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Belkin BST201au Travel Surge Protector $26.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Not that anyone is travelling, but good to have and be ready to go.

Best feature is that this has built in surge protection.

Belkin BST201au Travel Surge Protector:

Hotel rooms and airport terminals never seem to have enough power outlets to charge all of the devices of today's traveller. Enjoy peace of mind and protect valuable electronics from damaging power surges with this Belkin Travel Surge Protector. It has LED indicators to tell whether the surge protector is ground and offers high capacity surge protection for all devices. Supplied with five interchangeable tips, you can stay protected in over 150 countries.

5 interchangeable plugs for protection in over 150 countries
2 universal USB ports (2.4A shared)
2-Surge protected AC outlets
Surge protection indicator light
$50, 000 AUD Connected Equipment Warranty

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  • Good price. Bought one of these a few years back at nearly $50

    • Same here about the same price and still going strong. Havent tried in Japan tho as its problematic; this one has 3 pin (for earth/protection) that may not fit all hotels in Japan, happy to be corrected if someone can use this in Jp

  • I had one of these, purchased around 5 years ago.
    The USB ports stopped working recently… a little searching showed that the same has happened to others. So just keep that in mind if you’re thinking of grabbing one!

    • Same happened with mine. I remembered it was meant to have a lifetime warranty but I can’t find the receipt. I work on a boat and the power fluctuates occasionally so perhaps it sacrificed itself to save my gear. The USB on mine must have only been 1 amp on the old one. This looks a lot better.

  • Any ideas how this stacks up against the Aldi equivalent that's available from time to time?

    • I have not seen the Aldi version but have this unit bought ~4-5 years ago (paid ~$50 on special from $80 ish). It's a quality unit and i am sure to pack it on every trip. 100% recommended

    • I believe that these have the inbuilt surge protection but the Aldi version doesn’t

    • IMHO the design of the ALDI unit is greatly superior because it includes a metre of extension. Hotel rooms are a total crapshoot when it comes to power point placement; many are great, some are downright annoying with the only free socket near the bed being behind furniture.

      Having a large, fixed shape like that Belkin might prove annoying for some power points. It might not even fit some points that are above a hotel desk.

      The Belkin does support one additional socket type, BS 546 (Type D) used in India.

  • Ensure that you only use it with Ground (e.g. use it with the adapters provided). I think it reroutes the excess energy to ground, so if there is no ground it will build up in the device and then go poof.

    I tried using it in Japan by using another adapter which converted it to the 2 pin Japanese adapter which does not have ground on it. When coming back to Australia i plugged it into the wall here, and it went up in smoke. Don't know much about electronic circuits, but logic tells me that it tried to relieve itself of the excess power and burnt out a few of the electronics along the way.

    Belkin replaced it though which was good. I used it on my europe trip for 1.5month and it was awesome.

  • one wonders if this is necessary. just extra weight and junk to take. also with sm transformers on laptops probably arent
    going to lose that. and if it did surge enough to deatroy the pack then it would protect the laptop.

    • Totally, I'm really confused about the need to carry something this bulky. Surge protection is a nice bonus if it doesn't take up anymore space but it's not likely that you will need it when in hotels.

      • Depends on the country. Bali, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and many other asian countries have very poor power surge protection, even in hotels, which just use local infrastructure.

  • Had one.
    Didn’t fit a lot of places because of its size and the surprising number of hotel power outlets too low to the ground / desk

    Used it in the Philippines and blew up on the first use there. Never bothered to use one again.

    • It probably blew up because the supply was poor. Possibly saved your downstream devices?

      • Plugged straight into the wall after that anyway, no other way to charge my devices once this thing blows

  • seems to be sold out

  • managed to snag one.

  • I got one few years back but didn't use much because it was much heavier than I thought
    I do prefer to bring a travel adapter + a power cube with USB

    Power cube with USB $14 + delivery

  • What's the surge rating in joules?

  • Aww looks like I'm too late. Nice find op

  • Not traveling any time soon..

  • https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B00BLTCHN2

    I travel quite a bit, this is the one I have, wouldn't buy anything else

    If you're travelling to a single country only buy an au to local adapted on eBay $3.

    • Yea, I have the same adapter design (but in different brand and black colour)
      Basically I now only bring this adapter with a Power cube (with USB)

      Good enough for 90% of my travel uses
      (the remaining 10% is to also bring a 60W PD brick which can charge my Macbook Pro and Nintendo Switch)

  • Been using this for many years in many countries. The only thing I didn't like was the size but eh you make do.