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[NSW] Free Meals & Free Support Packages (Delivered) for Elderly/Battlers/Jobless @ Chicken Licious Rockdale


Another great news story. Stay safe :)

From Facebook: Huge shout out to these amazing people who’s generosity has meant we can extend this program to anyone who needs help. In life God sometimes sends his blessings through remarkable people. Just when we felt a little overwhelmed, with how fast this program was growing, certain individuals and friends have come out to support the expansion, meaning we can feed over 1000 extra people per week. What most people are not aware of is we are running this support program in multiple countries.

Chicken Licious Facebook page with some great stories.
Chicken Licious support package order form.

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  • +24

    We seeing both worst in people with price gouging and greed, and also the best with helping the vulnerable. When all this is over I know which businesses I will be supporting and those which I will be boycotting.

    • -1

      let me know too once it's over

    • You'll be the one wearing Crocs while eating Krispy Kremes in the Uber?

    • +8

      I'll be boycotting Kogan and his $1200 (was $197) freezer, $999 (was $208) dumbbells and other reasons.

      • +1

        Those huge price hikes by Kogan aren't something I'll forget and I won't be purchasing anything from them in the future.

  • +1

    Good lord!
    Today, it is stacked on two sides with 500 kilograms of rice, presumably 250kg per temporary seat, as Hussein's mother Hala works in a hastily rigged kitchen behind an unpainted partition.
    "Geez, Hussein", I say, "you don't mind a bit of rice."
    "Well we actually had about a thousand bags here a couple of days ago; we've also ordered 5000 more," he answers.

    Atleast someone is prepared!

  • +4

    How come no one talking about their religion and attire. So many are ready to malign the whole religion when one person does wrong, why not appreciate the whole religion if one person doing good.

    • +6

      Why mention religion at all? Hopefully their desire to help is not for religious reasons but out of a genuine concern for individuals and the community.

      • +2

        Why not both. They get rewarded from their religious point of view, and help others because they are also kind and have genuine concerns for the community.

      • -1

        These are not mutually exclusive, in maths 2-1=1 but in spirtuality 2-1=0. It should never be acceptable thar our bellies are full and our neignbours are hungry, no true person of faith would accept such a situation. Good people will always work to feed everyone, the world ends when wuch good people are no more. While there is good people we have hope.

        • +2

          You don't need to be religious to be "good people".

  • Wow these ppl are amazing. I hope u prosper once this is all over. Good on you for doing a beautiful thing.

  • I know where I'm buying my next meal from. Good job guys 👍

  • +1

    they should have a donate item on the menu.
    so you could donate directly to them.

    • Great idea, they have a facebook page maybe suggest it to them.

    • +1

      I rung them a few days ago when their news came on Channel 9 but they said we can come to their restaurant to donate, they did not have anything online for same

  • +1

    Great family, they have always supported the community. It's lovely to see ozbargain appreciating the generous people in our communities.

  • +1

    Thanks for posting, TA 👍