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[VIC] St Kilda Alcohol Clearance - Vodka Cruiser, Jim Beam, Stella, Corona @ Habitat HQ


Update: in addition to the alcohol below we have slabs of coke, pasito, cream soda, Sunkist, lift and monster. Also have one box of each of Snickers, Smarties, haribo lollies, picnic, Mars, crunchier, Turkish delight. Also multiple 6 x 2l long life milk. No reasonable offer refused.

I'm we a long time lurker but first time poster.

Pickup from 333 St Kilda Road, St Kilda 9am until 10am Tuesday 14 April (or until stock is gone). Please enter via the vehicle gate on Blanche Street. Those that are driving can park on-site. Proceed up the driveway and we will serve you from the door near the shed. Please respect social distancing rules.

Our hostel, Habitat HQ, is clearing out our stock of alcoholic beverages (I am an associated person). We are selling at below cost. This means savings for you. Cheaper than you local big box alcohol store!

Here is a representative sample of the stock available:

16 lots - 12 x 275ml Bottles Rasberry Vodka Cruiser - $25 for 12 bottles
24 lots - 12 x 275ml Bottles Lemon Lime Vodka Cruiser - $25 for 12 bottles
2 lots - 12 x 275ml Bottles Guava Vodka Cruiser - $25 for 12 bottles
6 lots - 12 x Jim Beam and cola cans - $30 for 12 cans
13 Lots - 2 x 750ml bottles of passion pop - $5 for 2 bottles
6 lots - 12 x Stella Artois Beer - $20 for 12 bottles
3 lots - 12 x Corona Beer - $20 for 12 bottles

We have done 3 trips to Sacred Heart Charity to donate thousands of dollars of stock of water, soft drink, chips and snacks - anything that is left will be available at below cost too.

Maximum 12 x 275/375ml bottles per order (or 2 x 750ml bottles per order). This is a requirement of the liquor licence.
You must be over 18 to purchase and collect alcohol. Proof of age / ID must be provided upon pickup
Liquor Licence: VIC Limited Licence 90152116

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  • Nice one on the Sacred Heart donation. Gets my vote

  • Store in title



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      The mod asked me to include prices and stock which I have now done. These prices are below our cost and below the pricing of big box alcohol stores. We think that qualifies as a bargain.

      • How do we order?


          No need to order.

          First to arrive can have their pick. We are clearing what we have. I've only posted the advert on ozbargain at this stage. I thought I would give something back as I've enjoyed reading the posts here over the years.

          • @hhq: hey mate just a bit confused about

            Maximum 12 x 275/375ml bottles per order (or 2 x 750ml bottles per order). This is a requirement of the liquor licence.

            does that mean if I drive up there I can only get one 1 x (12 x 275ml Bottles Rasberry Vodka Cruiser) ?

            live quite abit away was wondering if this is worth the trip. FYI Im not trying to broden the deal was after 2 cases of the cruiser


              @Robertouno: Our current interpretation is that this is a limit per person per order.

              For example, if you have 5 people, each person can place an order (and you get five time this amount).
              For example, if you completed an order, went to your car and then came back for a subsequent order then I believe we can serve you.

  • Excellent work guys! Need some of that goodwill in Brisbane - C'mon

  • Need to get my hands on some Corona

  • thanks @OP good deal and great info

  • Good one, let's hope things will get better soon for your hostel.

  • That looks like a recipe for a terrible hangover!

    • A proper hostel hangover also comes with a case of the clap from a dreadlocked diving instructor.

  • Can we just turn up or do we have to order in advance?

  • Great deal. Sorry to hear about the difficulties your business is facing. Hopefully you guys will stick around? Once all of this is over I'll certainly come by for a drink.


    Updated to include list of non alcohol stock available.

  • Hey, was wondering if this is still available?