Recommend me a TV (65" <$3k)

I'm looking for a new TV to help pass this lockdown period but there are way too many options.

It's a fairly dark room and I'd mostly be using it for 1080p streaming, as well as 4K gaming and movies.

Ive been eyeing off the LG C9 or B9, but both seem pretty expensive at the moment compared to what they have been. I also like the look of some of the Sony 65" models. I'd usually demo them in store but that's not really practical right now.




    3k you can get 75" i think? im waiting to upgrade my 55 to 75, skipping 65.
    but my budget around $1200 so happy to wait another year


      That's the very seller I was looking at for the B9. From what I can see it's been a lot cheaper, but that's the risk I take by being impatient, I guess.


    c9 55" are around $2200 right now. do a quick goggle search. for example harvey norman

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    Loving my sony x85 series, great for gaming. HDR enabled
    I find sony’s image rendering a lot more appealing/natural than anything on the samsung tv, which to me tends to be a tad too exaggerated/saturated. I feel the same, comparing an apple screen to a samsung phone but that’s another thing all together. The blacks also seem to be darker on the sony, which is a good thing.

    Sony’s android tv also comes with chromecast in-built so good for casting from handheld devices.

    My only hate is, because its running android tv, can be a bit of overkill, you’ll find that it’s not as snappy, also hangs occasionally which requires a hard reset of the tv.

    One more tip, go to to look at ratings of specific tvs you’re eyeing to compare

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      I have the x95 and love it.

      +1 for Sony over Samsung.


        I'm replacing a Samsung series 7. It was a beautiful TV (for its time) but it's given me enough trouble to avoid another Samsung.


    C9 if gaming.

    B9 if not.


    Can anyone recommend the Panasonic TH-65GZ1000U? It looks almost on par with the LG C9 but can be had for $2600.

    My biggest reservation at the moment is that the small base looks like a lot of pressure for my tempered glass stand. Might just be my OCD showing.


      Where did you see it for $2600…I'm keen for the Pana, gets fantastic write ups.


        eBay had 20% off a week or so ago

        Saw it for $2600 as well

        Appliance Central on EBay after discount code….but that was the other week

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        15% off Appliance Central ebay. I ended up pulling the trigger.

        It's expired now, but they seem to pop up regularly in ebay's constant 15% off sales.

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