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CamelBak Chute 1L Stainless Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug $35 + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Was looking for a new water bottle a few months ago to take with me around Europe in July (Unfortunately that's now a pipe dream) and came across this beauty based on the fantastic reviews. After going for a walk and doing the mowing yesterday in the sweltering heat i decided to look back into getting a water bottle and found it to now be on a great special. Would love to know anyone who has one and recommends it. Enjoy!

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      Aint no Camelbak at Aldi for $10 mate.

      Your argument for "similar stuff being cheaper" would sink most deals on Ozbargain.

      A quick Google has this stainless steel version for $40-$60.
      $35 delivered is a good deal.

      Also… this one is insulated, not just a stainless steel drink bottle.
      Cut & Paste:

      • Vacuum Insulation: Keeps beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 6 hours
      • Magnetic Handle: Keeps the cap stowed while drinking
      • Hand wash vessel only
      • Wide-Mouth Opening: Easy to fill with ice and water and a breeze to clean
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    Good quality but somewhat impractical.
    Almost half a kilo and 30x8cm is extremely bulky.

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      I agree it is large but the 600ml version just isnt quite enough.

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        I agree! I know 500-600ml is "standard sizing", but it's never enough. 1L is perfect… thanks again OP.

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      You get hydrated, and get some curls in — it's a win-win! ;)

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      Do you understand that the size of something and its volume are directly related?

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    Thanks OP. Grabbed one.

    I love the plastic ones (been using CamelBaks for years) and have recently become envious of my kids' insulated stainless steel drink bottles from Costco, which keep their drinks chilled all day. I've been eyeing these off for some time.

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    I've been daily using the 600ml version for a year/18months now and it's been great. Drinking from it as i type. The lid flap is also magnetic so when you open it to drink from it the lid snaps out of the way. Really handy.


    Nice. Bought thanks.


    I have one and I don't recommend. I got one for hiking and camping and it is just too heavy, it does keep your drink nice and cold. If you were someone to leave it on your desk at work it might but good but there are better value vacuum walled bottles to buy then this one.

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      Ha, this is exactly what I'm getting one for. I'm currently using a plastic Chute bottle at my desk, but want my water to stay chilled.

      I'm heavily invested in CamelBak lids and bottles so this is perfect for me. When I go hiking, I use my CamelBak hydration bladder in a backpack.

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      @Thesinc ALL Stainless insulated bottle are not best use for hiking/camping. Car camping yes. That goes for all stainless insulated bottles. Not exclusively this one.

      Best use for hiking is spring water bottle from supermarket, Water bladder or Nalgene bottle if you intend on also using it for hot water.

      Define you're use of the word 'value'. Do you just mean cheaper? I've had a few $10 stainless vaccum bottles and none of them have performed anywhere near the Camelbak in duration of keeping drinks hot/cold. The magnetic lid i described above also factors into my recommendation. I also like the handle on it as i take this while strolling around markets early in the morning in cold weather. My wife uses a Hydro Flask which also has good performance but i persoanlly prefer the lid style of the Camelbak.

      Which specific bottle are you referring to that is better value than this camelbak? If there's a bottle out there that is cheaper, holds drinks cold/hot for longer and has better features, then i am genuinely all ears.

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    I use the 1.2L version of this bottle daily and it is great! It replaced my 700ml Thermos bottle pretty quickly.


    It's massive for a bottle. Reminds me of a poster tube.


    there is a newer model listed on amazon - but that one is $60

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    I've had the 1.2L version for about a year.

    Firstly, it's massive and it's heavy.

    The plus side is it keeps things cold exceptionally well. Still having ice after ~3 days is not uncommon.

    I'm actually on my second one now. My first one, the vacuum failed and it started to get a little rust internally. Camelbak has a lifetime warranty, so after a couple of emails (I did have to follow up on my first email), they posted me a brand new one despite not having a receipt or anything. Pretty good service, but a disappointing original failure.

    One final comment is more of a warning for young players - if you make a rum and dry to take with you to drink on the golf course, don't assume the ice is going to melt to dilute your spirit:mixer ratio. It won't.


      Just so I know if it happens to me: how do you tell if the vacuum is leaking?

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        It stops keeping things cold all day long. And you may get condensation form on the outside of the bottle if there is iced water inside…. without the vacuum, it stops insulating and the cold transfers to the outside.


        In addition to Dr No's comment, I could also hear something rolling around between the walls of the bottle. Sounded like a small rock

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    Is this good to keep coffee in all day? Or is there better options.

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    These fit in cup holder of a SantaFe, about the only good thing about the Santa Fe


    Out of stock before I could complete checkout

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    Awesome bottle. Been using the 1L one for ages.

    This ones great because it has a big opening for easier cleaning, and a small opening for drinking.
    Inside the lid can be a little tricky to clean if you don't have a small brush though.
    Also, just make sure you twist the lid on correctly or it can easily leak. You can accidentally twist it on slightly off without knowing.

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    SHOWING ME 44$

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