month.

  • Very cool.

  • Post Paid Service. Be ready for credit checks.

    • thanks for the heads up.This hold me back don't know if it's worth it

    • Yeah, until experience shows otherwise: "At the point of subscription, we may require further verification and we may carry out a credit assessment in accordance with
      our Credit Reporting Policy to ensure you are able to demonstrate the ability to make payment(s) for the potential use of Circles.
      Life Services and to confirm your identity."

      If Belong did credit checks for their post paid service I'd be screwed.

    • I should have read this before signing up. Thanks for pointing it out for others.

  • Is there a deadline to activate the SIM? I was just on chat with their customer service, and they're very ambiguous. I just bought a Kogan which expires in December, so I want to buy this promo and have it ready to activate in December. I can't find this info on their T&C's either

    • ya am wondering the same
      Edit: Found the answer: According to support chat the plan needs to be activated by 30-Sep to get 4 month off.
      So answer effectively offer not valid if activating after 30-Sep

    • I’m interested to know too
      Same, my current plan is till december

    • I have chatted to 2 customer service reps. Both pretty useless. Here is what we said.

      ME: If i buy the 4 moth free promo, is there a deadline to ACTIVATE the SIM? For example, I buy the SIM with promo code today. But I want to activate the SIM in december

      THEM: There's no deadline to activate the sim card but if you sign up until September 30, 2019 23:30, you will get our 20GB Monthly Plan free for 4 months. You would just need to use the promo code 4MONTHSOFF during your signup with us and 20GB Monthly Plan for 4 months is on us.

      ME: OK - so I can buy it now, and then activate it in December. Right? And I will get 4 months free from December

      THEM: Oh, I suggest that you activate it before Sept 30, so you can avail the 4 months free. If for example, you activate it Sept 29, 2019, you will have until January to enjoy it for free :)

      ME: You said "There's no deadline to activate the sim card": and then you said " suggest that you activate it before Sept 30, so you can avail the 4 months free."

      THEM: I a so sorry for the confusion. You can activate the sim on December but to take advantage of the 4MONTHSOFF promo code, you need to activate it before the promo ends which is on Sept 30.

      ME: So if I buy it now, and I activate it in December, that means I wont get 4 months free?

      THEM: We sincerely apologize for the trouble. You need to activate it within 30 days as per our manager or the order will be cancelled. But we want you to take full advantage of the 4 months free so you can sign up before Sept 30.. Once again, we are so sorry for the inconvenience.

      So… I think the conclusion is that you must activate the SIM within 30 days of 30 September. However, I must say their customer service knowledge is pretty crap. Not sure if it's going to worth the hassle later if there are any probs.

      • I don't know mate- that read pretty clear to me. You have all the time in the world to activate your SIM, but if you want to take advantage of the 4 months free then do so before the end of September.

        Seems to me like you were confused.

      • The deal is with the code and activating before the end of September, simple. That's why it's a deal, albeit a temporary one.

        • Hopefully they run another promo in a couple of months, if not no biggie. That's the risk you take waiting.

    • At the bottom of the PROMO page you'll find this:

      Gross. Let us know when lock-in your contract ends and we might send you a little something to sweeten the deal when it’s time to switch.

      Add your email + date of contract expiry and click the REMIND ME button.

  • No international call for the plan.

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